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  • Originally posted by blu666z View Post
    Thanks for running this Scott, it's always a fun time. Sorry some people have to be petty and drag the atmosphere down.
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    Damn The Weak Side!!!!!!


    • A group of guys were obviously ganging up on Scott to argue a 'rule' about no practice putts; partner makes their putt, you can't putt as well.


      • For the record:

        n the Best Shot, Tough Shot, and Best Disc formats, you do not throw if it is mathematically impossible for you to improve your team's score on a hole. In the Best Shot and Tough Shot formats, the second player does not throw if the first player has holed out. If you are playing Best Disc format and your partner has holed out, you do not throw unless you can improve on your
        partner's score. Any throw made which cannot possibly improve a team's score on a hole is a practice throw.


        • And that makes perfect sense, expect to a few people who wanted to use it to pick a fight. Childish and weak.


          • K

            Originally posted by blu666z View Post
            And that makes perfect sense, expect to a few people who wanted to use it to pick a fight. Childish and weak.

            Your spelling is childish and weak!

            Still, I agree with blu66z: thanks for explaining the rule--and again, for running TT.


            • 37 players tonight. Logan Robinson and Steve Ellis had the hot score tonight and shot -16.

              Matt Gillespie aced hole 2 on his second drive of the night to split the $35 ace pot with his partner. Unfortunately, the random ace of the night was hole 4.

              The secret score was +1 and was not matched.

              Crist Garcia hit the long putt on hole 9 and won a sparkle Rogue donated by Rainy Day Games.
              Jason Hicks was the closest to hole 1 and won a Champion Starfire donated by Rainy Day Games.

              Complete results and season standings can be found at http://www.discgolfscene.com/leagues...0/leaderboards.

              Thanks to our sponsors Rainy Day Games and Next Adventure. See you next week!
              Posted by Tuesday Twos


              • Yeah, moved up to 24th. Too bad I'll only have 8 rounds by the end of the season.
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                • What an exciting way to end the regular season! We had 35 players tonight. A few clounds, a little sun, a little wind, and even a little rain. Congratulations to Luis Nava and Steven Parisio who shot -16 for the win.

                  There were two aces on the night. Jeff Burrow aced hole 3 on his second time through. Just as Jeff was stepping onto the tee for hole 4, Luis Nava aced the same hole. Both players split the $63 ace pot with their partners.

                  The random ace was hole 1.
                  The secret score was -1 and was not met.
                  Thanks to Next Adventure for sponsoring the random ace and secret score this season.

                  Jeff Larson parked hole 6 with a Breeze to win a #2 Driver donated by Andrew Nava.
                  Matthew Hill hit the longest putt of the night on hole 2 to win a Discraft Magnet putter donated by Scott Hill.

                  Complete scores and season standings can be found at http://www.discgolfscene.com/leagues...0/leaderboards.

                  Thanks to our sponsors Next Adventure and Rainy Day Games.

                  See you next week for our Grand Finale!


                  • Congratulations to the following players who are eligible for the playoffs this season:

                    1st Luis Nava 166
                    1st Sean Fry 166
                    3rdAndrew Nava 160
                    4th Albert Ricker 157
                    5th Chris Kuhlman 154
                    6th Craig Falkowski 153
                    7th Jeff Larson 152
                    8th Jason Hicks 149
                    9th Scott Hill 133
                    10th Will Odom 131
                    10th Steve Ellis 131
                    12th Brody Cannon 128
                    13th Kevin Brito 126
                    14th Steven Parisio 115
                    14th Matt Gillispie 115

                    Congratulations goes to Luis Nava and Sean Fry who tied for 1st place with 166 points each. They are your 2010 regular season champions.

                    We also have a tie for 14th place. Steven and Matt have agreed to meet prior to next Tuesday to play a tiebreaker round to see who will advance to the playoffs.

                    The 14 players will be playing for te $180 purse which will be divided as follows:

                    1st place - $100
                    2nd place - $50
                    3rd place - $30

                    Playoffs will be on Tuesday, August 24th. Everyone can play. We will have two seperate tournaments: One for the playoffs and one for everyone else.

                    I hope to see you out there!


                    • Thanks everyone for a great season! I can't believe it's over already.

                      Congratulations to the 2010 champions Luis Nava and Will Odom who shot -17 down for the win to edge out Jeff Larson/Jason Hicks at -16. Albert Ricker/Sean Fry and Scott Hill/Steve Ellis shot -15.

                      The rest of the cards are wadded up in my golf bag right now - it was a little on the dark side when we packed up last night. Complete results will be posted in the next day or so.


                      • What an amazing way to finish a fantastic Tuesday Twos season. Will Odom aced hole one on his last throw of the night to finish -17 down with his partner Luis Nava. On the very next throw, Albert Ricker nearly aced the same hole, but hit the basket and rolled about 50' away. Albert and Sean Fry had to settle for a par, and finished -15. Jeff Larson and Jason Hicks took second place with -16.

                        There were lots of great prizes give away as well.

                        Long Putt
                        Ben Gookin had the long putt on hole 9 to win a custom dyed Star Katana donated by "Hear the Chains"

                        Will Odom won a Discraft Stratus donated by Kevin Davis on hole 8
                        Jacob Rogers won a DGA Mach Lite donated by Kevin Davis on hole 3
                        Logan Robinson won a set of Iron Man action figures donated by Rainy Day Games on hole 7.
                        Chris Kuhlman won a World of Warcraft figure donated by Rainy Day Games on hole 4.
                        Jacob Rogers won a Champion Teebird + donated by the U of O disc golf club on hole 6.

                        Will Odom won the $33 ace pot.

                        Results - A Pool (finalists)
                        Luis Nava/Will Odom -17
                        Jason Hicks/Jeff Larson -16
                        Sean Fry/Albert Ricker - 15
                        Scott Hill/Steve Ellis -15
                        Brody Cannon/Chris Kuhlman - 13
                        Andrew Nava/Matt Gillespie -10
                        Craig Falkowski/Kevin Brito -9

                        Results - B Pool
                        Crist Garcia/Dustin Hummel -16
                        Jacob Rogers/Blake Bamford -14
                        Ken Gilmore/Matt Schroeder -14
                        Steven Parisio/Benn Gookin -12
                        Jeff Aquino/Dave Clement -12
                        Randy Winey/Jeff Roth -12
                        Connor Cummings/Jeff Burrow -10
                        Ruben Alainz/Jen Barajas -9
                        Bob Cabal/Chase Estep -9
                        Rebecca Verette/Dave Magin -9
                        Karl Denfeld/Amber Cochran -8
                        Nick Johnson/Mark Bendl -6
                        Kevin Davis/Caleb Younk -4
                        Mark Gookin/Cali -4
                        Rashwan Langston/Matthew Hill -2
                        Logan Robinson/Beau Palmer -2

                        For now, results will not be posted on Disc Golf Scene because doing so would also add points to the final standings, and I would like to preserve the standings as they were after week 18.

                        Thanks to our generous sponsors Rainy Day Games, Next Adventure, Kevin Davis, the U of O disc golf club, and Hear the Chains. Thanks also to everyone who donated CTP prizes throughout the season. And finally, thanks to everyone who came out and played Tuesday Two this year.

                        See you in April!


                        • Hey Scott. Any idea when this will start back in April?


                          • Pretty sure it's going to be April 26th, but I have to do a little checking to make sure everything plays out OK. Official announcement coming in the next couple of weeks.


                            • woot woot!
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