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  • Tuesday Twos: 2013 Tuesday Twos April 23 - Aug 20

    Orchard Park
    Every Tuesday Evening April 23 Aug 20
    Sign Up 5:30 5:45
    $5.00 Includes Ace Pot!
    Lots of great prizes and CTPs
    Free basket giveaway at end of season!
    Maximum 54 players each week

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    Week one results

    Congratulations to Steven Sines and Levi Filkins who shot -16 to take the first Tuesday Twos of the 2013 Season.

    We had a full house this week. Clear skies and wind in the first round but calm for the second half of the evening.

    Hole 9 was a hot topic of conversation this evening with a tight OB circle around the basket. Players either loved or hated this hole: There were 22 bogies, 7 pars, and 25 birdies. Eleven teams birdies it both times while six teams bogied both times. The alternate pad on hole 3 didn't cause too much grief: 35 birds and 19 pars. Hole 5? Not so much: 9 birdies, 43 pars, a bogey, and a double bogey. Curious about the new hole 7? It didn't play quite as hard as I expected: 33 birdies, 19 pars, and two bogies.

    No aces were hit this week. $52 rolls over to next week.

    A huge thanks goes out to Rainy Day Games for sponsoring all five CTPs this week:

    Sean Fry won a TT Champion Gator on hole 1.
    Scott Hill won an Innova towel on hole 2.
    Joe Higgins won a TT Champion Leopard on hole 5 (long putt).
    Jason Powell won an Innova shopping bag on hole 6.
    Dave Clement won a Innova t-shirt on hole 7.

    Complete results and season standings can be found here.

    Thanks to all of the players who came out and made Tuesday Twos a great success this week. See you next week!


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      Some people look forward to the weekends. Me? I look forward to Tuesday evenings. Ace pot sits at $52 and will rise to over $100 if we fill again. Don't be left out - sign-ups start at 5:30 sharp and the line usually starts forming about 10-15 minutes before that. See you tonight!


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        Week 2 results

        Brody Cannon and Jamie Brown dominated the wind to shoot -16 and take first place on a clear and windy night tonight.

        We had 52 players this week. No Aces were hit, so our ace pot will start at $102 next week. With another full week, the ace pot will be over $150 for week 3.

        We had three CTP/Long Putt prizes tonight - all donated by Rainy Day Games:

        Dave Zimmerman won a TT Champ Katana on hole 3 (CTP).
        Jay Wilks won an Innova towel and 2 minis on hole 4 (CTP).
        Chris Hill won a TT KC Pro Roc on hole 6 (LP).

        We had a few tweaks this week:
        Hole 5 moved to short position. This was an easy one - 31 birds.
        Hole 6 - moved the pad way back. Didn't cause too many problems: 19 birds, 19 pars, and 4 bogeys.
        Hole 7 moved to right position - 35 birds, 17 pars. Slightly easier than last week.

        Full results and season standings can be found at http://www.discgolfscene.com/leagues/2013_Tuesday_Twos.

        Thanks to Rainy Day Games for their sponsorship of week two and to all the great players who came out for another fun evening. See you next week!


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          Tuesday! Tuesday! Tuesday! Ace pot will climb to over $150 if we near capacity once again. Only 54 spots - don't miss out. Sign-up starts at 5:30; line starts forming early. See you tonight!


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            We had our nicest weather of the year - warm and little wind - and the scores really reflected that this week. Steve Ellis and Jared Fischer were one putt away from a perfect round, settling for -17 to take the win. Two teams finished at -16 and five teams at -15.

            We finally had our first ace of the season. In fact, we had two. Bobby Mackall started us off with an ace on hole 4 and Jason Hicks followed up with an ace on hole 3. The two teams split the $152 ace pot.

            Anthony Bell was closest to the pin on hole 1 and won a Ript card deck.
            Matt Gillespie was closest on hole 5 and won a Tuesday Twos Champion Tern.
            Paul Compton hit the longest putt on hole 9 and won a Tuesday Twos Champion Leopard.
            All CTP and long put prizes were provided by Rainy Day Games.

            Course tweaks:
            Hole 5: Basket moved to long position; temporary tee pad near the original location.
            Hole 7: Basket moved back to the long position.
            Hole 9: No island. Tee off from Hole 5 tee pad. This one didn't bother players much at all - lots of birdies and no bogies.

            Thanks again to Rainy Day Games for their sponsorship and to all the great players who make it possible. See you next week.


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              We had our second full house of the season this week - 54 players enjoyed clear and calm conditions. Luis Nava and Justin Sikes enjoyed it a little more than most, shooting -16 for the win. Three teams tied at -1.

              Luis also aced hole 2 and grabbing the $52 ace pot. There was much speculation that hole 7 in the short position would be aced several times, but although it gave up a lot of birdies (38), nobody could get the ace to stick.

              Matthew Hill had the long putt on hole one and won a t-shirt donated by Flight path disc golf.
              Darin McCoy was closest to the basket on hole 3 and won an Innova t-shirt donated by Rainy Day Games
              Chris Hill was closest on hole 9 and won a Tuesday Twos Champion Tern donated by Rainy Day Games.

              Course tweaks:
              Hole 1 - long teepad (about 60' behind regular pad). 27 birdies, 26 pars, and one bogey.
              Hole 5 - long teepad, long basket position. 6 birdies, 46 pars, and 2 bogies.
              Hole 7 - short position. 38 birdies, 15 pars, and one bogey.
              Hole 8 - short position. 46 birdies, 8 pars.
              Hole 9 - island green. A little wider circle than in earlier weeks, with a closer drop zone. 35 birdies, 7 pars, and 12 bogies.

              Complete results and season standings can be found here.

              Thanks to Rainy Day Games and Flight Path Disc Golf for their sponsorship this week, and to all the great players who make it possible. See you next week!


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                Tonight! Special appearance by Tuesday Twos legend Jeff Larson! Weather looks great and we have lots of awesome CTPs. If you've been waiting for the perfect week to come to Tuesday Twos, this would be it. Sign-ups start at 5:30 and are limited to the first 54 players. Don't be late!


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                  I may need to make my annual appearance today. We will see how the schedule goes.


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                    Another hot night at Orchard Park this week! After seeing team after team barely miss out on the elusive perfect round this year, we had two on Tuesday night. Brody Cannon and Marco Morales edged out Andrew Nava and Steven Sines in the throw-off for the win. To top it off, there were two teams at -17 as well.

                    There were 50 players this week.

                    Steve Gelhar aced hole 7 to grab the $48 ace pot.

                    We had a big pile of CTPs:
                    Hole 2: Jason Hicks won a Dynamic Discs Renegade donated by Kent Smothers.
                    Hole 3: Kent Smothers won a Dynamic Discs Fugitive donated by Josh Jones.
                    Hole 4: Dave Clement won an Innova T-shirt donated by Rainy Day Games and Hillsboro Hops tickets donated by Chris Hill.
                    Hole 6: Chris Hill won a Nuke SS and a Larson Surprise donated by Jeff Larson.
                    Hole 7: Steve Gelhar won an Innova towel donated by Jeff Larson.

                    Season standings:
                    It's time to start thinking about the finals. The top 10% of the field will be eligible for the finals - it's likely that will be 14 players. Each week, every player receives one point for every team they beat or tie, including their own. For the season, each player keeps their top 10 scores.

                    Brody Cannon has a pretty solid hold on first right now, but the race to make the finals is wide open.

                    Anyone can play the final week, but only the teams that make the finals are eligible to win the final payout. There will be prize money for the other teams, as usual.

                    Every player who has played at least five weeks will be eligible to win an Innova basket courtesy of Rainy Day Games. Players will receive one entry into the drawing for every week they play.

                    Weekly results and season standings can be found at http://www.discgolfscene.com/leagues/2013_Tuesday_Twos

                    Thanks to our sponsors for week 14: Rainy Day Games, Kent Smothers, Josh Jones, Chris Hill, and Jeff Larson. See you next week!


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                      We wrap up another great season of Tuesday Twos tonight. Let's fill 'er up! We'll do early sign-ups for finalists to speed things up a little, and then open up sign-ups for the general pool (40 spots) at 5:30. We have more great CTPs to give away, a throw off for the ace pot (if it's not hit tonight), and we're giving away an Innova Discatcher Sport basket. Oh yeah, we're also going to crown a couple of new champions tonight. Don't miss out!


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