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    Until intelligent people either quit attending or demand change AND quit sticking your heads in the sand this sheister will live on forever.

    $20 for a discfunctional club No meetings, Elections or benefits Maybe intelligent is not the proper word. How about SUCKER!

    Toby I am going to need you to fix the mirror on my car


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      Unintelligent suckers? I've never paid for membership to the club, I've never whined about it not being what I'd like in a club, and I've never felt as if Lowell was trying to get over on me. It is what it is. Boycott this sheister?
      I can think of a few Jub tourneys where things appeared pretty 'sheisty' as far as I'm concerned. You've even coined the phrase, 'just another Jub scam'. Never spoke up about your shenanigans, but this seems like a good time to call you on your mystery location tourney 'on a ball golf course', my ace... fun course nonetheless, but false advertised.... THEN, you talk our group into giving one of our carts back at lunch, that we had already paid for, in exchange you offered to buy us lunch if we would give it back at lunch... instead you brushed us off when we asked for just a few hot dogs at lunch, and said that you'd "buy us each a burger at the end", when it turns out, the burgers were FREE FOR EVERYONE after the tourney, and nobody in our group even ate one... NOT TO MENTION the fact that you almost caused a fight at lunch by asking our fellow competitor what HE THOUGHT should be our score for the (non-marked)hole we missed and went back to play...
      remember that one? You yelled across the parking lot to our competition in our division for a ruling, "what should they take on that missed hole", and he says "it's a 7, right?", and you head off and leave us there to hash it out. Not very intelligent for a TD> wtf, was it your first time?
      Many of us felt deceived when we found out it wasn't actually on a ball golf course.

      I'm not even going to go into those (used) circa 1976 ball golf visors(ok, I guess I will) that you found at Goodwill, stamped some ink on that resembled the tourney logo, and were pawning off as 'enhanced players packs.' LMAO... is that what you mean when you say 'Jub scam?'
      Don't just walk past that candy wrapper on the fairway-- I know you saw it!


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        Wow, Toby Been carrying some of this for awhile. I am glad you are smart enough to not pay for a discfunctional Club membership. I am proud of you.

        I am disapointed you almost go into a fight to over a simple mistake and a Stupid Game. As far as I know everyone else had a pound of fun.

        Tall Chief; Contrary to your belief the course was on the OLD last 6 holes. Until 2008 they were still getting fees to play out there so.

        Missed hole should have either been correct score + 2 strokes on the card or a 7. Nobody else missed that hole, out of the 16 groups yours were the only ones.

        Carts, Yes that was my mistake But who knew it was going to be 60 the first Saturday in March and the ball golfers actually expected to use some of them. Normal cart rental is 4 hrs.

        The Food/ Beer was actually going to be for sale but because of the cart mishap I decided to give the whole meal away. The $100 for the keg and burgers and such for 60+ players (another $70 ) seemed like a good solution at the time.

        I am sorry you and your team felt like you were snubbed. But at least I did not hold you up for some mythical club fee. 100% in and with the comped food 120% out

        It's to bad you won't be attending any of the upcoming BYOP Winter series but you certainly are welcome too.


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          I really don't understand this? How come some people are charged for Club Membership while others are not? That's not fair.


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            Originally posted by ericedge View Post
            That's a great endorsement of the MCDGC Dan. Although I haven't yet been able to make it out to one of their events I have noticed all of the things you wrote about and they really do look like they're doing everything right. Striving to make players feel welcome and running fun events is going to pay big dividends for them in the long run. I hope to get out there before too long.
            It is a great course.......Scott Papa plays in the tournaments there and gives his advice and comments on the holes and the MCDGC takes all that into consideration and applies what they feel makes sense.

            I do want to apologize if any of my comments sounded as though i feel all other tournaments did not mean anything to me in the past or future. I have been to some awesome tournaments ran by great tournament directors that i will always remember. Fort Steilacoom tournaments are very awesome.......Mike Rideout has done an awesome job running events there. The Lakewood Open is always a favorite not only for me, but im sure for most do a great job with that one Eric.........please keep up the good work. White River Open is pretty awesome..........i just wish the scores would be put up sooner. Any tournament at Seatac is the bomb......that course always makes me want to come back for more. Yauger Park........well, once you have aced three times in one day that will always be a favorite. There are alot others and I am getting off the topic, but I just want to give a big thanks to you Eric and all the other TDs that have put on a great show.


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