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    Originally posted by LakeStevensBA View Post
    Here is the list of players for the Freeze. Tourney is FULL. Let me know if you want to get on the standby list.

    Chris Ozanich
    Wayne Whitney
    Jeremy Johns
    Peter Land
    Vince Peterson
    Jake VanProyen
    Jason VanProyen
    Bill Clark
    Kenny Clark
    Bjorn Pinney
    Nathan McConnell
    Micah Matheny
    Aaron Holley
    Dave Manzo
    Chris Fabry
    Chris Tally
    Beau Hyde
    Steve Horton
    Ray Sanchez

    Advanced Grandmasters
    Don Anderson
    Getty Freeman
    Doug Hamar
    Steve Rolling
    Mr. Young
    Bruce Tower
    Steve Fry
    Jim O’Connor
    Brian OConner
    Kurt Mott

    Advanced Masters
    Brian Anderson
    Eric Edgerton
    Erick Illg
    Ron Bell
    Guy Dahmen
    Ed Fairbanks
    Dale Willard
    Ken Jensen
    Eric Cook
    Bob Brown
    Jim Johnson
    Chris Ciuchta
    Gene McConnell
    Mark Burgess

    Peter Melton
    Clayton Peterson
    Doug Whitney
    Joe Hellickson
    Justin Juzwick
    Kevin White
    TJ Donahue
    Matt Broers
    Nathan Nichols
    Denis Hall
    Adrian Miles

    Chase Reid
    Christian Reid
    Victor Nelson
    Parker Mecham
    Brian Clark
    Derek Wauzynski
    Jesse Ingram
    Kevin Yockman
    Ryan McLaughlin
    Spencer Jacob Nebeker
    Christopher Blancato
    Tanya Spence
    Dan Good
    Jayden Johnson
    Jacob Pole
    Robert Pole
    Dave Smith

    Wait List
    Frank Dorsett
    Adam Kuala-
    Mike Hammontree
    Nathan Wenstad
    Tyler Hughes
    Nate Schmuck
    robert pole will not be able to make it


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      List updated again.

      Please let me know if the chance of rain will cause you to stay home and watch figure skating instead. Remember, we will be playing under one of the best tree canopys in the NW.


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        I have to work (get to work is more like it, I love my job) at Chainbangerz on Saturday so I won't be playing, sad. I know everyone is going to have fun, Lake Stevens tournaments are really fun; I think it has to do with Brian (BA) being such a good guy and TD.
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          It was Breeze In The Trees today and more about a matter of survival in the second round. Bjorn took top honors again with a -9. I'm sure BA will post the scores and hilites when he arises from the gutter he landed in over in Machias.
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            It was blowing 25 steady with gusts of 45 recorded at Seatac today,made for some fun golfing.
            I was wondering how you guys were doing with the wind, trying to hit the sweet spot on Freds baskets.


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              Freeze/Breeze In The Trees - Results

              Here are the results from a fun windy Freeze In the Trees. The rain held off and the SW wind ripped through. We are giving $400 to the Lake Stevens Food Bank from this. Thank you all!!!


              Bjorn Pinney -9 E -9
              ($150 and a new coffee maker)
              Chris OZanich -7 E -7
              Josh Morris -2 -3 -5
              Peter Land -4 +4 E
              Andrew Rivers -4 +4 E
              Eric Cook -3 +7 +4
              Beau Hyde -4 +9 +5
              Chris Tally E +4 +4
              Chris Fabry -1 +5 +4
              Dave Manzo -4 +10 +6
              Michah Matheny -2 +9 +7
              Jake VanProyen +3 +4 +7
              Bill Clark +2 +5 +7
              Aaron Holley -4 +12 +8
              TJ +5 +4 +9
              Jason VanProyen +2 +9 +11
              Nathan McConnell +6 +6 +12
              Vince Peterson +14 +10 +24


              Brian Anderson -3 -1 -4
              Dale Willard -2 +1 -1
              Eric Edgerton +1 +1 +2
              Cajun -3 +7 +4
              Bob Brown +1 +4 +5
              Guy Dahmen +3 +3 +6
              John Johnson E +7 +7
              Eric Illg +4 +5 +9
              Ron Ball +1 +8 +9
              Chris Ciuchta +3 +10 +13
              Mark Burgess +8 +7 +15
              Bill Beveridge +4 +11 +15
              Ed Fairbanks +5 +11 +16
              Gene McConnell +6 +13 +19
              Randy Becktell +8 +16 +24


              Getty Freeman -1 +1 E
              Mr. Young +1 +4 +5
              Jim O’Connor +4 +3 +7
              Doug Hamar -2 +10 +8
              Don Anderson +2 +9 +11
              Steve Rolling +8 +7 +15
              Chuck Andrews +8 +13 +21
              Bruce Tower +12 +14 +26
              Ben Fry +4 +23 +27
              Brian O’Connor +15 +13 +28
              Steve Fry +11 +19 +30


              Ray Sanchez +1 +2 +3
              Alex Anderson -1 +8 +7
              Frank Dorsett +1 +6 +7
              Adrian Miles -1 +8 +7
              Banger +5 +3 +8
              Matt Broers +1 +8 +9
              Rhett Irons +3 +7 +10
              Jens Aure +1 +9 +10
              Peter Melton +2 +8 +10
              Nathan Nichols +6 +5 +11
              TJ Donahue +4 +8 +12
              Jesse Ingram +7 +7 +14
              Justin Juzwick +3 +17 +20
              Clayton Peterson +12 +13 +25
              Denis Hall +14 +14 +28


              Adam Kuala +3 +10 +13
              Dave Smith +2 +11 +13
              Victor Nelson +2 +11 +13
              Jacob Pole +2 +12 +14
              Brian Clark +4 +11 +15
              Sheila Teves +3 +13 +16
              Dan Good +6 +13 +19
              Tanya Spence +17 +14 +31
              Christian Reid +11 +23 +34
              Jayden Johnson +13 +21 +34
              Ryan McLaughlin +13 +27 +40
              Derek Wauzynski +17 +23 +40
              Dan Laplant +23 +24 +47
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                Awesome job Brian and crew - So glad I was able to play! Little bit freaky with all the blowing trees and snapping sounds but we all made it out
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                  A Big Thank You to Brian and his Crew...Lake Stevens Rocks

                  Congrats to Getty for the win in the Grand Geezer division ~ Mr. Young with the 2 Grand Geezer CTP's ~ Jim O with the big comeback in the second round ~ and Doug Hamar with another tournament ace. I had a chance but fell apart on the blue tees.


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                    Thanks to All!

                    Want to give a shout out to all that helped out to make this event happen!

                    Hole Sponsors - Chainbangerz (you all know this place rocks), Tall Guy Small Guy Automotive in Marysville (I take all my cars and boat to these disc golfing hellish mechanics), Midori Teriyaki (best teriyaki in Lake Stevens and Mr. Young picked up a 2nd place trophy), Jim Anderson (3 holes and 3 quafers), Don Anderson (in memory of Paul Woodall, Feb 12, 1984-July 10, 2010), Steve Rolling, Chris OZanich, Sportys Beef & Brew in Everett (great food and beer), Creekside Steak and Ale, Ed Fairbanks, BA, Robert Cruikshank and Thomas Little.

                    Thanks John Stengele for the sweet coffee maker. Bjorn Pinney had already used it when I saw him Sunday morning.

                    Thanks to Steve Rolling, Jim Anderson, Chris Ozanich, Jesse Ingram, Don Anderson, and Dale Willard for all the course maintenance and clean up you've done. These dudes always bring a bag to pick up trash during a round as well.

                    Thanks Cajun, Jesse, Oz, Jason Van Proyen, and Andrew for helping out during the tourney. Can't do it without the help of the bro's.

                    Thanks Guy-dude for all the sweet discs and other swag he orders for this tourney. It's good to be the last one to cash scrip and have a ton of stuff I actually want. Thanks also for donating a bag of sweet plastic and stuff for CTPs.

                    Thanks Chainbangerz for also donating a large bag of sweet stuff. Made for great CTPs and giveaways to those who deserved it. I think close to half the holes had a CTP prize on it.

                    The Lake Stevens parks dept emailed me and thanked us for the $400 we donated to the LS Food Bank. This will only help our case against those nasty rogue citizens who keep bitchin to the city about the course.

                    Attached is a good group picture that Eric Edgerton got for us. Thanks Edge!

                    Sorry if I left someone off this list. The tourney happened about 16 beers ago and my memory fades quickly.

                    See y'all at the Aquafest Open on July 30th!

                    Last edited by LakeStevensBA; February 15th, 2011, 11:06 AM.


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                      Thanks to all to came out. We got the better of the weather, it only started to rain towards the end. The wind was fun and challenging. The weather was expected to be worse but it worked out.

                      Congrats to all the winners.

                      Thanks to all who helped. Thanks for the donations.

                      It was great to see so many players from all over the NW out at Lake Stevens TPC.

                      See ya'll at Aquafest.


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