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  • What is the WSS up to NOW?

    What is the WSS up to NOW? You ask?

    Several things is our response.

    We are rounding the clubhouse turn with the art work.
    "First time offered, Pre Event Fundraisers" are around the corner
    Several Series sponsorship ideas will start soon.

    Mid to late January: Cold call solicitations will be going out to potential sponsors state wide. In an effort to keep it local goods and services will be donated to the local clubs where the sponsors are.

    Know of a possible sponsor? email us at

    One of the main strengths of the WSS group is the vast knowledge of how to gather sponsorships. This skill set can and will be shared with participating TD's for the benefit of all.

    To this end, The series has proposed offering a mock event training program.
    Interested parties will get the full Monty experience. (well, minus the course prep)

    If you have ever thought you could run an event and want to get your feet wet without the hasoles send an email saying so to


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    Currently voting on some final guideline issues as well as series art.

    Developing the TD training

    and for the first time

    A Series event feedback form


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      Good going Washington peeps. I'll be sure to make the drive up north several times during 2012.


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        Originally posted by Sean Phillips View Post
        Good going Washington peeps. I'll be sure to make the drive up north several times during 2012.
        Same here... I'm going to try to hit as many of the sanctioned events as I can. Non-sanctioned events... not so much.
        "You won't like me when I am angry, because I always back up my rage with facts and documented sources". - The Credible Hulk


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          Update Feb 13th 2012

          The series is in a great position for 2012.
          • We have our artwork and are working on fundraisers
          • First wave of Sponsorship letters have gone out
          • The schedule is coming along nicely. We hope to publish a complete schedule on or before March 1st. (Till then Mikes schedule is current.)
          • The TD workshop is nearly ready.

          Series Announcements The series is out of fundraising at events. By this we mean No series long raffles. No basket toss qualifiers. (We decided to leave these as club opportunities for funding their local projects)*

          Series Fundraising
          CFR We will be offering pre sale of fundraiser discs at the state level only. Leaving the opportunity for the event to do it's own CFR if it chooses.

          New this Year: We are also offering an Instant Win Basket Toss prize. For a $50 deposit (non refundable) an event can offer a club fundraiser "throw off" with a full size portable basket as it's prize. (published minimum standards).

          Series Purchases
          This year the series will put out for bid as many series purchases as possible. We will be needing banners, shirts, stickers all kinds of stuff. if you are interested in being one of our "jobbers" or a novel promotional item send an email to wss.submissions@gmail.com

          Series requests
          We could use some help with the website. washingtonstateseries.drupalgardens.com

          More to come!

          *PCDGPA is running one as we speak. I bought my tickets yesterday


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            Schedule Etch a Sketch moment

            To the Core is making a small reshuffle of the schedule.

            adding a Kitsap date,
            Reshuffling both the Shelton and Summer Classics dates.

            More info as it becomes available


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