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    no such thing as a bad Roc

    Originally posted by Big dawg 99 View Post
    You do mean the laundry basket right

    there is nothing like a old roc,or a new roc, and just about any roc!!!!!!

    You're too nice, I would've said "trash" basket.
    He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.
    - Anonymous


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      Playing Details
      (website still pending to be linky-ed up to wsdga homepage)

      Time: 2:00 pm
      Location:N.A.D. Park, Bremerton
      Cost: None!

      Why this location for Roc vs Buzzz? N.A.D. is going to be set up for Worlds Biggest Disc Golf Weekend in the most friendly A pins (short).
      The plan will be to play from all Red (short) tees. Great par 54 course, and birdie chances will be in abundance!!

      How it works

      Each Participant at check in selects if they are going to play for “Team Roc” or “Team Buzzz”
      Each participant then receives a team colored scorecard
      Each Team gathers together for team photos and comaraderie

      Playing groups of 4 are formed by sending out 2 Roc’ers and 2 Buzzz’ers until the larger group fills out remaining playing groups.
      Shotgun start.

      Each player plays one round of disc golf with singles scoring format, with all throws counted. (Stroke play)
      One scorecard per player.

      Disc limitations:

      Team Roc: Limited to only “Roc” discs. (Can use and carry multiple discs, but all must qualify for selected team.)
      Examples: Roc discs in dx, star, champ, glow, KCPro,r-pro... ALL variants, including superRoc, classic roc, Roc+, USDGC thrower Roc,blah,blah,blah etc.

      Team Buzzz: Limited to only “Buzzz” discs. (Can use and carry multiple discs, but all must qualify for selected team)
      Examples: Buzzz discs in ProD, ESP, Z, Cryztal, glow, Supercolor,... ALL variants, including BuzzzSS and BuzzzGT, blah,blah,blah ....titanium... etc.

      Note *****No Putters! Only Roc or Buzzzes*****


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        Scoring for the Battle

        Scorecards are returned with round throw totals filled out
        Note: scores will be observed as recorded, however a maximum allowable score will be set at 70. This means that a score of 92 or 115 will be adjusted to a 70 before all data is processed. The host will have the opportunity to address a DNF, or “Did Not Finish”. A DNF may be assigned a score of 70 as well.

        Categories to determine winner of Roc vs. Buzzz

        -Team of Best Score earner
        -Team with Better Median Score
        - Team with Better Mean Average Score
        - Best Mean Average of Top 6 (best) of each team
        - Team with Highest percentage of players under course par

        5 categories = odd number of categories

        In case of crazy crazy crazy tie with tied categories, I'm thinking the fall back would be a massive winner takes all the glory for the team ctp at NAD from "the usual spot".


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          Quick pre-emptive comments:

          no putters? Yup, deal with it! We want Roc(s) and Buzzzes in action, not putters from 200' and in, or when "close enough" and we're not marking 10m. Hey, this is a get out of comfort zone fun thing from the word go.

          Scoring categories are redundant? Sure some are, some seem that way, and some may surprise us afterward. We'll do the math so you don't have to - Don't spend too much time thinking about it!

          Group size disparity between Roc'ers and Buzzzers? I'm quite sure the groups will be different sizes! If you have a vested interest... get the players with skills to play for your team!

          It's a campaign year - sway the skilled independents to your cause!


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            Unskilled independent possibly looking for team...

            I still think Team Aviar would leave the Roc/Buzzz in the dust at this awesome, fun, unique, fantabulous tourney
            'Weekend 4 Women':
            Saturday, June 30th - Sudoku Showdown II - FREE PDGA XC Tier
            Sunday, July 1st - Seattle SuperClassic - FREE PDGA XC Tier


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              Sign me up for team roc i have five in the bag now 2 glow,2 flat tops and 1super roc


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                Great idea, Brian! Why not??? This sounds like it will be tons 'o fun!
                Basket thieves


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                  Hmmm...seems like those categories could create a solid upset if there is one small but skilled team that could grab the top scorer and 2 of the 3 broad spectrum average categories.

                  Needless to say, me and my 5 buzzes WILL BE THERE, ready to cream some old, dusty, Innova plastic into the ground!
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                    I use a buzz to play fetch with my dog.
                    Proud member #20 of STUMPTOWN Disc Golf and the PDGA #30488
                    Damn The Weak Side!!!!!!


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                          Buzzz FTW!
                          "Honest work is for the downtrodden and the Polish"
                          Cleveland Brown


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                            If only I could play with my comet! now that is a mid-range disc you can throw. I throw rocs and don't have any buzzz's in my bag, but I would probably go pick one up to play in this. I like the buzz better for all around.
                            Fear of any kind is the number one enemy of all golfers regardless of ball-striking and shot-making capabilities.


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                              Originally posted by jeffmonty View Post
                              Great idea, Brian! Why not??? This sounds like it will be tons 'o fun!
                              Bring it on Monty!

                              psst...You do know this isn't Comet v Polecat ,right?

                              (though I guess that would have you even more conflicted...)


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                                Originally posted by WestsoundBT View Post
                                Oh no! I might have to play for team Roc now!!!

                                Can you smeeeeeelllllllll what the Rock is cookin?!?!?!?!?!?!


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