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    Hey I am traveling up from Oregon for the Battle, is there anyone that could stand to have me and a friend stay in their backyard? I slept on a hill in my car last year next to Seatac and people thought I was crazy. Thanks!


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      What's the schedule look like for this weekend?


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        Battle Updates

        Originally posted by peterjov View Post
        What's the schedule look like for this weekend?

        So heres the skinny:

        If you are in Pro & Am Divisions,specifically:

        open pro male (MPO) open pro master (MPM) open pro grandmaster (MPG)

        Amateur advanced (MA1)Advanced Masters (MM1) pro woman (FPO)

        you will start at Seatac for your first round Saturday morning.

        Second round lakewood Saturday afternoon.

        Sunday morning 3rd round Seatac.

        Player meeting 9 AM

        Start Time 9:30 AM

        If you are in Amateur Divisions, specifically:

        Intermediate (MA2) Advanced Woman (FW2)

        Junior Boys (MJ3)

        You will start at Lakewood Saturday morning for your first round.

        Seatac Saturday afternoon for your second round

        lakewood Sunday morning for your third round

        Player meeting 9 AM

        Start Time 9:30 AM

        This is for both days at both courses.

        Since some of you will be starting at Seatac we will give out all player packs

        during the lunch break.

        After Sundays first round the FINAL NINE will be played at Lakewood.

        Lunch will be served at lakewood both days after the first round.

        Saturday Paella is on the menu

        Sunday Build your own tacos with a special treat for all participants.

        Yes this year lunch is free, but donations and tips are gladly accepted and appreciated.

        Sorry the movie posters were not ready before the event, the printer had major breakdown, so the whole

        system was down. We do still plan to get a limited amount of them (50 to be exact) printed up in high gloss

        large movie format, along with a full color disc and certificate of authenticity numbered 1/50.

        So if you feel like owning a piece of history you can do so, just check back here periodically or in both stores.

        As of today June 5th there are 80 players signed up. This means there is still room.

        if you want to sign up please do so here.

        We are looking forward to a great event, we hope you are as well.

        See you on the 9th of June


        all info avail here


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          Originally posted by TreeLove View Post
          Can someone post a pic of this awesome shirt for me to admire, please?
          here are last years designs. Front is Mr. Bangbang and back is Mr.BB & Basket.
          We actually have 6 left. 1 red XXL 3 red Small 1 light blue Medium 1 black Medium. All are sport tek material short sleeve,collar,high class,golf performance wear.


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            Can FA1 PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE play SeaTac 2 times!?!? (-;

            All of the other Advanced players get to *sadpoutyface*


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              Originally posted by Tanya Spence View Post
              Can FA1 PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE play SeaTac 2 times!?!? (-;

              All of the other Advanced players get to *sadpoutyface*
              Im pretty sure we can make that happen for you Tanya.
              If you reeeeeeeaaaaaaalllllly want to play seatac twice.
              Don't blame ya, its looking pretty schooweeeeet these days eh?


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                I DO, I DOOOOOO want to play SeaTac twice!!

                I think that course is looking great and since it looks like I'm playing in a world of my own anyway... I would totally prefer the challenge (:

                Nice work to the folks taming the beast that is... SeaTac!!


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                  I played the Tac yesterday, and it looks amazing! The guys were out there with the mowers, and I just had to stop by and give them my regards.

                  Edited to say I can play and I've entered. Looking forward to limping around the courses with the rest of you seasoned vets!
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                    Registration's up over a hundred now. Several thousand rated Pros from out of town (must be heading to the Fling!). The Grandmasters division is blowing up, even got Kurt to come out of the woodwork! One more day to pre-register people.

                    Wow, this is going to be a fun weekend!!!


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                      Tried my hardest, but couldn't resist the tacwoodtac combo.
                      Read this ^


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                        Wow!!! What a great battle this weekend with all the divisions. The event ran smooth, the payouts were Awesome!!! I shot my best round ever at Seatac and if you get a chance go play it soon because I have never seen it so well manicured. The Tac is in absolutely amazing shape! Mucho kudo's to the Chainbanger'z gang for everything you did in making this an incredible event!!! Great job...


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                          'Weekend 4 Women':
                          Saturday, June 30th - Sudoku Showdown II - FREE PDGA XC Tier
                          Sunday, July 1st - Seattle SuperClassic - FREE PDGA XC Tier


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                            Great tourney! Thanks Adam and Kieth for another great Battle!!!!


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                              PICTURES! Mostly of the final 9.

                              Great time at the tourney this weekend. Thanks Chainbangerz!!


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                                THANKS To Keith and Adam, volunteers, sponsors, wives, kids, dogs, etc...
                                I had a blast playing this weekend, as did many others I'm sure. We got a nice dose of awesome weather to boot. Delicious Tacos and Salted carmel ice cream on a beautiful day with good friends was something more than golf that really makes the events special. I also really liked the water stations and caddy books, that was a good touch.

                                Looking at the ratings for the 3rd round, looks like the pools need to be separated. Also, Kyle's 41 (-13) at Lakewood is obviously current course record, and has got to be highest rated round in WA state PDGA history at 1092 unofficially (Maybe it's time to dig around and make a top 10 rated rounds of WA list). It will probley rank high up on the all time too.
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