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    How does someone go about getting on the waitlist?


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      Just send me an email with your PDGA and a phone number so I can let you know when/if you get in.
      'Weekend 4 Women':
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        Originally posted by cefire View Post
        Scores will be assigned randomly in the AM on Saturday and by randomly, I mean whomever gives me the best re-gifted Christmas gifts
        Andrew ~
        we've got a first run "Clapper" from the 80's with your name on it


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          Iam so looking forward to playing a tournament in Seward Park~what a sweet venue!


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              That's what im talking about!!!


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                Discs are in!

                Besides the tourney-day itself, this is the funnest day

                New discs are in! I'll have some and Chainbangerz will be selling them as well - Just like the tourney, proceeds go to Northwest Harvest Food Bank

                Star Destroyers (165-175g)

                CFR Glow Leopards (159-175g)

                CFR Champion BIRDIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (174-175g)

                Big Bead dx Aviars (170-175g)

                This year's stamp - I'm really excited about it, definitely one of the smallest custom stamps I've seen. I loves me some minimalist stamps
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                'Weekend 4 Women':
                Saturday, June 30th - Sudoku Showdown II - FREE PDGA XC Tier
                Sunday, July 1st - Seattle SuperClassic - FREE PDGA XC Tier


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                  Can I preorder a glow leopard? Anywhere around the 170 range would be great.


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                    Please save a pink birdie for me if you have one! Thanks Andrew.
                    Sometimes my mind boggles. It's so deep my mind actually boggles.

                    ~ Cyndi Lauper ~


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                      Jesse - Done!
                      Miss Piggy - Kind of pinkish and done!
                      'Weekend 4 Women':
                      Saturday, June 30th - Sudoku Showdown II - FREE PDGA XC Tier
                      Sunday, July 1st - Seattle SuperClassic - FREE PDGA XC Tier


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                        I like you.
                        Sometimes my mind boggles. It's so deep my mind actually boggles.

                        ~ Cyndi Lauper ~


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                          dibs on a CFR leopard, the heavier the better.
                          anything truly worth doing is not likely to be easy.


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                            Alright, time to introduce the course

                            First off, I present you with exhibit A:

                            Hole 1 - 568'/596' - Par 4
                            Starting from near tournament central hole 1 is a longer par hole that you can play fairly aggressively on. The tee shot shoots through a 30' corridor of pines out into an open field with movement from right to left off the tee. Placement isn't super important here, just make sure to hit the window and get good distance.

                            From there, the short pin is tucked in between deep rough on the left and a few guard pines on the right. The best approach will probably be an understable fairway driver with a slow right roll OR if you are farther out, a lower percentage hyzer which penetrates the guard trees.

                            To the long pin, you'll be looking at a big uphill pull which needs to finish straight to find the pin. Be sure to scope out this pin placement during the first round so you know where you are headed in round two.

                            Hole 2 - 159' - Par 3
                            HUGE contrast to hole 1, this is a short steep downhill shot through a small window. Distance control is key here as most shots will float much farther than expected - an OB path behind the basket is waiting to nab these overthrows.

                            Hole 3 - 222' - Par 3
                            Even though it is only 222, this hole plays reverse (and uphill) from 2's fairway. A relatively simple high hyzer for RHBH should nab a birdie here.

                            Hole 4 - 275' - Par 3
                            Slightly uphill and rolling from left to right with significant danger from a late mandatory and OB to the right of the fairway. Those who gamble for a birdie will have to confidently throw a slow rolling turnover that cannot hyzer out due to thorns and thick rough on the left side of the fairway. Shots that turn too much will certainly end up with extra strokes from the OB or mandatory.

                            Hole 5 - 214' - Par 3
                            Dual route fairway which favors the lefty or sidearm hyzer around large pines. A moderate drop in elevation won't be felt as shots need to be thrown above horizon off the tee. A righty hyzer route is available (and shorter) but gambles much more with evenly spaced guard trees on the right.

                            Hole 6 - 318' - Par 3
                            This hole tests distance control with a fast green and dropoff behind the pin (and OB long of the pin). Both righty and lefty throwers will have slow hyzers to the pin which need to slide under a ceiling of trees.

                            Hole 7 - 270' - Par 3
                            Yup, the island hole returns! From the top of an open knoll, players will throw down into ampitheatre seating area. The central rows form a natural landing zone with all other shots heading to the drop zone.

                            While it isn't a technical shot, this hole was designed to get into the players mind in several ways. First, the view from the tee is expansive offering a lot of possibility for shot selection BUT a small rise obscures the green and basket from view. The downhill slope will sneak up on a bunch of players who float too long and wind seems to be a consistent difficulty increasing factor.

                            Take your measurements...line up your shot...execute with confidence and control...

                            Hole 8 - 245' - Par 3
                            A classic tunnel shot through sticky trees on either side of the fairway. A powerful, accurate blast which crosses a small valley and digs into the hill on the other side will offer a putt for 2. Miss the window off the tee and you'll certainly be scrambling for 3.

                            Hole 9 - 391' - Par 4
                            A relatively easy par 4 hole that still allows players plenty of opportunities to grab an extra stroke. From the tee the fairway runs uphill around a pinch-point at 300' with OB on the left and overhanging trees to the right. The basket is tucked into a small notch in the trees to the right after rounding the corner.

                            Hole 10 - 344' - Par 3
                            Open tee shot which needs to pass through a swiss cheese wall of trees at about 250'. From there, a side hill moving down left ensures that RHBH hyzers aren't going to be putting.

                            Hole 11 - 474' - Par 4
                            A huge uphill par 4 hole which may still be extended to a par 5. Either way, the tee shot is a big bomb hyzer for RHBH which leaves a 150'-200' sidearm approach around a group of guard trees and bushes.

                            Hole 12 - 283' - Par 3
                            A pretty but fairly easy hyzer into a natural grassy slot in the forest. OB road on the right and guard trees short and left could pose problems for shanked drives.

                            Hole 13 - 507' - Par 4
                            The beauty - A huge downhill hole with a well-defined tight fairway that moves slightly right to left at about 350'. OB runs down the entire left side of the fairway and circles around the back of the pin at about 25' behind. The right side is bordered by large trees and thick bushes nearly the length of the hole.

                            From the tee a small rise will make drives difficult for the RHBH thower with significant potential to hyzer OB. Many will probably elect to throw a safe sidearm or fairway driver off the tee and make a challenge at the green on shot two. Hyperaggressive players may have a chance for eagle with a huge drive that finishes relatively flat or turning.

                            Hole 14 - 378' - Par 3
                            An easy finisher and chance to let loose after hole 13 with relatively few penalties. A big hyzer for RHBH should do it!

                            Oh yeah, and there might just be a mystery hole (and by this I mean, there will be definitely be a mystery hole )
                            'Weekend 4 Women':
                            Saturday, June 30th - Sudoku Showdown II - FREE PDGA XC Tier
                            Sunday, July 1st - Seattle SuperClassic - FREE PDGA XC Tier


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                                If I was at Home Depot right now, I would be in the lumber department. This course is going to kick ass! Great job Andrew and Sheila...and your little dog too...


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