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    LKWD Acepot

    There's $300 waiting to be claimed with a hole in one this Sunday, Jan. 15th at the Lakewood course. If you're not playing Team Disc Golf this weekend, please come out and join us. I'll be there by around 9:30 to take sign-ups for a 10:00am start. 27 hole, one round format.

    Sun, snow or rain, hope to see you there. Eric


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      3rd Sunday Acepot

      Hello my disc golfin' friends!

      There are a couple of events going on this weekend that I'm sure you'll want to attend.

      On Saturday Chainbangerz is hosting the "St. Patrick's Day Massacre" at SeaTac. It's a sanctioned, one day "C" Tier and features two rounds of 18 holes at the long, lush course known for tough love! Info at

      On Sunday, Sunday, Sunday I'll be running the monthly ACEPOT at LAKEWOOD. As always I'll be there at 9:30 to take sign-ups and we'll get the 27 hole round started at 10:00am. Two dollars from each entry fee will be added to the $372 that's already stuffed into the acepot envelope! I'll be pestering Keith to put hole one in the short position so we can have plenty of chances to smack the links and take the dough.

      Spring in comin', can ya feel it ?? Cheers, Eric


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        In case you missed it... Andy Foster hit the Acepot in March on what turned out to be the last shot of his round on hole one!

        No one aced in April so now we're at $228 and counting. There will be an Acepot at Lakewood this Sunday, May 20th. Since I'll be playing the tourney at Steilly this weekend, Gordy has stepped up to run the 27 hole, single round event at Lakewood this time. He'll be there around 9:30am to take signups and everyone should be teeing off at around 10:00.

        Cheers, EE


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          Lakewood Monthly Acepot

          The Lakewood Monthly Acepot is ON for this Sunday, Nov. 18th!

          I'll be there at 9:30 to take signups and we'll tee off at 10:00. $10 for Amateur divisions and $12 for Pros. We play one round of 27 holes (front 9 twice, back 9 once) which takes around three and a half hours to complete. Two dollars from each entry is added to the Acepot which currently stands at $236. Remaining $$ goes to payout. Hope to see you there!

          Cheers, EE


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            Just wondering if this is still going and when the December date is??


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              3rd Sunday Acepot

              What's up Lakewood Superstars?

              It's time once again for the third Sunday Acepot at Lakewood (Dec. 16th). I'll be there by around 9:30am as per usual in order to take sign-ups and send everyone out by 10:00. Unfortunately (or not, depending on your degree of hydrophobia) we no longer have holes 9 & 10 which played over the lake. I think we'll play the sixteen holes that remain and then play the front nine again substituting hole 18 for the missing #9. That'll be a total of 25 holes. I'm open to other ideas and depending on how many players show up maybe we'll add a couple of ace runs at the end of the round for fun.

              The Acepot currently stands at $256 and of course $2 from each entry fee is added to that. Pro divisions pay $12 to play and Ams pay $10.

              On a side note... I'm going to be covering for Keith in the Lakewood Pro Shop (Chainbangerz) this weekend as well as Thursday through Sunday next weekend. Please consider stopping in to schmooze and peruse the plastic if you're so inclined. A box of super sweet Champion Rocs (proto star stamped RC3s) arrived at the shop today and they're not gonna last long (I'm just sayin').

              It may be a little chilly and wet this Sunday but I don't think it's going to look like these pictures from December 2008...

              Cheers! Eric


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                Sunday, January 20th Acepot at Lakewood. $10 Amateurs, $13 Pros and Acepot is currently $276. 10:00 am tee time and 27 hole format. Expect a number of baskets to be moved to their shorter placements. Most of the other details can be found previously on this thread.

                Cheerio, EE


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                  Lakewood Monthly

                  Hey Hey, Disc Golfers,

                  I stopped by Lakewood last Sunday to play a round, stepped up to hole one, and threw my first shot of the day right into the chains for an Ace! First hole in one of 2013 for me.

                  If that's any inspiration to you... This coming Sunday, Feb. 17th is the third Sunday Acepot at Lakewood and there's $310 and counting, ready to be won! The format is the usual one round of 27 holes which takes around three and a half hours to complete. I'll be there 9:30ish to take registrations and we'll all hit the tee pads at 10:00. Entry is $13 for Pros and $10 for Ams with $2 from each entry going into the acepot and the rest going to payout.

                  Sounds like fun, right? Hope to see you there, Eric

                  BTW- Every year I like to join in the online fantasy disc golf league. It's free and fun and keeps me interested in following all the best Pro disc golfers. Last year I ran a league on the site and gave away a WA State Champ disc as a prize for first place. I'll let you all know if I set that up again this year.


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                    Lakewood Huckmeisters,

                    Gordy K. will be running the Acepot at Lakewood this Sunday, May 19th (I'm planning to play in the Steilly Spring Classic). The usual details from previous posts in this thread apply except that the acepot currently stands at $90.19 and counting.

                    Cheers, Eric


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                      what is the Format? singles/Doubles?
                      we are up for a conference and want to come play in the morning.
                      sounds like it could be a blast


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                        Sorry for the late reply Stephen. Format will be singles. Divisions provided as demand dictates. Tee off is at ten and the 27 hole format usually takes between three and a half to four hours to complete. $10 for Am divisions and $13 for Pro.


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                          Time once again for the monthly Acepot at Lakewood. Oct. 20th, tee time is 10:00am. I'll be there by about 9:30 to take signups. $11 Ams and $15 for Pros. 27 hole format.

                          Weather's lookin' good and no Seahawks game this weekend, NICE! See you there, EE


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                            Hard to believe it but yes, this Sunday, December 15th is the third Sunday of the month. The plan is to stick with the 27 hole format for the time being. We'll play the same layout that we threw last month. Cost is $12 for Ams and $15 for Pros. I'll be there to take signups at about 9:30 and we'll tee off as close to 10: as we can. Acepot currently sits at $172 and counting.

                            Anything else going on down there at the Lakewood course?? Yep... if you haven't been down to White Center in a while then you probably have yet to play the four new holes that have been added to the course. The Battle Benny #1, the first competitive event scheduled for the new 20 hole layout, is going to be held on the winter solstice, December 21st (that's real soon!). You can click on the link above for more info about this "Battle of Seattle 3" fundraiser or just go HERE to gitcherself signed up to play.

                            Stay cool everyone, Cheers, Eric


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                              Hi there all you Lakewood Disc Chuckers,

                              What if I told you that this Sunday, January 19th, you could play the Lakewood Acepot AND make it home in time to watch the kickoff of the Seahawks game? Pretty sweet deal!!

                              Gordy and Keith will be teaming up to host this months soiree at Lakewood. Sign up starts at 9:30 and tee time is 10:00am. There's $218 currently sitting in the Acepot waiting for YOU to step up and throw one in from the tee to take home the cash. Pro entry fee is $15 and Ams pay $12. Two bucks from each entry goes to the Acepot and $1 is set aside for the Battle of Seattle (which is going to be epic BTW). The single round 27 hole format means things should be wrapping up around 2:00pm or so, leaving plenty of time to stop at the store for snacks and some tasty beverages on your way to enjoy the Hawks/Niners matchup.

                              FYI: We recently got in some sweet CFR discs from Innova with the two different 2014 Battle of Seattle custom stamps. We're talkin' glow champion Tee-Birds, Bosses, Terns and Big Bead Aviars! Stop in at the Chainbangerz shop or talk to Gordy if you'd like to pick one up. If you're planning to play the Battle Benny #2 at SeaTac on February 15th you can save $5 on one of the CFR discs when you sign up for the event. Check with Keith for details.

                              Cheers & Happy New Year, EE


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                                March 16th Acepot at Lakewood!

                                Everybody wants to know... What's the Lakewood Acepot at? Well, it's sitting at $274 which means if we get 13 or more players out this week it'll put us at $300 or more for the 10:00 tee time.

                                Entry will be the usual $15 for Pro and $12 for Ams. $2 from each entry goes toward growing the Acepot and $1 goes to the Battle of Seattle. The remainder goes to payout.

                                We'll be playing the 20 hole course plus 1-7 which makes for a nice 27 hole, 3+ hour round. A hole in one takes the pot (or a share of it anyway).

                                I'll be at the course by about 9:30 to take sign-ups.

                                Don't forget... The Battle Benny 3, (Ace Run Challenge) is coming up on Saturday, March 22nd. All the info you need can be found on the Chainbangerz website or in the shop at the course! More custom stamped glow champions Battle discs are on the way too (TeeBirds & FireChickens). Save $5 when you sign up for the Battle Benny and buy a disc at the same time!

                                Cheers, Eric


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