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  • ski2man thinking to himself

    hmmm i wonder how bad my score needs to be?
    it sure is going to be nice to get these guys off my back about moving up


    • Thanks to everybody that came out this weekend. Here are the unofficial results. Congrats to Kyle for walking away with $1640 for the weekend!
      A bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at work!


      • what a great weekend. I had the time of my life when I needed it most. The disc golf family in the northwest is alive and well.What an awesome party we had at Rex and Perissa's awesome spread. Cant wait for the lunacy get together. Metallica pinball kicks ass,YEAHEYEAH!!!! Morgan and you mason county cats are an awesome bunch of kittys. I wish I lived closer to shelton to be able to play with you all more. Bake you are a man among boys with the dedication you put in out there. Great job, good attitude and humble too. Who else would mow a bunch of fairways that they cant hit themselves. And for you mr. gilberts, a great big hug from behind. You are a class act my friend. You are well loved and respected by all those around you.Deserved. It was great to see everyone again (except you BA).Lets move this party on to Crystal Mtn.


        • I too can't say enough about The Mason County Experience. Such attention to detail from A to ZZ Top. Michael Buffer announcing the start of each round while manhandling the technology. All the locals for the awesome course, food and hospitality. Gilby being Gilby.

          Some of things you might hear from the locals:

          "Here let me grill you all some glazed salmon that I just caught in Alaska before I head out to spot on hole 18.....Dad do you think the players would like a few platters of homemade ginger snaps and fancy cupcakes to go with the fish, meat, and salads?.......Oh we need benches? Let me just apply some finish to these these recently felled fir trees that I sliced up......I'll raise $500 added cash if you do....Bummer that private campground is not available this year. How about if everyone camps at my place I just finished converting some horse pasture to more yard space, plenty of room for everyone plus a little 9 hole course. In fact I will sit out the tournament and just grill some burgers and ribs to be ready when everyone gets back and we tap the keg.....How about the winner of MPO takes home $1000, wouldn't that be nice along with the $900 for the skins round?...."


          Thanks again MCDG for the good times.

          Also, thanks a lot BA for whatever you said to Ashley. Pretty sure we will be picking up some pygmy goats soon for our 500 sq foot yard. They will be awesome.
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          • Thanks Everyone for coming out, and making this year's Show Down a Success !!

            I would like to Apologize for my actions Sunday, I had Way Too Much to Drink, I feel like I let everyone down, (and myself) I try to hold myself to a higher level than that, and try to set an example for others, being an officer of the club and the course warden, it is not the way I should have let myself get.

            I am Sorry, and I won't let this happen at an event again !

            I would also like to thank Chris Gilberts, for Not letting me Drive, and to Morgan Rothrock and Lonnie Fladagar, for driving my truck and disc golf trailer home, Thank You !!

            Also Thanks to Rexy and Perissa for letting all of us invade your property for the weekend, You ROCK !!!

            Looking forward to Next Year !!


            • OK brother Baker, enough beating yourself up. It was an important weekend for you. You know you play such a huge role in representing MCDG and the Showdown. It's allowed (at least by me) for you to celebrate your success. What else could you do after such an anxiety and adrenaline dump. You just keep doing what you do. I still love you and nothing can hardly change that.
              Thanks to my other brothers and son for backing up our friend.


              • The Shelton Showdown rocked and I would also like to thank all of you involved with the tournament and course. Gilby, you run a great tournament and all your hard work and preparedness really shows. You make it tough for other TD's. You raise the bar way to f-ing high. I may have to hire Morgan as the entertainment for my next tournament. The dude is funny..but not in that "funny/odd" way like Todd Bates.

                Fish, thanks for all the fish! The lunch is something I really look forward to. Plus, when Gilby is eating, he isn't talking. That's another huge bonus.

                Rex, you are an awesome host. What a great time at your nice place. It's great to make new disc golf friends. You have the best pinball and foosball table I have ever seen. I will come down a week early next year if that's cool.

                Bake, you and your awesome crew have that course dialed in like no other this side of the mountains. I really wish I lived closer to Shelton. I may have to find a retirement place down there. And don't be hard on yourself about having a couple of extra pops. I remember some dude after Aquafest that lost 10% of his liver at the party that night. It's all good!!! It was great playing all three rounds with you and that weird caddie of yours too.

                Shelton Spring Rocks! Thank you all for a fun weekend!



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