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  • 2012 Core Series Round Up

    Wow, what a ride!
    I want to thank each and everyone of you who supported to the Core 2012

    From the 16 individuals who gave of their time and effort to craft the series events you all saw.

    To the TD's and their staffs for pulling them off.

    AND MOST OF ALL over 1000 players who attended the 13 events played hard and were eventually crowned champions in 13 different divisions.
    We had
    1. 109 Qualifiers
    2. 58 who attended the finals 1/3 of the total finals field
    3. 54-58 walked with something they chose 93.1%
    4. 31 Iron arms who played 6 or more events John Boyko 11 (and moved up during the year), Nick Schuler 10

    We are currently generating an accurate year end report. We hope to publish it soon.

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    year end reports for 2012 To the Core WSS

    2012 To the Core Series Round Up

    2012 To the Core stared out slowly, but with the help of Kenny Benjamin, Bob Perewee, Mark Kilmer and Kris Bland we found our balance and started forward. With the help of 13 others we were able to propose, discuss and decide on many issues facing the then upcoming season. As a group, we decided that by keeping enough qualifying events within 100 miles one way of each other would be a great start at attracting economically challenged golfers. The addition of 6 one day events to the 7 two day events encouraged 916 players to attend and contribute to the overall renaissance of the series. The points structure and finals enhancements (enticements) and the bonus of the perfect score led 109 souls to play often enough to qualify and 58 traveled to the finals. (96.5% of which cashed)

    Series Format
    1. Any WA.event is eligible
    2. It can be either a one or two day event.
    3. All rules and guidelines from PDGA will be followed.
    4. Sanctioned or not as long as C Tier or above standards are used.
    5. 2011 Points structure
    6. Mandatory Final
    7. Final points worth 1.5 x.

    This section was pretty well received. Rules and guidelines where inconsistently applied and will be a focus for next year. People say the reason why DG is not widely excepted is because we have no big sponsors. In my opinion, it’s because everyone does not play by any, let alone, all of the rules all of the time.

    1. Events will offer all divisions.
    2. Must advertise maximum capacity goals.
    3. Have a minimum number of holes 36 for one
    4. Have a minimum number of holes 54 for two days.

    Fees and Values
    1. $3 per player
    2. Fees must be submitted within two weeks of events conclusion
    3. No points posted till fees paid
    4. No to host fees
    5. Trophy required minimum of 4 players otherwise TD Discretion
    no more then $1.50 per player deduction
    6 Optional Players Packs, if offered not to exceed 1.5 x wholesale cost

    This section also went pretty well. The protection offered by not posting points till fees have been paid finally gave us some leverage for non or slow paying TD’s.
    For the record I should have collected the Riverside fees at the event. By limiting pre event mark ups and deductions our goal of more payout was successful and appreciated by the players

    1. Fundraising Discs The series will purchase them. No event will be required to purchase them
    2. Participation recognition To be determined by it’s sponsor
    3. Basket Toss If the event wants to run a basket toss as a club fundraiser and for a $50 deposit the series will make available to each event a full size portable basket as the prize for “acing the throw off”

    Series Fundraising was also slow. Our goal of not competing with clubs and events for their local causes was hugely successful. The participation Decal (schwag) was an experiment that was 50-50.The Basket toss was held at 5 of the 13 events netting the series $250 with zero investment.

    Series Promotion
    1. Series web site washigtonstateseries.drupalgardens.com.
    2. Pod casts Each event will provide the phone numbers of the top 3 players in each division to be phone interviewed for podcast.

    The web site took some shape but needs work. It should be the linked site to NWDGN. Evaluations for each series event where available for participants to share both pluses and minuses for events they attended. Participation was spotty at best.
    The Pods where very interesting. From the gems of wisdom from the Big Dog, Cole Swanson’s Ace at City Cup culminating with pods from three World Class players. The gamut of musical requests also added value to cause. Thanks to CMC and Rewindb.com for hosting and providing the insight to help make these happen.

    Sponsorship Leads
    1. Series will except both cash and schwag as sponsorship
    2. negotiated compensation for successfully leads for series sponsorships.

    Purchases and Finals
    1. Series will solicit bids for series payouts
    2. Series will solicit bids for series purchases

    This section was also a way to increase transparency by avoiding the cronyism and top loading that has taken place in the past. Although not as effective as we had hoped (like the evaluations) they are never the less steps in the right direction

    2013 Start up funds
    The 2013 group will have $950 at it's disposal
    In Closing
    Our main goal when we started talking about 2012 was to try and incorporate lessons learned from past series and some fresh ideas. Hopefully inspiring you the players into participating not just as players but as actual partners.

    On the whole To the Core 2012 was successful.
    1. We increased the number of overall participants, series qualifiers and the percentage of those who attended the finals and where rewarded for it.
    2. By establishing guidelines we were able to offer more consistency between events for everyone's benefit.
    3. Another idea was to introduce either Disc Golf as a whole to new areas by offering events in parts of Washington that had till then gone
    unrepresented by hosting events. Huge Thanks should go out to Jesse Ingram for single handily revived Disc Golf in Yakima. We are currently talking with Southwest Washington Tournament Directors hoping they too will join the series.in 2013

    Here is the rub. We need you the player to take an even more active role in 2013. Get involved by helping out your local club not just for events but for the day to day as well.


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      The WSS finals was mandatory in order to place in ones respective division? Correct me if I'm wrong, but this should be changed next year...


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        Originally posted by aksargon14 View Post
        The WSS finals was mandatory in order to place in ones respective division? Correct me if I'm wrong, but this should be changed next year...
        This issue has gone back and forth and no matter how it's scored, there are always folks who want it the other way.

        For the format we had this last year, there is no way it could have worked to not be a mandatory finals. With so many events in the series, we couldn't make players play over half of the events, that would just be too many and hardly anyone would get all their events in. That left it so players only had to play 3 events. But with only 3 events required, the finals have to be mandatory, otherwise you could end up with three different players in one division who never played against each other, got first in all their events, and all tie with a "perfect" score.

        In order to be a true state series, we need to force players from across the state to play against each other to win the title of champion. As long as that goal is accomplished, I'm okay with either a mandatory or non-mandatory finals.


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          My hope is that it will grow even bigger year to year that there will be many more events to choose from. I would also like to see more sanctioned events.


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