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    Calling all course designers --

    Spring 2013 -- The SCC Disc Golf Club is going to be hosting a 3 man scramble on the SCC campus (or if red-tape complications arise) on our already known and loved courses here in the Spokane area.

    We need some type of meeting to be held soon -- the purpose of the meeting:

    To meet on campus (on a weekend -- pref. Sunday afternoons) and discuss this untapped resource of beautiful grounds for a course.

    If you are interested please respond here with any questions -- and or email for basic information about the event.

    Thanks to all

    HighBridge DGC
    DownRiver DGC
    Sekani Jamboree DGC
    Four Mounds DGC
    Corbin Park DGC

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    I voted for Sekani but only if SCC doesn't work out
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      I too, voted for Sekani if SCC doesn't work out. IT would be weird to take it out of city/state to Corbin, plus the city of PF is getting a rep for being tough to work with for tournaments. I think 4 Mound would be cool too but would have to get Gordo's approval there. What's this event for? Fun, fundraiser, etc...?


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        Originally posted by ScottW View Post
        What's this event for? Fun, fundraiser, etc...?
        As part of the requirement for a club on SCC campus -- It was to be a community activity that promotes involvement -- with a strong focus on youth mentoring.

        After Looking through example charter concepts of Collegiate clubs out there I have found that ...

        1. Youth involvement is a very positive way to promote the sport.

        2. With the possibility of Collegiate level teams coming to compete it gives a whole new element of competition for the local players/teams.

        3. It will help raise money for; the club's adopted course(s), upcoming college level events that the College team can compete in to qualify for Nationals (Mar 2-3 2013 In Estacada, OR)

        Optimistic POV on Statements above ...

        1. If a College club is involved with the promotion, running and participation of such an event, parents (of youths that are possibly interested in the sport) are more likely to approve of a full weekend activity. As with any campus event -- the "bad behavior" element is almost entirely negated, and volunteers for class-act organization is a given. Faculty becomes heavily involved to ensure that the school is represented positively and additional clubs within in the school offer help to fulfill their own charter needs for the semester.

        Honestly I see no less than 50 additional volunteers for this event represented by at least 15 clubs on campus -- that is not including the Universities and other community colleges in the area.

        2. Local teams that are created to compete (seriously) will have an entirely different level of competition that is not often seen here in the Inland Northwest. The local players (regardless of what you believe) become stale and seated in how they rank against players they see EVERY day/week/month.

        3. Support and sponsorship for events in the Spokane area that involve youth sports, open competition to the "world", and 3 man teams spells nothing but SUCCESS!!

        I firmly believe in what HoopFest has done for Spokane as far as sports exposure and what this community is capable of providing in the realm of REAL family competition/entertainment.

        I would love to hear more about this proposal from the Community. There will be an informal meeting soon....stay posted.



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