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    8th Spokane City Cup/ 5th INW series finals

    Gordy, Jaymie, SDGA and Bob n company. Thank you for a great weekend of tournament disc golf. The Pro Masters division for this event was great. Some of the best from Idaho, Washington and Montana played off for the prize $ and series $ and City cup name status. I got two out of the three My most memorable moment was the killer, but hole, on the porcupine course that made a grown man state that he will never return to this course because he hated it. It has too many trees, the tee pads , two many trees, 6'6"height penalty shouldn't have been in effect, to many trees, two many trees, terrible layout, bad tee signs, too many trees etc. One out of the 4some par-ed, 2 of us played for 4's, and that gentlemen carded a snowman, ow! I havent seen a meltdown like that since Ray DNFed 2 holes shy of a complete tournament 4 yrs ago at the same event.
    p.s. Four mound is not for the faint of heart, and everybody plays the same course, so p.p.s. Better tee pad would be greatly appreciated. and would elevate Four mound above other Spokane courses, IMO
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      Four Mound is awesome, the courses are stellar, and it's always a treat to get to play out there. Everything was good for me (with the exception of a few poorly played holes on my part). I doubt anybody could do any better on those courses than what you, Jaime (sp? sorry), and the SDGA do. I saw a few slips on the carpet tees but getting cement or rubber on all the holes would be a monumental task. I like EVERYTHING about Four Mound and I love hearing people complain about it when they can't handle their game enough to handle the courses. The courses are tough - but they're supposed to be! Gordy, as usual I thought this was a very well run tournament once again, all the hard work you and everyone else does out there is very much appreciated by me and the City Cup is always a tourney that is not to be missed - for me anyway. It was awesome getting to meet and play with all the new west-siders that I hadn't met before.


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        A few thoughts

        It has been a remarkable story I've witnessed since Jaymie and Gordy bought their land at FourMound and began setting up the Disc Golf Reserve. It's barely comprehensible the hours this family has contributed to FourMound...especially when you consider the major roles they have played over the past ten years in establishing the SDGA and the implemetation of two public disc golf courses in Spokane: DownRiver and HighBridge. Not to mention they own and run a phenomenal restaraunt (Gordy's) and have raised two teenage boys. All of this while directing tournaments, state series' and helping others with disc golf in general.

        The 8th Annual City Cup would have been exceptional in it's own right but when you consider everything else in addition, it's just amazing. What a quality event at an extraordinary setting.

        Jaymie and Gordy are the first to credit their family, friends and fellow disc golfers for the help they offer. I'm confident the help will continue because of the people Jaymie and Gordy are.

        Some of my favorite memories from this year's tourney...
        Watching the line of cars pull in Friday nite and the campfires begin to glow.
        Yummy fried chicken and soaking my feet in the tank for lunch Sat.
        Listening to Jaymie grill Kirk.
        Getting a birdie on one of the holes I sponsored.
        Laughing my A$$ off with the gals.
        Witnessing some outstanding play and stellar sportsmanship during the Final.
        The WICKED rain/wind storm during awards and Gordy just kept talking :-)

        Looking forward to next year!!! Also excited about all the help it looks like the Crafts are going to get to smooth out and improve some of the tee pads ;-)



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          if yer gonna kiss my ass at least let me pull down my pants


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            Originally posted by Gordy #21004 View Post
            if yer gonna kiss my ass at least let me pull down my pants
            If u keep ur pants up i'll consider helping u all w/ the tee pad. TW


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              Hey Chef You need to mark off a spot because your all ass.

              Les Your Gordy observation is accurate kinda like the Titanic, "and the band played on"


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