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  • Dabney Doubles: Dabney Doubles 2009

    It looks like this coming Sunday (April 19th) is looking good.

    Can't wait for the fun to begin!!


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    Flyer in PDF format: http://home.comcast.net/~accuspeed/D...09Schedule.pdf
    Ratings-based divisions: disc golf's inevitable future.
    Disc Golf Calendar: www.NWDiscGolf.info, or click CALENDAR at top of page
    Submit Event to Calendar: treelove@nwdiscgolf.info
    Team Disc Golf: http://www.teamdiscgolf.com
    Bitchin' URL: http://www.nwdiscgolf.com


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      Thank you


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        The Weekend is sooooo near.

        Just two days away to the beginning of the dubs!

        Sign-ups will begin at 9:30 for the first tourney!

        See ya'


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          WOW WHAT A DAY!!!

          I have never seen soooo many people coming out to play!

          Round one 64 people ...
          Round two 62 people + about another 30-40 casual golfers and some were very casual...I saw one group throwing a football to each other as they walked down the fairway. Thank you for everyone that came out and enjoyed the day at Dabney.

          If Stu is up to it I will be forwarding results to him in the next day or so.

          $$$ Ace pot for the coming Thursday...$0
          thanks to Kevin Loki, Brian Wilkenson, Jeff Cox all hitting aces yesterday.

          $$$ Skins is at $126 already

          This coming Thursday sign-ups will be starting at 5pm and ending at 5:30...playing SAP



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            I can not believe how many people are showing up!
            This is awesome!!!

            Last night we had 56 people show up to play .

            No Aces hit...BUT one very close. I should know my partner almost did it. Joe Aramillo on hole 9 threw a beautiful skip Gator to the hole...it skips up in the chains...dances in the chains and spits out the other side. Man it was close.

            So next week the Ace will start at $56 dollars

            Skins $ is already at $182 bones . Not bad for the first week.

            Thank you again for coming out and supporting The Dabney Dubz.



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              The points for the last tourneys have been posted on Stu's web page... http://www.aracnet.com/~stuart/teamgolf.htm

              Thank you Stu for doing yet another year.


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                New updates on Stu's web page.


                I hope that the r... doesn't show up and the players do!


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                  New updates on Stu's web page. should be up by tomorrow.


                  Last night was another amazing turnout!
                  64 players showed up for the chance of $232.00 Ace Pot...and one walked away with this and he wasn't my partner this time . (more to come via Stu's site)

                  Thank you all for showing up and having a kick ass time.

                  Great to See Jabber out last night...



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                    Well Hello Everyone!!!

                    If you didn't make it out last night you missed a beautiful night in the upper 70's. There was 60 players that showed up to play. No aces last night the Ace pot stands at $60.

                    I just sent the info to Stu and should be up on his site in the next couple of days. Thank you STU!



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                      Beautiful evening of golf last night.... Luckily Dabney only received a hard rain storm prior to sign-ups and then a nice steady rain (nothing hard) for about 30-45 min about mid round.

                      Stats should be sent to Stu this afternoon after that it's up to Stu .


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                        I believe Stu will be leaving soon to go down to CA...so I will not bug him this week. Safe travels Stu

                        Last night was the official half way point for the Dubz (ALREADY !!!). We had another beautiful night...58 people showed up ready to win $154 in the Ace Pot
                        Ace pot is now at $0 bones...

                        Don Stowell hit hole #6 (left position) big hyzer with an Excalibur...Congrats to Don ...$154.00

                        Results from 06/11/09
                        1st Camo - Shawn Cornwell (won playoff) -11 $45
                        2nd "Fat Boy" William - Eddie F. -11 $31
                        3rd David M - Saulty Nutz (won playoff) -10 $25
                        4th Seales - Ron J. -10 $22
                        5th Steve Sunnes - Breece (won playoff) -9 $18
                        6th M.Linaman - Adrian -9 $15
                        7th Stan Herzog - The Brit (won playoff) -8 $12
                        8th Nate Kabaza - Daniel Crane -8 $0
                        9th Mike Whittow - Don Stowell -8 $0

                        Top 12 plus the next that are within striking distance.

                        Name Pts.

                        Camo Mike 77
                        Sean Helean 52
                        Kevin Madrid 46
                        Mike Linaman 46
                        Breece 43
                        Josh Fry 41
                        Eddie Florance 41
                        Ryan "Fat Boy" Williams 41
                        Doug Saulters 38
                        Joe Armijo 37
                        Mike Best 36
                        Shawn Cornwell 36

                        Jeremy Fancher 35
                        Carl Roush 32
                        Tom Dooley 32
                        Ali 32
                        Scott Searles 32
                        Ben Parker 31
                        Ron J. 31
                        Jeff Cox 27
                        Timmy Skellenger 27
                        Charlie Tellessen 27
                        Chris Jones 27
                        Adrian 26

                        See ya' next week



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                          Basket changes this weeked!!!
                          To help the speed of play this coming Thursday I will be enforcing mandatory spotters on certain holes. If someone from that card doesn't send a spotter...may have strokes given to both teams on the card .

                          If we don't we may not finish the night...

                          Mandatory holes for spotting
                          Holes 4...pin position far left...high grass
                          Hole 8... pin position left
                          Hole 9...pin position right in the trees with high grass
                          Hole 13..pin position left on hill...NASTY
                          Hole 16...pin position (same) long


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                            So last night was another outstanding evening .
                            I would have to say last night was one of my most enjoyable evenings...it wasn't because of my score...it was because it felt like it was the reunion tourney. People from the past just showing up for a round...AWESOME!

                            We did have another great showing with 60 players showing up to play a slow round. I knew the basket changes were going to slow us up, but almost an extra hour. We were pushing the 9pm time frame which is when the course closes. Even with the harder positions I believe one of the better rounds of the year was posted..-13 Camo and Carl Thorne .

                            Thank you Charlie Tellessen for your CTP...another awesome plate . Congrats to Dare Sunnes for winning the CTP on hole #2 .

                            Results from last night...

                            1st Carl Thorne - Camo -13 $49
                            2nd Frank Adams - Brian S. -11 $34
                            3rd Ron J - Cody Curry -10 $28
                            4th Jeff Cox - Tim Skellenger -9 $22
                            5th Dizzy - Giacomo - 8 $19
                            6th Ben Parker - Mike Linaman (won playoff -7) $16
                            7th Chris Jones - Sean Helean -7 $12
                            8th Lance Redfern - "Fat Boy" Williams -7 $0
                            9th Zach Murphy - Nate Kabaza -7 $0

                            Standings as of 6/18/09
                            Camo Mike - 88
                            Sean Helean - 57
                            Mike Linaman - 52
                            Kevin Madrid - 47
                            Ryan "Fat Boy" Williams - 45
                            Breece - 44
                            Eddie Florance - 42
                            Josh Fry - 41
                            Ron J. - 40
                            Doug Saulters - 39
                            Joe Armijo - 39
                            Shawn Cornwell - 38

                            Jeremy Fancher - 37
                            Ben Parker - 37
                            Mike Best - 36
                            Jeff Cox - 35
                            Timmy Skellenger - 35
                            Carl Roush - 33
                            Tom Dooley - 33
                            Ali - 33
                            Scott Searles - 32
                            Chris Jones - 32
                            Charlie Tellessen - 28
                            Adrian - 28
                            Dizzy Gillespie - 28


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                              I just pass the info onto Stu...should be able to go to his site in a couple of days for info http://www.aracnet.com/~stuart/teamgolf.htm

                              See ya' next Thursday


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