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  • West Sound Bag Tag Challenge

    2011 West Sound Bag Tag Challenge.

    The time has finally come to start another season of Bag Tag. I have received all the Fundraiser discs, the rules have been updated, and new Bag Tags are made. It is time to play.

    This season we have decided to announce the West Sound Bag Tag Challenge to everyone. So, to all the players outside of the West Sound area, come join us and make a day of it. Play the Monthy in the morning and sample our other courses in the afternoon.

    The first event is at NAD park on April 23rd. 9:00am check-in

    What is the West Sound Bag Tag Challenge? It is a series of five Monthly events (one round of 18 holes on Saturday mornings) at the various courses in the West Sound area. Participants will receive a cool wooden Bag Tag with a number on it. The goal is to challenge other players with Bag Tags and win the lowest number possible. The Monthly events are considered a group challenge and all present Bag Tags are up for grabs. Trophies will be awarded to the overall points leaders at the Final event (Open, Amateur, Women).

    The purpose of the Bag Tag Challenge is to encourage friendly competition and to raise money for the West Sound Disc Golf Association. Everyone is on his/her honor to conduct themselves according to the rules and within the spirit of competition. Have FUN. It is only a Bag Tag.

    The West Sound Bag Tag Challenge will start on April 23rd at NAD Park @ 9:15am (1 round of 18 holes). Scores from that round will determine Bag Tags. Lowest score gets lowest Bag Tag number. Ties will be won based on last year's final standings. Players joining after the first event of the season will receive the lowest available Bag Tag number.

    E-mail for the Bag Tag Coordinator: westsoundbagtag@hotmail.com

    COST. $20 (One time buy-in), Includes Bag Tag & Limited Edition "Z" Glow disc from Discraft.

    PAYOUT. Each Monthly will have Five prizes raffled off and a $50 bounty for the top score.

    MONTHLY EVENTS: Player's meeting at 9:15am. (1 round of 18 holes).

    April 23rd NAD Park
    June 4th Van Zee Park (with some added OB lines)
    July 16th Fairgrounds
    August 27th Dalaiwood
    September 17th NAD Park (Whiners in the Woods layout)

    Any other questions can be answered at the players' meeting on April 23rd.

    Sam Huff

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    Come join us!


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      Thanks Sam Huff for getting this together again this year!

      ...and notice that the Sept 17th event is a great way to play the "Whiner's in the Woods II" layout in a competitive atmosphere before the big show the next weekend. oh yeah!


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        Ratings-based divisions: disc golf's inevitable future.
        Disc Golf Calendar: www.NWDiscGolf.info, or click CALENDAR at top of page
        Submit Event to Calendar: treelove@nwdiscgolf.info
        Team Disc Golf: http://www.teamdiscgolf.com
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          Sweet! Can't wait for the opener!


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            To All,

            The start of the 2011 Bag Tag Challenge is only a few days away. Please pass on the word to anyone that you know that might not have heard about the West Sound Bag Tag Challenge. All levels of players are welcome. There will be trophies for multiple divisions for the Final standings.

            The first event(Monthly) is going to be this Saturday, April 23rd @ NAD Park. We will be playing the red tees to the current pin configuration, which is even holes 'A' pin and odd holes 'B' pin. One round of 18 holes.

            Player check-in will be at 9:00am with a players' meeting at 9:15am.

            The cost is $20 for the entire season and includes a limited edition 'Z' Glow disc (Buzzz or Stalker).

            We will also be collecting WSDGA dues for renewals or new memberships. Please support the WSDGA.

            Non WSDGA members will be required to purchase at least one fundraiser disc ($15 each or 2 for $25).

            Fundraiser discs are 'Z' discs (Nuke, Force, Avenger SS, Surge SS, Buzzz, Hornet).

            Funds raised from the disc sales are going to be used towards purchasing baskets for the new Bud Pell course. Currently, the WSDGA still needs approximately $2000 for the basket fund. The club will also take donations and provide tax receipts upon request.

            Payout for each event(Monthly) will be $50 to the best score and five prizes raffled off to the players.

            Anyway, enough for now. See you all on Saturday.



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              $50 to the best round at NAD on Saturday!! Sweet!

              Any of you Shelton boys up to the challenge?


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                Sam, Are you still doing some sort of side pot for those who wish to "make it MORE interesting"?
                Board Member of the West Sound Disc Golf Association
                Like us on Facebook! Facebook.com/WSDGA


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                  I was going to bring up the optional side pot idea at the players' meeting this Saturday. If there is enough interest then yes.

                  $5 optional side pot. All money will be paid out to the players that buy-in. Payout will probably a little flat to the top 40%.

                  I wasn't planning on having the optional side pot at the first Monthly, but that could change.


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                    You are assuming the Shelton boys use the internet? I think that challenge would've been better delivered at doubles yesterday, in person.


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                      You think computer usage in Shelton is bad. West Sound players are only a few steps above you.

                      Maybe that is why our local courses are in great condition. More time playing/working and less time surfing the internet.


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                        Originally posted by Skookum View Post
                        You are assuming the Shelton boys use the internet? I think that challenge would've been better delivered at doubles yesterday, in person.
                        But what about that secret government computer system you guys have down there that got you all signed up to play the BSF last year in like 0.7 seconds?


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                          For all you stats junkies. I'll also be providing round ratings for all the scores in the Monthly events.


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                            Looking forward to this, anywhere close to NAD to grab breakfast....not familiar with the course. Also what is the membership price for WSDGA?


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                              The WSDGA membership is $20 for one. Add $6 for each family member.


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