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  • "Whiners in the Woods III" - SUNDAY, Sept 9th Bud Pell DGC (W.S. Championships)

    The West Sound Disc Golf Association is proud to present

    "Whiners in the Woods III"

    a One Day, two round, PDGA "C" tier sanctioned charity event at the Bud Pell at Ross Farm DGC near Silverdale, WA.

    Format: Two rounds of 21 holes on special event layout at the Bud Pell.

    9:00 am Players meeting (come early!)

    Come play this one day SUNDAY event! Charity C tier sanctioning, and poised to be a great day full of golf. Trophy awards only.

    Value priced entry at $20

    "Bounty" of $50 value or more for best score
    Door prizes!
    Ace prize (included)!
    Big Raffle will be held as well.
    Likely several other CTPs, and various surprises to be added

    If you haven't caught any of the great disc golf action happening over in the West Sound, this is the one to come check out.

    Website for event: here (includes download PDF of entry form)

    Registration? Yes, register early, we expect this one will fill. This is the last event in our West Sound Challenge and all events leading up to this one have been in high demand. Don't worry if you haven't played any of the West Sound Challenge events, this one can stand on its own as a great experience!

    Northwest sign ups here

    Or contact: Yardbird

    Event listing at PDGA website here

    Come join us for this great fundraising sanctioned event!

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    Performance based trophies? YES

    In addition to the normal raw score divisional trophies, ALL players (with a handicap) will be eligible to compete for performance (Handicapped) based trophies. Players' Handicaps will be determined using the same system used for the WA Team Golf Handicaps and will create an individual performance based score (over/under a player's handicap vs the round ratings).

    How does a player get a handicap? Handicaps are determined by using PDGA, WA Team Golf, and/or West Sound Challenge rated rounds. A player must have at least (3) rated rounds to establish a Player's Handicap for this event.

    This event format with both raw score and handicapped based divsion trophies is a first in the NW. Performance based scoring will even the playing field and allow ALL players to compete in one large division with a possible field size of 84 players.

    Who will be crowned the first West Sound Champion based on the best overall individual performance of the day?

    The only way to find out is to sign up and play 42 holes of golf at the Bud Pell at Ross Farm course on Sunday, September 9th.

    Go West Sound


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      Sam, I paid for a season pass for the challenge. Does that still cover me for this final event? I want to make sure I get registered!
      Basket thieves


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        Check out the PDGA registered entrants page linked to my first post on this thread... You're already on it!

        I think you're good to go! See you there!


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          Yes, the players that purchased a "Season Pass" for the West Sound Challenge series are paid up for all six events, including WWIII.

          I have already saved them a spot on the unofficial registration list pending a 'yea' or 'nay' to play in the WWIII event. All unclaimed spots will get filled from the wait list on August 30th.

          If all the season pass holders want in, then the WWIII event is half full.

          Don't miss this opportunity to play in the only West Sound PDGA event this year!! Sign-up before it's too late.


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            Thanks, guys. This baby's going to sell out!
            Basket thieves


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              Another 4 online sign-ups today.

              I'll swing by the PO Box tomorrow after work.

              Lots of locals said they are playing, but haven't got an offical "yes" via a paid entry form. Boy are they going to sorry when the event sells out in the next week or so.

              I'll update the PDGA registration list early next week.

              Go West Sound


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                The official list is up to 40 players (I'll update the PDGA site early next week).

                The event is half full.


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                  I just recieved the mini disc order for the Event (thanks to some early sponsorships).

                  Player packs will now include one cool metal flake champion mini disc.

                  Click here to see the registered players.

                  Hurry up and register before this event fills up. The West Sound August monthly, "the Zen Open", sold out and was non-sanctioned.

                  WSC: Whiners in the Woods III is PDGA sanctioned and is expected to fill by the end of the month.

                  Go West Sound


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                    I played the Bud Pell at Ross Farm course over the weekend and it is looking awesome. A special thanks goes out to all that has helped in the course maintenance.

                    The tall grass in the field has been mowed and other general clearing has been performed.

                    The basket and tee areas for the extra 3 holes have been marked.

                    The event staff is working on the final touches for the "special event only" map that all players will recieve with their player's pack.

                    The map with course rules will be posted soon.


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                      Yeah!! 21 holes of fun! x2!


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                        Checked the PO Box yesterday, a few more mail in entries to add to the list.

                        As of today, the total is up to 50 players.

                        Support the WSDGA and play in our Fall fundraising event. The money raised will go towards the replacement of the stolen Kitsap Fairgrounds basket (#12), Bud Pell at Ross Farm course improvements, and the Boys and Girls Club.

                        Go West Sound


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                          Looking over the Registration list, I see that Mason county is under-represented. Did the West Sound showing at the Showdown scare you guys and gals away.

                          There are currently 4 ladies signed up. It would great to increase that to 8.

                          On top of the divisional trophies, ALL players with at least three official rated rounds will automatically be eligible for the handicapped scoring based trophies. The ladies will also have one handicapped trophy to play for.

                          Just added is the Grandmasters division for the old geezers.

                          The last West Sound event at the Bud Pell course had 84 players show up with no pre-registration list. I'm sure this will be no different. There will be lots of whining at WWIII because players didn't take the time to pre-register.

                          Please pass on the WWIII event info to all your disc playing friends.

                          Value based entry fee. Only $20 for a sanctioned PDGA event.

                          Go West Sound.


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                            Just added is the Grandmasters division for the old geezers.

                            Does this mean that THIS "geezer" can play in this division and have a better shot at a trophy?
                            Basket thieves


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                              Technically you are a geezer, but have above average player rating for that division.

                              You are stuck in the Open division for the series based on the guideline set in the series rules. You are eligible for grandmaster trophies for the Event Final.

                              I'll be updating the PDGA registration list soon with the players that I know are eligible for the Grandmaster division and have ratings below ~920.

                              I'll encourage all players with ratings above 920 to play open and allow the average skill base players a chance at a trophy in the intermediate (amatuer) and Geezer (Grandmaster) divisions.


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