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    here is the direct link to the Tale of Two Rivers evaluation form


    Your responses are appreciated


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      Sad News

      This is an excerpt from an email sent to Jeremy Frieling from Tom Bontempo

      ...White River will have their own stand alone PDGA events and charity fundraisers next year, ...

      We are sad to hear this Tom. You have always been a supporter of the WSS for many years now and we are better from having you being involved.

      Sorry to see you go and Good Luck


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        Good riddance to bad rubbish

        United we stand, divided...well you know the rest.

        I wonder why the change. Personally, I made a commitment to myself to boycott any Tom B. event. Certainly not the most positive move ever, but I felt strongly that the players best interest have not been considered.

        How is it that Mandos has been around for so long, but the tournaments have not been very progressive in the sense of having a top end event? They tend to fill with entry level players, which is an great thing for the sport. However my instincts tells me it is more motivated by profit margin, than to expand the sport player base. I could be wrong however.

        Good luck indeed TB. Perhaps my point is being made for me. Less partners = Less sharing.

        I might bold, a bit severe of a critic, and quick to judge. But I am okay with that, and if you think that I am. I am okay with that too.
        "Remember boys this ain't therapy"-Jub.
        PDGA # 42821
        Push-ups owed to: thebakedone 1,856.


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          Hey guys if anyone knows how to reach "Darlene" can you let her know Danni is trying to reach her? I have discs to be dyed for her


          Either a PM here or www.DiscAddiction.com
          www.DiscAddiction.com - custom dyed discs

          www.WhidbeyIslandDiscGolf.com - club info


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