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    I heard Jub is building an eco dome somewhere in the snoqualmie national forest complete with tropical botanicals and wildlife.

    He might need to borrow a couple baskets for the day of if anyone has some extras.

    The budget got stretched a little thin after the internet guy selling the 37 spider monkeys took the money and ran.
    Read this ^


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      Hey Oly I am only holding up one day not the entire summer.


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        I heard the tournament payout was in Tacos??


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          So, I am switching this to the 4 player scramble
          New Flyer to come.

          Fees Open $25/per player Am $20/player
          Scramble is just best shot x 4 one score

          One team per hole

          Would it be fun if you had GPS coord?
          I already know the Depot team is coming. Pa and son Miller, Phillips and Westie.

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            Originally posted by sk8architecture View Post
            I heard the tournament payout was in Tacos??
            Hmm, with the scramble format, I'm thinking breakfast burritos. I'm in!*

            *Participation subject to change depending on hunger level.
            Untwist thine undergarments, 'tis but a Frisbee.


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              Originally posted by sk8architecture View Post
              I heard the tournament payout was in Tacos??
              mmmmmm Tacos. I would pay a lot more to get my hands on something this spicy!
              "What's in the bag", pdga #37977, dgcr #356, **Team Chainbanger'z**

              You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself, your own highest standards, and when you reach your limits, that is real joy.
              -- Arthur Ashe


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                I'm curious as to why the site is still a mystery. Waiting for approval from a course or just keeping it secret?

                Jub, I would like to buy you a really nice steak dinner on Saturday. All expenses paid including the fine wines. Meet me at the restaurant at 7:00pm. Location is a mystery though...


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                  Will there be mystery meat in those tacos?


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                    nope just marked down

                    Hey BA is Nancy OK with us dating. I want to let you know I don't "putt out" on the first OR second date.

                    I can tell you the course will be available for play before hand and some sort of target course will remain. Crap, did I give it away?

                    Besides there are enough events between now and then to satisfy your Jones.


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                      and the mystery venue is


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                        March 6th is my 40th birthday!

                        I will be at a mystery cabin at a mystery ski resort so when I'm not golfing you will be wondering where I'm at.

                        I'll be at...


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                          Fall City? Flowing Lake? Snohomish?


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                            Nope! Or were you talking about golf?


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                              Alright I can tell you this venue is in greater East King county.
                              (Car-pooling encouraged)

                              It has never had DG before.

                              There will be 18 baskets for Sat play.

                              It will have targets available for play afterwards.

                              It will be available for play the week before.

                              I have laid out a course outline and have 18 holes 10 of them 325' or less

                              There will be elevation changes up, down and cross slope.

                              It is a links style course consisting of two halves the "outward 9" go away from the first hole. the "inward 9" play back to it.

                              Unfortunately this venue is limited to 18 4 player teams.
                              I will be taking "team pre regs" at Guys SeaTac the weekend before.


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                                Marymoor Park?
                                Don't just walk past that candy wrapper on the fairway-- I know you saw it!


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