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  • Flinging Mayan Disc 2012 - Fairgrounds DGC Saturday June 16th

    That's right! It's 2012...and a Mayan Themed event! Someone around here had to do it!

    Come play Fairgrounds in this one day event. The course has some challenge, but expect to finish your visit to the West Sound with a smile! Then play another of our courses for fun after lunch. It'd make an unbeatable Saturday.

    The West Sound Disc Golf Association is excited to present...

    the "Flinging Mayan Disc 2012"

    Low cost, one day event at Fairgrounds Disc Golf course Silverdale,WA.

    The Details:
    Date: Saturday June 16th
    Where: Fairgrounds D.G.C.
    time:9:00 am player check in. No pre sign-ups needed.
    Format: One round singles

    Costs: $10 entry, or $15 gets entry and a West Sound Challenge disc of your choice. (see the disc listings) Value, Value, value!
    (An even better deal awaits WSDGA current members playing the West Sound Challenge season with our "season pass")

    Sanctioned? nope
    Sponsor: WSDGA and Lingenbrink Orthodontics (orthodontist who is known to play some DG, and has an office a few blocks from the Fairgrounds course. Thank you Dr Paul Lingenbrink!)

    Bonus features:
    Door prizes by random draw, including 5 custom HyzerFarm dyed discs!
    (Thank you HyzerFarm!)
    "Bounty" for best score at $50 or greater value
    "Ace Prize" at $50 value supplied by event sponsor and WSDGA, so its included at no extra cost.
    After round "CTP" for $50 value merchandise

    All West Sound Challenge events have round ratings calculated and displayed on website after the event (not submitted to PDGA, but for personal performance tracking)
    Placings, ratings, and scores throughout the series will lead to season long performance awards at season final event. Or just come play one or two of 'em and have a blast!

    Probably some other cool or fun stuff
    And Have I mentioned the discs yet?

    Blizzard Wraiths
    Blizzard Katanas
    Blizzard Destroyers
    Blizzard Bosses
    Blizzard Teedevils!!!
    Star Ontario Roc!
    CFR Makos
    CFR Vulcans
    Metal Flake TFR Roadrunners
    Metal Flake TFR Teebirds

    This event is the third of 6 events bringing Value oriented competition to the West Sound. Discing at the Depot and the HyzerFarm Open event have already had great success

    West Sound Challenge 2012 contact: Yardbird
    West Sound Challenge website: linked up on www.wsdga.org check it out!

    Embrace the challenge, embrace the Jungle! - Flinging Mayan Disc 2012

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    I love the posters you West Sounders use for each event.


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      Originally posted by drkstr View Post
      I love the posters you West Sounders use for each event.
      Agreed, another stellar event poster!!


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        Thank you.

        I have a couple more in the works.
        I do like how this one came out integrating the basket into the architecture. Disc Golf Tikal! (which would be super cool in itself. That or a safari course at Ankor Wat... But then again, there's not much elevation there in Cambodia.


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          The Kitsap Fairgrounds DG course is looking great. The grass hill side on hole 1 has been recently cut and is ready for you huck away.

          Only two more weeks until the next West Sound Challenge.

          Flinging Mayan Disc 2012 - June 16th.


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            Hole 6 Fairgounds. Embrace the Jungle - Flinging Mayan Disc!


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              This Saturday is the third event of the West Sound Challenge series.

              Here's a picture of the custom dyed discs by Hyzer Farm.

              Many molds to pick from (Rocs, blizzard discs, makos, vulcans, and many more). The dyed discs are available for purchase ($20) to benefit the WSDGA.

              FYI, 5 dyed discs will be award at the post event door prize drawing.

              Player check-in 9:00am

              Kitsap Fairgrounds, June 16th.

              Event entry includes the Ace Pot, Post round CTP toss, the "Door Prize Drawing".


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                Awesome turnout this morning for the Mayan...

                Full Jungle experience. I've said it before - Fairgrounds is the best course many are not playing... but should.

                Another great West Sound Challenge event - and still continuing to show us how much disc golf is growing from the ground up in Kitsap.


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                  Thanks again to all the volunteers that make this event a success.

                  Click on the link below to see the results and info about the West Sound Challenge events.

                  Challenge website with results

                  The next event is the Tall Grass Classic at the "Bud Pell" course.


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                    Do you all ever print out those posters for sale? Really great artwork and an amazing group of tournaments you west sounders have done. Love the creativity! You guys got a great thing going over there.
                    "What's in the bag", pdga #37977, dgcr #356, **Team Chainbanger'z**

                    You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself, your own highest standards, and when you reach your limits, that is real joy.
                    -- Arthur Ashe


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                      JR, between you and other locals asking I've been thinking of how to offer some of these posters up. (I'm the poster maker)

                      Currently I've decided to bring some along to West Sound or other local events I'll be at and offering up 12x18 prints through myself for $10 in a plastic sleeve tube.

                      That means I'll have some inventory in a portfolio at the Tall Grass Classic, and the rest of the West Sound challenge series including the sanctioned finals, and I'd like to have some available through me at the Shelton Showdown as well. (likely at the Dalaiwood ace race as well)

                      Brian Thornton
                      West Sound Disc Golf Association, VP


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