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    Instant Win Basket Toss

    This year the Cool Shoes Invitational will be the first tournament in the Inland Northwest Series to offer anyone (tournament competitor or not) a chance to INSTANTLY win a DGA Mach II New Portable Basket. During the qualifying round of the Basket Toss Off at CSI, the INWS will award one basket to any player that throws an Ace. There will however only be one basket awarded per event. We will also qualify ten throws at CSI for the basket toss off at the INWS Finals (Flippen Ze Disc).

    After all that stink about the pro payout (Thanks Tennesee) at FZD last year the TD has mentioned that Barsby may show for the finals again this year. Greg must not have been too unhappy with the payout.
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      Instant Win I wish I had thought of that.

      I think someone explained to him that all TD's hope to sell out and base there promises on that assumption.


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        Originally posted by Snooskie Longhorn View Post
        Sorry Jub for pointing this out, but now that I'm 40, perhaps my eyes are going bad, but "Intitational"?:

        Hey at least it made it onto the schedule when it was first submitted


        It's not your eye-sight you need to worry about. Like the disclaimer says ..."if you lose sight or hearing, stop taking the little blue pill and call your doctor right away". says it all

        Here's an over 50 joke for ya
        What kind of underwear do men over 50 wear?
        Boxers or briefs? Depends.


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          I'm looking forward to seeing the trophies that will be awarded for the "InviTITional".....just something to chew on....


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            Originally posted by LakeStevensBA View Post
            I'm looking forward to seeing the trophies that will be awarded for the "InviTITional".....just something to chew on....
            Actually they will be trophies for everyone but first place. Either passifiers or disposable baby bottles. I can't decide.


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              Registration update

              CSI is currently full. pDGA site listed Invited players need to respond by Sunday March 21st to confirm your spot.

              Monday March 22nd at noon player list will be updated.

              For all of you who have paid I will delete non attending players and post names accordingly.

              As always if your invited payment insures your play. If you want to chance the list pre pay moves you to the top.
              Last edited by LJ Jubner; March 10th, 2010, 04:22 PM. Reason: registration updated 4:20 PM 3/10


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                Does anyone give the players more choices?

                Four vendors are signed up for CSI weekend.

                That's right, I have arranged for 4 different vendors to offer their products for sale all weekend and then scrip on Sunday.

                J & J Plastic, ChainbangerZ, Big Sky Discs and INWS store will all be available for your shopping pleasure. There might even be one more or two more.

                I also know of a second season long promotion (besides the best ever "The Instant Win") that will be announced soon.

                The way the list will work is

                I will drop the number to 90 (Max field). If it goes below that I will add from the waiting list. Currently there are an additional 20+ players on the waiting list. Some really good local talent and some talent from far far away.


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                  Instant Win Baskets

                  I also know of a second season long promotion (besides the best ever "The Instant Win") that will be announced soon....
                  The Mach 2 New portables are in hand and I have fronted for them myself in order save on individual shipping and to assure everyone that the Instant Win Basket will be on hand at CSI. We are still fishing for about 5 more Instant Win sponsors @ about $100 ea. to cover the purchase cost. If you would like to be part of the Instant Win sponsorship we would be glad, of course, to give you a lot of high profile mention for your support. Please call me (509-363-1056) or Bob (509-991-1807). I'm pretty sure that the 2nd promotion Jubby speaks of is the powder coated Mach 5 as the prize in season-long "Golden Ticket" raffle. Arrangements have been made to have the Powder Blue Baby on display at the CSI. However it will be kept under wraps in order for it to be paid-out at the Finals drawing in mint condition. The INWS Golden Ticket coupons will be for sale at each 2010 INWS event. I'm sure this will be a popular promotion as 100% of the proceeds from this effort will go towards the Qualified Finalist's purses. We will keep the INWS thread updated on what the running accrued value is. Gordy


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                    I heard it was going to be Orange not Blue.

                    Who ponyed up for the raffle prize?

                    Do you have to attend an event to purchase said tickets?


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                      Man the open is STACKED!!! I wish I could be in town for this one...


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                        pDGA site updated.

                        4Th Vendor added. Stimpi Ridge.

                        For those of you on the wait list I will try and notify the out of townees ASAP so you can make travel arrangements. Thanks for your patience.

                        Red shirts, Micro putt trophies, two great INWS promotions, course raffle and DGA test drive. I might have to add another day just for the promos.

                        I would consider splitting weekends next year but the double dipping national fees are a killer.


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                          Well Jubby.. I called you 3 times in 3 days and never got a response from you but left you 3 messages about my interest in playing the CSI. A couple days later I told Ed Dopplemiar about the rapid filling of your tourney and he said oh crap I better call. You again didn't answer and he left you a message too. 4 days later one of his friends from the tri-citys called and said hey whats your ride for the tourney and he said I'm not sure I'm in and his friend said your on the list. Strange seeing that I should have been on the list before him
                          I must say you are using some interesting communication techniques here and also some alternative methods for filling events. Maybe you can enlighten us on the internet seeing as how you can't explain over the phone what is going on, Thanks Jeremy

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                            I can tell you I have one spot open but it's kind'a pricey. For a $500 contribution (Title Sponsorship) you would get one complimentary entry. Interested?

                            As you know Jeremy CSI is an Invitational. Ed has played all of them. The fact that Big Mike scolded me at the 4 Player the first weekend in March that Ed wanted in put him ahead of you on the list. By the way He was the first added name last Monday.

                            When CSI is announced The Invitational responses limit how many each division will allow by how quickly each fills up. I normally like to send the Open groups out as 5's, When the event is R.S.V.P full (and before the Sat malay) I only add players in the same fields trying to keep the groups/divisions numerically the same. Now on Sat and if there are openings I will take whomever's "GOT Cash" till it's "SOLD OUT".

                            I have players from Cincinnati, Boise, Missoula, Portland and several Canadians all hoping to get in. That does not even address the dozen or so locals who are also still clinging to that glimmer hope.

                            My best advice to anyone not in the 2010 CSI take your chances on a Sat entry and come out. I will do what the course allows me to do.


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                              As for the $500 added thing, that comment makes it seem as if you do have room for an added spot. If nobody steps up does that mean I'm in? We just played an "A" tier in Sacremento that had 4 ghost groups on it. (One group with ED in it was thrown in the very last minute) With the amount of Par 4's you have you could easily do the same thing.. Say on hole one for instance. There is a hole that plays fairly quickly and a hole behind it that plays fairly slow.. One group added.. I'm in again! So I see 2 easy ways to make it in without having to drive accross the state with my fingers crossed wondering if I'm gonna make it in over someone else who has played 5 CSI's to my 4. I have placed top 3 in every INWS series and ED has never played enough to qualify. So by that random fact I deserve to be in.. I like your random and very creative selection process.
                              I am just happy that at least I am getting some communication going with ya.. I thought you were missing Guess I need to get an internet phone so I can use something more conveniant than those darn annoying tedious phones!
                              Relax and enjoy your hair
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                                Drive and Hope: Now that's old school kinda like the wink and point then "I will pay you later" pre registration method.

                                Actually the $500 bucks would silence the rest of the field about the ghost group. As far as Sacto goes that was an "Open Only Field" and a much easier course then SeaTac especially for said skill level.

                                CSI has been listed online since the middle of Jan. The original flyer limited the field to 72 and I alone allowed it to go to 90. Habitually speaking Ams sign up really early and most Open are procrastinators To illustrate my point

                                Look at BSF the Am pool has sold out TWICE with a waiting list a mile long. The Open field is still 20 some players short of even selling out once.

                                Now because of your late decision to try and play I am supposed to increase it again. I think not. I have never ever liked ghosts groups (same with added holes and or pools) and will never offer them especially at the Tac. In my experience it backs up the course INSTANTLY and is just another way for the TD to increase the events total numbers.

                                I believe over capacity events inhibit the quality and experience of ALL it's participants. The needs of the many out weight the needs of the few or the one!


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