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  • Official Announcement: CSI to split weekends

    #March 19-20 AM Weekend
    includes AM age protected Ladies

    *March 26-27 Pro Weekend
    includes AM age protected Ladies

    C tier to start. If I get 60 Open or 72 Am's I would bump the respective weekend up to B

    RSVP for previous contestants
    Released Mon January 10th
    Deadline Wed Feb 15th (received payment)

    Open registration starts on Fri Feb 18th
    Fields limited to 72

    If you want to be included in the Open registration period send an email to

    #Am's three rounds of 18 (9 exhibition skins tbd)

    *Pro weekend will be two rounds on Sat Shot gun start
    Then a cut (of sorts) will be made. If you are more than say 7 stokes of the lead you will play really early on Sun with a shotgun start. If you are within the margin you will get a tee time.

    Times to be posted here

    This should make it more spectator friendly knowing when the leaders are going to play on Sunday.

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    The first 100 invites went out today. Watch your inbox. If you don't get one let me know at


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      What do you have to do to qualify? Is it based on rating?
      "What's in the bag", pdga #37977, dgcr #356, **Team Chainbanger'z**

      You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself, your own highest standards, and when you reach your limits, that is real joy.
      -- Arthur Ashe


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        It's a legacy thing Jonny
        Here are the links to the flyer's

        CSI is a way to celebrate Dan's life and the effort he and others put in to begin what we now know and love "The Tac"

        I saw Dan the Wed before he died at Juel. When I heard he had passed I decided I wanted to run something in his honor.The first year I just put it out to his friends and People he admired like his Pender pals Jonny Mac, Dave Ross, Glen O, and locals like Kilmer, Papa , ED D, Marty, were all invited.

        As it grew (and I kept messing with it) Some were able to attend other were not. Others have inquired about getting in, did and have been sold participants ever since. I have never turned anyone away on Sat morning and we usually add 8-15 new legacies every year. I have always had a strong East side ratio and The Big Sky connection has been profitable for all of us from day one.

        Anyway, If anyone wants an invite send me an email and I will see you get on the Feb 16th batch.

        I do not have email addresses for everyone so I will start winding up the phone tree ASAP
        When you see the Name listed nationally that is your confirmation of paid entry


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          cool "invitation" video, Jub! I can't believe someone actually caught Feldberg's amazing putt on 16... one of the most prominent birdies in my disc golf memories.

          also, another cyber-slap on the back for splitting the weekends. I have no doubt that it will effect hoards of caddies and other volunteers out there for both events. for my part, if none of the pros on my short list accept my caddy services, I will extend an open invitation on this forum some time next month.

          - Kyle
          anything truly worth doing is not likely to be easy.


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            And were off. Got my first three pre regs yesterday
            two Am's Ace Berg and Robert Brown
            One Open Andy Farris

            I am hoping the TDG schedule can be worked out on the Am weekend. Play on a TDG team and want to play the Am weekend advise your captain of your wishes.

            Looks like CSI will once again be the Kick off for the 2011 INWS
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              CMC # 12298 Advanced Masters Div RSVP


              Put me in the list! This is my RSVP....


              Listen to for DG info..


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                Recognizing the 2011 CSI sponsors

                Sponsors for the 2011 CSI are (so far anyway)

                Big Sky Brewery
                Disc Golf Depot
                2011 INWS
                J & J Plastic
                Lilac City Open June 4-5
                Zoo Town Open June 18-19
                Canadian Disc Golf Championships June 25-26
                7th Annual Jet Wash Open August 20-21
                Pagliacci Pizza
                Sushiman in Issaquah
                Gordy's Sichuan Cafe, Spokane
                Four Mound Disc Golf Reserve
                Stimpi Ridge
                Spokane Disc Golf Association
                Aurora Lawnmower
                Corning Wear Screen Printing

                I want to thank all the other events that have decided to sponsor this year.

                LCO is always "the best In State event" of the season

                Zoo Town is definitely worth the drive. A tier and the traveling Pro's makes it "a must make of the summer"

                I am really happy that the Canadian Disc Golf Championships is also on board. The Kamloops club does an outstanding job and will prove that Canadians really now how to "raise the roof".

                CSI and Jet Wash are your only chances to play ALL your rounds at SeaTac.

                These are just the current sponsors each of which is worthy of your support More to come
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                  Official Announcement about CSI and The 2011 INWS

                  It's official CSI will again be the kick off event for the 2011 Inland Northwest Series



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                    Both weekends are sanctioned and online. I will start the postings in the next couple of days. I have had some phone calls a couple of things to remember

                    Please speak slowly especially when you are giving a return number and don't forget to tell me who you are.

                    Your payment insures your entry


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                      Sanctioning approved

                      Current regestration uploaded
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                        Next national update 2/9


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                          update complete


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                            I have been monkeying around with the Shotgun cut and the subsequent tee times
                            • 72 total players 30 make the cut (20 Open Men)
                            • the Shot Gun starts at 8 AM
                            • either 3'' (14 holes) or 4's (11 holes)
                            • 3.5 hrs to play

                            10:14 Grand Masters 4 some
                            10:21 Masters 4 some
                            10:28 Last Open 3 some
                            10:35 Next last Open 3 some
                            10:42 Next open 3 some
                            10:49 Next Open 3 some
                            11:00 Ladies (depends on how many enter but at least 3)
                            11:10 2nd group Open 4 some
                            11:20 Leader Card 4 some

                            I am also thinking about starting the times at Hole #8
                            if this is the case the shotgun will start on 14-9


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                              RSVP ENDS

                              It's official CSI RSVP period has ended.

                              General Open Registration is now being secured.

                              National site Updated regularly. See your name nationally then your in.

                              Additional sponsorships from players

                              Nancy and Jack Lorber
                              Kyle Sutherland
                              Andy Faris


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