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  • Wobbly Bob
    started a topic Lilac City Open Fund Raiser

    Lilac City Open Fund Raiser

    2013 Lilac City Open Fund Raiser

    Sunday March 17th, 2013
    Sign-up 8:30am Tee-off 9:30am
    2 rounds @ 4 Mound Disc Golf Reserve
    Pros -$25
    Adv. - $20
    Int. - $15

    One paid entry into the Lilac City Open for every 8 paid entries per division. 50% of entry fees paid out if less than 8 entries per division. Ace Pot $2

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  • Wobbly Bob
    It was a rainy and windy morning when 14 brave (disc golf loving) souls, geared up and came out to compete at the Second Lilac City Open Fund Raiser @ 4 Mound Disc Golf Reserve Sunday morning. We had five Pros, four Advanced and five Intermediate players come out and play for three competition based entries and three drawing based entries. We played the Cape Fear Course first and it was tough going with the rain, wind and hail that came and went throughout the morning round. The players certainly where glad for the extended lunch break while clothes dried out, Gordy served up some salad, hot dogs with fixin's, macaroni salad and those famous Gordy's Sichuan Cafe dumplings.

    After lunch the Advanced players decide to throw in the towel as Darrin Case was 9 strokes ahead and they didn't feel like walking in the rain any more. Rain it did during the second round, but only for a few holes and then things calmed down and the sun peaked it's head out here and there for the rest of the afternoon.

    David Bodey pulled through to win the Pro Division
    Darrin Case cleaned up in the Advanced Division and
    Casey Bancroft edged out Jason Carver by one stroke to win the Intermediate Division.

    In the SDGA Drawing the winners were
    Pro - Eric Brown
    Am - Deron Van Soest

    And in the 4 Mound Sponsored Drawing the winner was
    Am - Drew Brown

    Congratulations to all those that came out and supported the LCO Fund Raisers.

    We raised $350 for the Lilac City Open, these funds will benefit the combined LCO purses.

    Again, thanks to all those players that supported these fund raisers.


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  • General Scales
    Should've sucked it up and played, the advanced men's card just quit and played one round, you could've played two and taken the win! Was fun times and even more fun considering that I didn't have to play, I just had to carry a massively heavy bag that was water logged.

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  • ScottW
    When I went to bed last night and got up this morning I had every intention of going out to 4 Mound today for the LCO Fundraiser until I saw the rain and I realized that I did not have the intestinal fortitude today to deal with the wind and the rain. So I got up at 7, saw the rain and crawled back into bed and slept til 10 and it was glorious. I hope those who are tougher than myself had a good time. Not sure I will be able to get out to 4 Mound for a practice round before the LCO now but oh well, at least I didn't have to play in the rain I am looking forward to the LCO and another great event at 4 Mound DGR. Thanks to all who are involved with putting this event on.

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  • General Scales
    I will be there tomorrow to caddy and keep all those players in high spirits

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  • Wobbly Bob
    Just a note to remind any of you golfers who played the last fundraiser and those that will play tomorrow that we will be having a drawing for three paid entries into the LCO. You must be an SDGA member and played in one of the fundraisers to be eligible for the drawing. If you played in both fundraisers and are a current member you will receive two tickets in the drawing.

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  • Wobbly Bob
    Here's the skinny on the second LCO Fund Raiser to be held at 4 Mound on April 7, 2013 @ 8:30am.

    Entries that are awarded at the LCO Fundraiser are not transferable. If you win an entry, you cannot give your Awarded entry to someone else.

    For each 6 entries per division we will award 1 paid entry in that division. If 12 people play in one division, yes, two entries will be awarded.

    We will be cooking Hot Dogs but are asking that if you play you bring a Pot Luck item to share at lunch
    (beans, potato or pasta salad, fresh veggie tray, chili, chips of any kind, fruit, cottage cheese, etc.).

    We will be playing Cape Fear in the morning and Porcupine in the afternoon

    $1 beers will be available at Lunch and afterwards.

    There will be three Bonus Entries Awarded. The SDGA and the LCO together are offering One Pro Entry and One Am Entry that will awarded by drawing a name out of a hat. You must have played in one of the two fund raisers and you must be a current SDGA member. If you played in both fund raisers and are a current SDGA member you will get two tickets for the drawing. After the SDGA drawing the remaining tickets will be put in one bucket and 4 Mound Disc Golf Reserve will draw one ticket and Award one entry in whichever division you are playing in.

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  • General Scales
    It was fun if not a bit crazy. The wind was nuts!

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  • ScottW
    Thanks for the results. I hope to make the next one on April 7th. It's been too long since I've played the Mound.

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  • Wobbly Bob
    2nd Chance Fund Raiser.

    Thanks to all the golfers that came out and supported the Lilac City Open Fund Raiser. It was a great time even though it was a bit cool and a lot windy. I thought it was going to rain during the afternoon round but it was just too cold and we got about 5 minutes of little snow balls blowing by sideways.

    There were three players that won entries into the LCO by being the best in their respective divisions on Sunday. Here are the results after playing one round on Cape Fear and one round on the Hawk;

    Junior Boys >16_______Logan McLaughlin______82/81=163_____$5

    Int. Women__________Tiffany Williamson______89/85=174_____$25
    ___________________Laura Maxson__________94/87=181
    ___________________Mariah McLaughlin______100/87=187

    Int. Men____________Nate Verbarg__________67/58=125_____Paid Entry
    __________________Casey Bancroft_________66/66=132_____$20
    __________________Jon Verbarg____________70/64=134_____$10
    __________________Raymond Tweedy_______67/68=135
    __________________Jason Carver___________71/65=136
    __________________Zac Wilder_____________75/61=136
    __________________James Dobberstein______78/69=147
    __________________Bryan Fink_____________79/71=150
    __________________Travis Holbrook_________77/78=155
    __________________John Barcellos__________79/78=157
    __________________James McLaughlin_______78/80=158
    __________________Curtis Pardun__________91/DNF

    Adv. Gr. Master______Deron Van Soest________75/73=148_____$10_____Donated to the Fund Raiser- Thanks
    __________________Gordy Crafts____________78/70=148_____$10_____Donated to the Fund Raiser-Thanks

    Adv. Women________Kym Willoughby_________78/79=157_____$30
    __________________Jaymie Crafts___________87/73=160
    __________________Nancy Morgan__________88/77=165

    Adv. Men___________Stuart Autry____________58/59=117_____Paid Entry
    __________________JP Russo_______________61/58=119_____$20
    __________________Darrin Case____________ 62/59=121
    __________________Josh Williamson_________ 62/59=121
    __________________Trent Miller_____________ 64/58=122
    __________________Drew Brown____________ 68/60=128
    __________________Cody Hixson____________69/60=129
    __________________Andre Palanuik__________72/68=140
    __________________Hunter Way____________ 74/66=140
    __________________Chris Wright____________70/DNF

    Pro Open__________ Mike Leslie_____________ 55/54=109_____Paid Entry
    __________________Wayne Miller____________59/55=114_____$15
    __________________Brandon Baughman______ 59/58=117
    __________________David Bodey____________ 62/58=120
    __________________Ron Thomas____________ 62/59=121
    __________________Steve Simmons__________62/60=122
    __________________Brandon Green__________65/57=122
    __________________Cole Swanson__________ 66/67=133
    __________________John Boyko_____________76/71=147

    The LCO will be holding a second Fund Raiser on April 7, 2013. We will play the Porcupine Course and the Cape Fear Course this time around.

    The payout will be 1 paid entry into the LCO for each six paid entries per division at the Fund Raiser.

    Ladies Ams Divisions only - One Paid Entry into the LCO for every three paid entries per division at the Fund Raiser.

    Hot dogs will be provided for lunch, and we are asking each person playing to bring a Pot Luck item to round out the menu. $1 beers will be available.

    In addition to the above skill based awards of paid entries to the LCO, the LCO & SDGA together will award one Pro and one Am a Paid Entry and 4 Mound Disc Golf Reserve will award one Paid Entry to the LCO.

    You must have competed in one of the LCO Fund Raiser tournaments and you must be a current member of the SDGA to be eligible for the drawing of the Paid Entries.
    Last edited by Wobbly Bob; March 18th, 2013, 12:25 PM. Reason: Update on drawing for paid entries.

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  • J.P.
    Me too

    Ill be there too

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  • Kymmer
    I will play for sure. BTW ~ Nice artwork Jamie

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  • BangDEMChains
    Mmmmmm... The Blue Ribbon. So Ready for this!
    Last edited by BangDEMChains; March 14th, 2013, 09:51 AM. Reason: Realized that sounded sarcastic, but i love PBR!

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  • Gordy #21004
    Irish format 3/17

    We'll play the red in the morning, Cape Fear, and we'll play GREEN in the afternoon, the Hawk. We'll play Porcupine for sure at the next fundraiser, April 7. Haven't scooted all the porcupines out of there yet! The fundraiser will offer cups of PBR @ $1 a cup which will be available by lunchtime or earlier if necessity dictates.
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  • TurtleHead
    I'll be there!

    I'll be there!

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