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    Thanks for the good wishes. Unfortunately, it's going to be a little less amazing now. I was just informed (third hand) that the trophies are not getting made after all. Maybe if I had a little more warning, I could have figured something out, but I'm sorry folks, I don't think I'll be able cobble together trophies in the next 12 hours. On the plus side, there'll be a little more money going towards everyone's payout. And hey, the weather forecast isn't looking too bad.

    <--------not the happiest TD right now.
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    Untwist thine undergarments, 'tis but a Frisbee.


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      Don't lose hope fearless leader, everyone will have the chance to win a trophy this weekend. The ThrowBot trophies are coming together like none other.

      If I'm allowed to toot my own horn, they'll be the best ThrowBot trophies ever...
      'Weekend 4 Women':
      Saturday, June 30th - Sudoku Showdown II - FREE PDGA XC Tier
      Sunday, July 1st - Seattle SuperClassic - FREE PDGA XC Tier


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        Tim, I am sick that I am not going to be there for this. Trophy or no... know that what you guys are doing for one of the most magical places I have ever been to... HIGHLY appreciated. Looking forward to thanking you in person the following weekend.
        ďI believe I can hit 18 greens, hit every fairway, you know ó Vision 54, which means you birdie every hole, thatís in the back of my mind. I want to putt better, chip better. That day when I hit 18 greens and one putt, Iíll know Iím a complete golfer. Will that ever happen? Iím not sure, but itís possible. The 54 vision is always in the back of my mind.Ē
        ~Annika SŲrenstam


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          If Sam had made it, he'd have a new Monster to use against us. For now, the disc golf world is still safe.
          The Corporate Empire is NOT a Constitutional Republic...
          ...but it plays one on TV.


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            Thanks for the positive vibes guys, I'm feeling better this morning and getting pretty amped for the weekend. Hiccups are inevitable when putting an event together, but the hiccupsneezecoughfarts can throw you for a loop sometimes.

            Anyway, the rest of the weekend is looking good. Louis Bontempo managed to get patches made, even though he fought through pneumonia to do so. I've got enough for everyone that's registered so far, and a few leftovers, but quantities are limited. Here's a little peek at 'em, they even look cool in the dark!

            Pertinent details for the weekend:
            • I think most people are staying the night Friday, but for anybody who's wondering, the players meeting will be at 9:00 on Saturday, please get checked in early, or even better check in with me sometime this evening. Tourney Central will be at the cottage this year instead of the main house. There is still some room available, if you want in, please get in touch. I'll be around for a while longer in the AM, but will soon not have internet access, and eventually, no cell access either. You can try reaching me at 206-276-8873, or if I'm out of reach, you can leave a message with the Inn directly: 360-795-8770.
            • Doubles Friday evening, Throwbot Saturday and Glow Dubs Saturday night--thank you Gilby, Andrew, and Sheila, you guys rock! I have some stuff for glow golf Saturday night and will have some LEDs for sale if you don't have your own.
            • Spaghetti dinner tonight for anyone that's interested. Look for Gilby and his wife Adrienne in their high-falutin' trailer.
            • One other big thing, hopefully everyone knows already, but please remember that the Inn has a strict NO DOG POLICY. We all love our 4 legged friends, but please make arrangements to leave any dogs home, no matter how mellow they might be.

            I think that covers the bases, I'm stoked to be there soon and see everyone! And I don't want to jinx anything, but Accuweather looks promising....

            Here is the latest players list:

            Aaron Thor
            Andrew Rivers
            Adam Fletcher
            Bill Clark
            Kenny Clark
            Toby Cheff
            Keith Baber
            Heath Kinton

            Terry Surrat

            Open Women

            Sheila Teves
            Sara Fletcher
            Jenn Yagos
            Jessie Westphal

            Tim Coye
            Barrett Skinner
            Chris Gilberts
            Sean Maghu
            Ron Bolan
            Nate Bell
            Blaine Klingler
            Dana Etienne
            Tom Mohagen
            Kyle Sutherland
            Jeremy Pritchett

            Advanced Masters
            Rich Velkamp
            Joe Lockwood
            Mark Burgess
            Dave Puiakalani

            John Fox
            Colin Liam
            Trevor Whitney
            Josh Phelps
            Matt "super doober"" Bubar

            Ol' Bob

            See you all soon!
            Untwist thine undergarments, 'tis but a Frisbee.


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              Those patches are great!!!
              The Corporate Empire is NOT a Constitutional Republic...
              ...but it plays one on TV.


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                Sorry to hear about the glass situation Tim. Not very cool! But Im pretty sure the beer will still be cold and hey, thats all that really matters this weekend!

                A little change of plans for the sphagetti feed, due to a recent pregnancy for Adrienne and I, she won't be making the trip! But, the famous Chef, "Uncle Terry Surratt" will be filling her shoes in the kitchen.

                Im super stoked! A new baby on the way AND a weekend at the Mud! Lets ROCK!!!
                A bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at work!


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                  Fully poseable to meet any disc golf shot you may need, backhand, sidearm, thumber tomahawk!
                  ...maybe even scooby thumb roller?
                  'Weekend 4 Women':
                  Saturday, June 30th - Sudoku Showdown II - FREE PDGA XC Tier
                  Sunday, July 1st - Seattle SuperClassic - FREE PDGA XC Tier


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                    S.u.p.e.r ......s.w.e.e.t !
                    WHEN I GROW UP I WANT TO BE A SPIDER BITE.


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                      Hope everyone has a blast at this event. I wanted to go but it wasn't in the cards again this year. My check engine light came on yesterday and it's a long way from home. Gonna have to figure out why before any more road trips.


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                        love it Cefire!


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                          Great times out there for this fern-noob - the highlight for me was the amazing meteor shower show on Friday night.

                          I won't ruin any of the surprise about the main event scores (mainly because I don't know them ) - but in the ThrowBot throwdown we had a two team tie for first after an extra hole playoff.

                          Bob and Colin tied with team Fletcher at 11 over the first three holes and then got pars on the playoff hole - they split the trophies one per team
                          'Weekend 4 Women':
                          Saturday, June 30th - Sudoku Showdown II - FREE PDGA XC Tier
                          Sunday, July 1st - Seattle SuperClassic - FREE PDGA XC Tier


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                            Actually, we decided to take joint ownership of both trophies, which were then commandeered By Adam's mom. They are fine art adorning the Inn at Lucky Mud now. We all get visitation rights.

                            Congrats to loocid on his first ace and better still, deucing hole ten!

                            I'm so tired, but am not asleep because the leg cramps I knew where coming just got me a little while ago. I knew I was overdoing it this past three days. I know... I already took my potassium. The cramps have subsided and soon I will be in a happy little coma.
                            The Corporate Empire is NOT a Constitutional Republic...
                            ...but it plays one on TV.


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                              Good times, good times. We had some day of entries, and we also had a bunch of no-shows, but in the end we had 32 players (including Ol' Bob who had to face some fierce competition in the Wizened division). With those kind of numbers, it feels a lot less like a tournament, and more like a bunch of friends who somehow manage to not play in one giant group. There were some old regulars, but also a whole bunch of new faces this year. And with beautiful weather and the serenity of the Mud, there were smiles all around (well, for most of us that are able to have fun playing disc golf, even when we shoot one of the hottest rounds of the day.)

                              In any case it was a good weekend for the Fletchers and the folks of the Mud. Some may call it a home field advantage, but I prefer to think of it as Karma. Here are the results, due to the small numbers there weren't any age protected divisions (par for the weekend was 120):

                              1st Adam Fletcher 63 52 115
                              2nd (T) Andrew Rivers 64 52 116
                              2nd (T) Terry Surrat 66 50 116
                              4th Heath Kinton 64 54 118
                              5th Ronnie B 68 56 124
                              6th Gilby 74 53 127
                              7th Scruffy 76 61 137
                              8th Thor 69 Partied Out

                              Open Women
                              1st Sara Fletcher 69 55 124
                              2nd Jessie Westphal 67 58 125
                              3rd Jenn Yagos 73 61 134

                              1st Rich Velkamp 64 55 119
                              2nd (T) Aaron Kinyon 66 54 120
                              2nd (T) Nate Bell 64 56 120
                              4th (T) Tim Coye 70 53 123
                              4th (T) John Fox 69 59 123
                              6th (T) Dana Etienne 70 54 124
                              6th (T) Barret Skinner 67 57 124
                              6th (T) Mark Burgess 67 57 124
                              6th (T) Blaine Klingler 68 56 124
                              10th Jeremy Pritchett 69 56 125
                              11th Kyle Sutherland 66 60 126
                              12th Bill Crane 74 60 134
                              13th Joe Lockwood 76 63 159
                              14th Tom Mohagen Partied Out

                              1st Condor 67 55 122
                              2nd Colin Liam 66 59 125
                              3rd Josh Phelps 77 63 140
                              4th Nate G 84 76 160
                              5th Randy Irwin 91 79 170
                              6th Trevor Whitney Injured

                              1st Ol' Bob 70 60 130

                              As Bob mentioned we did have an ace for the day, Colin hit #21--for those that have been to the Mud before, it's the one shooting downhill out of the woods into the field, most definitely a great one to get!

                              There were great times to be had out there for sure, but the real news of the weekend was that we managed to raise $681 for the Mud! You don't need to be a mathematician to see that that is no small feat for a little over 30 people. All the runner ups in the open fields donated their winnings, as well as many in the Ams. Gilby and Terry raised money with their Damn Fine spaghetti dinner, and by and large, people were just straight up generous. Rich and Jenn sponsored several holes as well as throwing another hundred on top, Gilby threw in $50, Trevor who couldn't even finish the tournament threw in $60, the Bucket Design guys refused to be paid for their contributions, and many people just handed me extra bills and told me to "keep the change." All in all, just a tremendous amount of support from people who love something special. When people talk about loving the grassroots nature of disc golf, THIS is the kind of stuff they're talking about.

                              Thank you Aaron, Mark and Dawn, and the rest of the cottage crew for helping me out all through the weekend. Thank you Andrew for yet another awesome edition of Throwbot--that was a perfect little layout that made for some great viewing from up top, and those trophies were just too damn cool. Thank you Bucket Designs for a great job on the patches and donating a huge pile of sweet t-shirts (extra patches are available for purchase at the Inn now, if anyone is interested.) Thank you Scruffy for stepping up and donating trophies on super short notice, that was a great surprise to arrive to. And a huge amount of thanks to Adam, Sara, and Ol' Bob for putting in all the hard work to get the course ready for the weekend, it looked beautiful! And of course, an inestimable amount of thanks to Sunrise, Jessica and Ol' Bob who have provided and maintained such a pastoral sanctuary for all of us disc golf heathens.

                              Thanks to everyone's contributions, we should be seeing at least one new basket, and some pretty new tee signs in the near future, to make the Mud just that much better.

                              Thank you all!
                              Last edited by Tim; September 13th, 2010, 09:11 AM.
                              Untwist thine undergarments, 'tis but a Frisbee.


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                                Great work Tim! Or as the hipsters say "Booyakasha! Big up yaself!"

                                Another great weekend at the Burner'! Thanks to all that attended the party and helped raise $681!
                                A bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at work!


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