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  • Timberbeast Challenge

    The Timberbeast Challenge is once again a part of both the INWS and the MT Points Series and will be held on June 19th in Troy, MT. Registration should be up in the next day or two. There will also be a mail in form that players can mail to Ralph if they would prefer not to register online. Registration will be capped at 144 players with 35 of those spots being held until the afternoon of Friday, June 18th to make sure the locals have a chance to play. If your not from the Troy/Libby area PRE-REGISTER TO MAKE SURE YOU GET IN THE EVENT!! For the first time, the Timberbeast will be PDGA sanctioned for all Pro and Men's Adv Divisions ONLY. More info below. In addition to Player's Packs, all players are welcome to camp - FREE - in Roosevelt Park and will also receive a wristband to get in FREE to the music there Saturday nite as well.

    Schedule of Events

    Friday, June 18
    4:00 - 8:00 - Player Check-in and Registration
    6:00 - Random Draw Doubles $5

    Saturday June 19
    7:00 - 7:45 - Last Chance Player Registration

    Pool A
    8:00 - Player's Meeting
    8:30 - Round 1 Shotgun Start
    1:15 - Player's Meeting
    1:30 - Round 2 Shotgun Start

    Pool B
    10:15 - Player's meeting
    10:45 - Round 1 Shotgun Start
    3:45 - Player's Meeting
    4:00 - Round 2 Shotgun Start

    7:30 - Awards Ceremony in Roosevelt Park
    8:00 - Discs Across the Kootenai - Long Arm Competition at Roosevelt Park

    10:30 - Tentatively scheduled Random Draw Dubs round at the new course at the Libby Dam $5. More info on this coming in the next couple weeks.

    Pool A - Includes Intermediate Men, Advanced Men, Adv. Masters, and Adv Grandmasters

    Pool B - Includes Pro Men, Pro Masters, Pro Grandmasters, Pro Women, Pro Master Women, Adv Am Women, Adv. Grandmaster Women, Juniors

    Entry Fees

    All Pro Divisions - $60
    All Mens Advanced Divisions - $50
    PDGA members will receive a $10 discount for the above divisions. The above divisions include a $2 PDGA fee in addition to the fees listed below.

    Advanced Women - $30
    Advanced Grandmaster Women - $30
    Intermediate Men - $30
    Juniors - $20

    Acepot - Optional $5

    All of the above entry fees include a $3 INWS Fee and all but the Juniors include a $3 MT Series Fee. There will be $500 added cash for the Pro divisions.

    More info can be found on the GCF site at http://www.gardencityflyers.org/site/node/599

    Who will Tame the Beast this year??
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    Registration is up and running. Online reg at www.gardencityflyers.org There is also a snail mail reg form if you prefer located just below the online reg as an attachment.

    This has been the biggest tourney in terms of attendence in Montana for the past 3 years and this year should be no different. This event also has seen more Masters (both Pro and Am), Grandmasters (both Pro and Am) and Juniors play than any other tourney in MT as well. Be sure to pre-reg to make sure you get in!!!

    We are asking that all players bring an old disc or two to donate to the after school program in Troy. Last year players donated approximately 90 discs which has led to a HUGE surge in an already big juniors field of players. Ralph regularily takes 10 - 15 kids out after school each week and nearly all of these kids will be playing in the event.


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      I will bring some plastic Brian, can't wait for this years installment and I have to say I like the changes at the course!
      Relax and enjoy your hair
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        The course at the Libby dam will not be completed in time to hold a dubs event there on Sunday, so no dubs at the dam on Sunday. They are expecting it to be done, or atleast playable, by this fall so look for an event there then. There is the possibility of a dubs round Sunday morning at the Beast. We'll see...

        All 18 Discatcher Pro baskets are in and sounds like the Beast is playing great right now!! Not sure what the tourney layout will be. There has been some talk of changing a few holes, as in year's past, for one round. We'll make that decision when we get up there.

        Onlinew pre-reg will close this Wednesday afternoon. Please don't mail a snail-mail reg form after tomorrow (Tuesday) to make sure we get them all time. If you haven't registered by then, we can sign you up Friday afternoon/evening at The Beast. We won't turn anyone away, so make the trip and have some fun!!

        Roosevelt Park will be busy this weekend with all of us camping there and the rugby tourney that will once again be going on that weekend there. Also this year, there will be a mud bog truck contest going on during the afternoon on Saturday. Due to this, camping for DG'ers will be moved to either the North side of the walking trail (where we've camped for several years) or on the outfield of the baseball field closest to the walking path. No cars will be allowed to park where we have previously camped as that is where the mud bog pit is located, so people will be allowed to drive in from the main entrance to the park and down the walking trail to unload their vehicles. All vehicles must then park out in the parking lot. NO LARGE TENTS THAT REQUIRE BIG STAKES ARE ALLOWED ON THE OUTFIELD!!!!! We don't want to puncture a sprinkler line!! Any large tents or canopies can be set up on the north side of the walking trail without any issues. There should be plenty of signage to direct people where to park and camp. Anyone with an RV or pull behind camper is welcome to park/camp in any of the available parking lots around the park. We are working on getting atleast one fire ring which will be the only place fires will be allowed.

        There will be 3 food vendors set up in the park on Saturday, as well.

        They are allowing water to spillover the Libby dam - which hasn't happened for 5 years - so the Kootenai is very high. We'll make a decision regarding the Discs Across the Kootenai long arm contest when we get there this weekend.


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          Wrong #

          Dear Brian, Jaymie must have registered me under her PDGA #. My # is 21004, hers is 21005, but I believe she's in the non-sanctioned section. Also did you find a canvas chair with a canopy at Zoo Town? There were several quarters in the beverage holder from the CTP contest which reminds me....with those soccer games and Mud Bog events will we be able to conduct the CTP at Troy this time? Will the event or the Flyers be sponsoring the 'Instant Win' or would you prefer it be player- sponsored with the extra buck per toss like at Zoo Town? Looking forward to see you and Ralph in the caboose. Where's all the adv. GMs at? It can't be me that scared them off! Good luck to all at the 'New And Improved' Beast. Gordy


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            The rugby tourney or in their terms a "Whorefest" should be done long before the DG tourney is, so there should be plenty of room to hold the instant win toss on the soccer fields after the event and before the awards. The people trying to qualify will be serenaded (sp?) by the great music of Andre Floyd and the Mood Iguanas while they're tossing. Can't beat that! We can discuss the rest of the details at the event.

            Pretty sure your chair ended up at CD's house, but unfortunately, he's been out of town for quite a while so haven't had a chance to pick it up from him.

            Will update the reg list tonight and that will be the last update until scores are posted post-tourney. I'll be leaving for Troy early tomorrow and will be out of cell service for most of the weekend - service is "spotty" in Troy - so if you need to get a hold of me, tonight's the night OR just show up and register on Friday. We won't turn anyone away!!


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              Looks like the CTP is on.

              Brian, Thanks for the update. See you late Fri. or early Sat. Gordy.yay:


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                Reg list/ Nancy

                I don't see Nancy registered on either list. Her reg went in with mine. Separate checks and registrations.
                We'll assume she's in, and head that way anyway.
                I know I'm not vending, but I'll bring stools in case noone else has them.
                See you on Sullivan Creek. (that's the name, isn't it?).


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                  The Beast

                  Many Thanks to Beer-Man, Ralph Stevers and the City of Troy for another top-notch Challenge.Altogether 135 players competed in about 14 divisions. The 'new' Beast was a few more strokes tougher than before but that didn't deter Dale Hamlin in the adv. gr. mstrs from carding 7 birdies in a row Sat. afternoon. In spite of Doug Quam playing the best i've seen from him, Dale won going away. Thanks to the Cornings for putting us up at their cabin and having breakfast ready early. We had a chance to meet Jamie Prophett at the Home Bar. He's responsible for a lot of the work and inspiration that put the Beast in place. Don't forget to thank him when you're there for a cold one....... in the CTP contest Serge crushed it but it didn't stick for the instant win. Otherwise the 10 closest shots will be reported soon as qualifiers for a free shot to win the DGA Mach 11 at the Finals in Wennatche. (hint; Lucas got 3) Gordy


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                    What a weekend!! Thanks to everyone who made the trip to Troy this weekend, what a time!! Sure was nice to see all the new faces to Troy and all the people from around the region who only make it out to this tourney. The new course was playing GREAT!!!!! The locals did a great job of realigning a few holes and spent countless hours cleaning up the debis that was left from the thinning/cleaning of the course this winter. They even painted Timberbeast tracks on the tees to add a little personalization to the course. The park looked beautiful!! and seeing those new baskets while driving over Callahan creek on our way into town gave me goosebumps!!!

                    I'll hopefully get full results done and posted on the PDGA site either late tonight or before work tomorrow so the ratings should be up by then. The results for the un-sanctioned divisions will be posted in the GCF forums in the registration thread. I'll post a link when they are posted. 135 people - by far the biggest DG tourney in Montana since long before I've been here. I would like to apologize to the Adv Am Grandmasters again for bumping them from the early pool to the late pool at the last minute. This was due to the huge amount of Int players who signed up last minute. Sorry for making you get up so early.

                    There were 2 aces, both on hole 4 and both by people who are eligible to play Grandmasters. Frank Luna hit it in his morning round with a disc he had purchased at the hardware store across the street the day before and Craig Sward hit it during his afternoon round. They each took home $225. Not too bad for one shot.

                    A few results...Damien Hoffman and Jeremy Thornton tied after 2 rounds in Open Men with Jeremy winning after a 5 hole sudden death play-off. Steve Tolo ran away with the Masters division. TC Bare won the Pro Grandmasters division going from last place (2 out of the lead, I think) to winning it by a few throws. There was a 3 way tie for 1st in Pro Master Women with Karen Brown finally Taming the Beast after a 3 hole play-off with Randi Suiter (2nd place) and Lesli Younger (3rd place).

                    As for the Discs across the Kootenai, a couple of the longer tosses hit spectators and didn't reach their full potential, but it was still very exciting. Several people made it across and -correct me if I'm wrong as I didn't see it all - Nick Johnson won the DAK contest making it all 3 years of the contest that an Am has won the contest. He put it about 8 inches from the basket that had a $100 bounty on it for being touched with a disc thrown from the other side of the river.

                    I had a visitor while packing up camp Sunday afternoon. The Chief of Police of Troy stopped by my camp to express his appreciation to all the DG'ers who come to the Timberbeast each year and support the local businesses in town. He also apologized for the behavior and general rudeness/lawlessness of the rugby players. He assured me that the rugby players/tourney would not be invited back next year and that that kind of behavior would not be welcome in Troy again. He stated that in the 5 years that we've been holding the DG tourney, he hasn't received a single complaint about us and wants to welcome everyone back next year. Just goes to show how much the community of Troy is behind DG - which shows just how great Troy is!! Hope to see you all in Troy again next year!!


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                      That was another well put together tourney Brian, I had a blast!! Nice job to all the locals who put a ton of work into the course and made it a very enjoyable weekend.
                      Relax and enjoy your hair
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                        Non-sanctioned results are up at


                        Sanctioned results are up at


                        Would love to hear some feedback regarding the partial sanctioning of this year's event. And specifically, would you attend next year if it weren't?? If it were??


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                          Tie Breakers

                          You had one division where 3 pros tied for first. By rule the tie for first place must be broken so that the trophy(if available) and 1st place cash goes to one individual. That would leave the other two players tied for second. In this case some kind of disc golf skill contest is stipulated to award the 2nd place trophy(if available) but the CASH for that place must be awarded evenly to the two players tied for that spot. This is also true for any non-1st place ties, that is, combine the cash and divide it evenly among any and all tied players. I'll bet you already realized this happened. Your Rules Dick, Gordy


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                            Yeah, didn't realize that it was a 3 way tie for 1st until the awards ceremony and by then had already awarded Randi the second place cash as she needed to take off early. So, I need to contact Randi and Lesli and have them split the $40 for second place. But thanks for pointing that out.


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                              The Results

                              The points for the Timberbeast Challenge have been calculated and posted to the Inland North West Series Web Page.

                              We've also updated the Instant Win Basket Toss Qualifiers.
                              Fly free and straight to the pin!


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