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  • Discraft Ace Race-Worlds Largest!-Dalaiwood September 10th

    Yip-Whoa-Hey it is that time again to throw with reckless abandon at baskets that are waaaaay too close to the teepad. Yes, the Discraft Ace Race is back and will be happening again at Dalaiwood on September 10th. For at least four years now we have been the LARGEST Ace Race in the world with our last two years clocking in at over 200 participants. With the smack that was being tossed around last year from the Texas boys soundly put down we retained our title. However, when you are the champ, the target just gets bigger. This year not only are there noises coming form Texas again, but we have Florida, North Carolina and Kansas trying to make a move on us. So let's show the world what disc golf fun is all about and crush the 300 player barrier this year!

    But you're saying that you have never been to an Ace Race? What is and Ace Race? It is the coolest non-tournament fun event that you will ever attend. For your totally small entry fee of $25 you will receive two brand new, never released prototype golf discs, a supercolor mini commemorating the event and a "Weekender" disc golf bag from Discraft. Just to let you know, these bags are cool and the perfect thing for that casual round with friends. So this is basically $50 worth of stuff for just entering, Oh yeah, if you are on of the first 100 to enter you get a DYED disc as one of your discs in the package. This is an exclusive and we are the only Ace Race to offer this added coolness.

    Now you are asking, "So then what?". Well, now you get to throw two rounds of Ace Racing. That means you step up to the tee and throw with no other thought than acing that basket. After your throw, you pick up your disc (hopefully out of the basket) and move on to the next hole. Repeat for 17 more holes. then do it again for a total of 36 ace runs. Keep track of your aces and metal hits. Most aces wins! I know, you're saying you have never had an ace and this is just for good players. Untrue I say!! First off, the course is a totally shortened version of our A course and this has to be THE most aceable course in the world. Not to mention that you will have a chance to throw at the easiest basket to ace in the world, the Golden Basket, and we may even have other tricks in store.

    Bottom line, it is a blast and a good time for all skills and ages. Also, we will have other side games for prizes going on that you may enter for free. We will also have a 9 hole mini golf course set up for your enjoyment. You will get to play at you convenience and can even visit our other courses in the area between or after your rounds. What a great opportunity to practice for "Whiners in the Woods" while having a blast at the Ace Race.

    So to find out more and download a registration flyer visit us at www.dalaiwood.com/ace_race.htm to get all the info you may need. We can also take your info and credit card registration over the phone if you contact us at (253) 853-1914.

    Hope to see you out there, bring a few friends and turn them on to the most fun you can have in Disc Golf!

    Scott Papa
    Team Discraft
    Instructional Editor DiscGolfer Magazine

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      just sent my registration in the mail today, and I have told everyone that I know


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        alrighty ~ Ace Race @ Dalaiwood ~ just like Scott said "it is a blast and a good time for all skills and ages"
        sent my registration in last week and we're bringing one more Ace Racer than we did last year ~ we can't let Texas, Florida, North Carolina or Kansas take Dalaiwood's Title so come on out and have some fun........and they have Walking Tacos


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          I'll be there to defend my title of getting the first Ace of the day (2010).

          The Ace Race at Dalaiwood has become a great one day event to attend.

          Very casual with lots of side games to participate in.

          You can spend all day at Dalaiwood or make a day out of the road trip and play some of the other West Sound courses.

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            Well, as of recent updates, the leader in the clubhouse so far is one of the Florida events clocked in at 140 entrants. An awesome turnout but we just have to get past these guys.... I would like to thank everyone that has and is sending in their entries now as it keeps everything simple and makes sure that no one is left out in the cold when it comes to playing the Ace Race! As a quick note, if you want a dyed disc in your pack you better get a move on as those spots are going fast!

            Thanks again and I will keep you updated on the event.
            Team Discraft
            Instructional Editor DiscGolfer Magazine


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              Sign me up!! No way them Florida boys are gona get the title!!
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                save me a spot...see ya the 10th


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                  The time is rolling on and the event is getting closer and closer. I would like to thank everyone who has sent in their registration, come by the shop and registered or called in and registered over the phone as we are now over 110 players already! So while the first 100 lucky folks are getting the dyed disc, their is still a good reason to get your pre reg in---we want you to get a package!

                  That's right, we want to make sure we are going to have enough for everyone and that includes the walk ups on the day of the event. It is always hard to guess just how many folks are gong to show day of so if you want to make sure that a package has your name on it, then pleas send in your entry so that we make sure to have enough on hand for all.

                  So come on out and get ready to have a blast. If you haven't been out here before, it's worth the trip just to paw through the biggest selection of discs you've ever seen! That's right, Hyzer Farm, the pro shop at Dalaiwood, is the place to go for your disc needs and we are more flush than ever with plastic from around the world. Not to mention we will have a bunch of new dyes for you to get your groove on with....

                  Also, this year after the big group photo and mini driving contest, we will have a demo with our big guns throwing from our hole 2 tee pad in a nice display of pure power. Want to see if you can out throw them? Then come on out and give it a shot!

                  Thanks for your time and I will talk to you again soon!

                  Scott Papa
                  Team Discraft
                  Instructional Editor DiscGolfer Magazine


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                    Check is in the mail! Can't wait!


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                      I work a graveyard 12 hr shift starting at 5pm in Seattle Think if I get there early and start throwing at 9am I will be done by noon?
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                        Originally posted by GovSmasher View Post
                        I work a graveyard 12 hr shift starting at 5pm in Seattle Think if I get there early and start throwing at 9am I will be done by noon?
                        Oh yeah, if you get there by 9AM you will probably finish by 10:30. You'll still have time for some side games and to troll the pro shop! Get out here, great fun as always!
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                          Well then. You'll see me and a friend or two out there.
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                            Beehive in the ground on hole 13. On the right side of the path at the bend. WATCH OUT!!
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