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  • Acey Deucey at Bud Pell May 19th

    Hey all! Come on out to Bud Pell in West Sound for a fun afternoon round to check out the new Red Tees!
    Can you say Ace Run? Birdie-Fest?
    Aces and Deuces are the only things that count so run at it!
    Prize pool will be divided among the winning score and those who hit aces(or CTP if no aces are hit).

    Questions? This is as good a place as any for 'em!
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    Well, since no West Sound located event should go without a poster...

    It's true, the Bud Pell at Ross Farm now has a par 54 layout to offer!

    Come play in a unique format and help us in fundraising in response to the costs associated with this great and fun layout. I've played the Red layout once or twice since its been in, and I'll pass along that it is a win-win option at the Bud.

    The new Red course has the character of a really friendly par 54 layout. And more than just the par - many, if not most of the new tee locations result in a very different shot than the standard tees. Don't discount this as "just adding some shorter tees" Plus, it combines the beauty and serenity of the rolling terrain, the quiet woods, and the whole Bud Pell experience you get with the standard. All holes end at the same baskets with the same numbering.

    Gosh, even the short "birdie" holes on the standard layout have a different look from the Reds. All told, for the average to advanced scoring player this course is a blast with multiple ace runs, great chances for birdie twos... and a quicker round from start to finish at the Bud. 4 down, 6 down, 14 down.. who knows what a hot round could be.

    The format is a "only count birdies or aces" on the scorecard. It'll be time for aggressive play - no holding back! There will be the option to play as a bring your own partner team, or maybe you'll find a partner there. There will also be the option to play as a single if you think you'll be good enough on your own.

    Come join us us and have a blast at the Bud!

    Contact and director for event: EnigmaSquad
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      Cali for $22?
      Click here

      Challenge disc golf


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        Originally posted by REDFIVE View Post
        Cali for $22?
        Most Definitely!
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          Looking forward to this event

          Team Enigma, or Double B, will be there!
          I put up 10 birdies on the Red course last week. It's going to be a hot score when we add in partners.

          If you're not already in West Sound - come across, over, or up from wherever you are and maybe play Saturday morning NAD draw doubles at 9 am, then play the Acey Deucey in the afternoon.

          Two rounds, low cost, and a ton of fun in the sun. The Bud Pell has been recently mowed and looks fantastic. And don't forget this is a version of the Bud you likely have not played before. The owners done a ton of work with blackberry removal along the fringes and its golf at its best.


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            I have a partner for saturday but thought I would play a cali($22) round for kicks and shot -11.
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              Gosh, with a scenic course like this... how can you resist!

              Pictured: Tee #12 The Red Course at Bud Pell. Basket for twelve is just right of center in the low depression under the large leafy maple tree canopy. (Same target as #12 Blue course) As I shared earlier, the Red course has completely different looks than the blue course.

              Ace Run!!! and if no ones around like this sunny day.. It's time to throw your whole bag!


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                Nice tourn-out for this event. We raised $100 to help pay for the Red Tees and lots of birdies had by all.
                One ace was hit for $60.
                Planning on running this type of format more often since it was so much fun!
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                  I wouldn't mind seeing more of these types of events. I do think they should be kept in the same "fundraiser" vein, for sure, too. Then everybody wins!
                  Basket thieves


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