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    Originally posted by columbia gorge discgolf View Post
    Paths will be OB with exception of hole #9. Mando will still be in for #6 basket by tennis court. Tee #11 to basket 12 hole will have a mando as well. Each hole will be discussed before play begins on it.
    Sounds good but that plan does not let people practice it before the have to play it for real. I mean there is a Amateur BSF2013 entry on the line here for the competitors. Can you scratch out a map and brief description per hole for the masses.
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      If you are on the fence about trying to win this spot in the 2013 Beaver State Fling... consider this: There are over 225 players in the lottery vying for the 72 MA1 slots... and we still have several days to go. .
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        My plan was to work on it with Gwillim during first round Saturday and have a map ready to go by lunch. It's a very self explanatory layout. No real surprises. Very easy to navigate using the layout instructions I have posted. The Tee #11 to hole #12 mando will be having to go around the corner by basket #11 and then up the hill.

        I plan on giving the four players ample time to check the layout before the final nine as well.
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          I have to state that I am super proud of the NW disc golfers that showed up to the Contender over the weekend. The weather was really bad. And wasn't just a little wet, or a little windy, it was REALLY windy at times and there were a few torrential downpours mixed in. Especially during the final nine.

          Even considering the beautiful Gorge weather, everyone seemed to be having a genuinely good time.

          Also, we only had three drop-outs which was pretty amazing. And each of those guys had the courtesy to make sure the TDs were aware of their decision well in advance. That makes the TD job so much nicer, kudos to you guys!

          And finally, thanks to Mayor Don for your hospitality, and to Justin Gross for your vision and follow-through on this great event.

          Next year lets fill this.


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            Great tournament! It was the most fun I've had at a tournament in a long time and it looked like everyone was having fun. I was completely thrilled to be part of it (and even the final 9!) despite some less than spectacular weather.

            Was there an ace pot? I got my first tournament ace!

            Congrats to Victor and Jackolyn on their Golden Tickets to the BSF. I'll be rooting for both of you from the sidelines, unless of course I win the lotto.

            Also double thanks to Justin for organizing the event and doing an awesome job and getting paid nothing and to Ryan for taking those stellar pictures that I hope we get to see soon.


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              Looks like Victor TORE UP the final nine: 37 to 45 to 47 to 47, to effectively go from last (tied) to first by four, WOW, sounds like wind and rain favor that gorge playa! Brandon did a great job, but you can't stop a freight train!
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                North Bonneville Disc Golf Baby!

                Only true players, play in that stuff.

                Loved seeing you all out there and pushing yourself to even bare the elements just to watch the final nine after your grouling rounds.

                Great Tournament, well ran and bragging rights to say that you were there. That's right, I WAS THERE!

                I was hard pressed with both Brandon and Victor being in the finals. I was sure it would be one and two but which way...I can't look. Totally soaked but drama was high and in the end, It's, it's.....Very fun to watch!!

                Thank you to the sponsers, Big River Grill (BRG) and Amnesia.

                Thanks to Justin and his crew. City of North Bonneville and Don.

                I'm so sleeping in next weekend!

                Peace, Phil


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                  I'm very glad everybody had fun. It was great for me to see people playing the course I set up. There was no ace pot so sorry Brian. Nice ace though. I will see if Ryan can post a link to the pictures soon. Still recovering from the weekend and will be tearing down the layout tonight around 6. Still a little time for people to test it out. Thanks to all the participants for showing up in support of the BSF. I am also very thankful there was a tie for third and I could give away all the trophies!!!


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                    I have about 300 photos. I'll probably weed out half of them and post the ones that aren't horrible this week. Once I've got them up somewhere I'll share the link.


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                      I've uploaded the photos. Feel free to use them for whatever you want. Below are a few of my favourites. Also, I have not weeded out any of the junk shots, so there are some pretty bad (out-of-focus, horrible lighting etc) shots in there. Enjoy.


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