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    Originally posted by Skookum View Post
    One point separates first and second in the Pro division, while the advanced is a dead tie for first.

    what? no comment about the dominating play of the Rec Division champion, locking up first place before the end of the series?


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      A Little Late Than Never

      Born out of necessity and fueled by the blood, sweat, and tears of a young Club, the 2010 MCDG Series was born.

      Hot off the heels of Winter 2009 Team Disc Golf season, MCDG strived to continue making a name for itself by planning a Summer-long Series. Consisting of 7 non-sanctioned events (6 monthly and 1 Championship) through the months of April-Sept, the Series began to take shape. MCDG had two Aces up its sleeve: 1) the ability to plan, map, and setup a Course for a one-day event. 2) a newly approved Course (now the infamous Shelton Springs Disc Golf Course). After the first MCDG event at Shelton Springs it became abundantly clear that most events were going to be held at this location. This gave MCDG the determination to get the Course “Tournament-Ready”. Word of playing the MCDG Series at the Shelton Springs location spread among the Disc Golf community. By the third Series event, MCDG had “regulars” that traveled 60-100 miles to be there.

      The MCDG Series utilized a Point Scoring system to determine overall Series winners. MCDG would like to congratulate the following:
      Top 5 Pro Series winners
      1. Daniel Lilley- Overall Point Leader (and Overall Nice Guy)
      2. Troy Cyganowski- MCDG’s most consistent player
      3. Kevin Gerlich- Overall boring play, but somewhat consistent play (sorta!)
      4. Terry Surratt- Everyone’s favorite Uncle!
      5. Chris Gilberts- Big-Putt Gilbey!

      Top 5 Advanced Series winners
      1. Justin Gross- Knows a good thing when he sees it
      2. Anthony Walker- The unfounded cries of “Bagger!” can still be heard
      3. Nathan Pervinich- WSDG Young-Gun. That’s enough out of you...
      4. John Arrant- The 275ft assassin
      5. Dustin Skantz- Big-Big-Big-Arm

      Top 5 Recreation Series winners
      1. Justin Holzgrove- Dominant performance by a guy with a Satchel
      2. Rob Daley- Straight faced funny man/teddy bear/enforcer
      3. TJ Quandt- Also drove a great ways to take part in the Series- Thanks!
      4. Rich Baker- Arguably MCDG’s most improved player- Proud of You, Bake!
      5. Shannon Henry- Played every single event & more often then not the only Woman

      Womens Series winner
      Shannon Henry- MCDG’s secret weapon

      MCDG would like to thank the following:
      The MCDG Work Crews, responsible for the Shelton Springs Disc Golf Course. And the MCDG Administrators, responsible for the Series events. Without your tremendous effort and hard work, the MCDG Series would not have existed:
      Rich Baker, Chris Auseth, Rex Gray, Morgan Rothrock, Ray Rothrock, Jay Rothrock, Troy Cyganowski, John Arrant, Kevin Gerlich, and anyone who’s helped MCDG in creating the jewel that is Shelton Springs.

      To the many who traveled, from near and far, to Shelton for the MCDG Series. Unbeknown to the participants, MCDG used the events to attract a wide array of players to help define what Shelton Springs has become. MCDG was able to communicate about the likes and dislikes of the Course, and was able to compensate when needed. The premise behind the Series contributed to helping MCDG to develop Shelton Springs Disc Golf Course, which proved to be a priceless asset. The ability to garner feedback from an assortment of players in an effort to finalize the Course as a finished product, was one-of-a-kind. Thank You, Disc Golf Community.

      Scott Poppa, Daniel Lilley and Justin Gross. The Series events were designed so that if you were not a Club member, you paid a premium (aka a donation). Most did pay this premium/donation. Scott, Daniel and Justin went above and beyond this. Each became a member of MCDG. Each donated an abundant amount of their winnings back to the Club. Justin also won the “longest-distance-traveled” award to EVERY MCDG event, leaving at 4:30 am from just East of Portland OR! Scott took 1st in every event he played, setting Course records along the way, he donated all of his winnings back to the Club. Scott was also a great advocate for MCDG’s efforts by being vocal about the progression of Shelton Springs and MCDG. Daniel, the current Shelton Springs course record holder, made it to all 7 events and won the MCDG Series Overall Points Total. Daniel donated many of his winnings back to the Club, and sold fundraiser discs to help obtain baskets for Shelton Springs. Daniel was also very vocal about his appreciation of Shelton Springs and about MCDG.

      There are plans in the works for another great Season of Disc Golf in 2011. MCDG looks forward to seeing you on the Course!
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        MCDGC, all I can say is WOW!!! You most likely have the best disc golf club in Washington State. I really enjoyed the couple of events I attended and I wish I could have been to all of them but other things in my life wouldn't let me do it. You guys are awesome for the community of disc golf and the summer points series was genius, the new course is beautiful and so are all of you. Thank you Kevin and everyone else out at Mason County, I love you man!

        Sometimes my mind boggles. It's so deep my mind actually boggles.

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