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    So NOW I know....

    what all the fuss is about regarding the Timbebeast Challenge!!

    This will definitely become an annual tourney for me. The course blew away my expectations. I loved it!

    Thank you to everyone who put in the effort to make this tourney happen.

    Thank you soooo much to Turis and LeRoy Corning for their outstanding hospitality. I was treated like a princess and I chereished every minute.

    Kudos to Jaymie for beating me into the lake with all her cloths on despite biffing it bigtime when I zagged around the hedge. Glad to see you recovered without too much stiffness ;-)

    I really enjoyed my other travel buddies Jub and Gordy. My cheeks are still sore from laughing so much on the way home.

    And Farragut was fun...after I got my panties out of a wad from being thrown on and chased around a very unfamiliar and poorly marked course. I enjoyed NorthStar so much better...but then again, I usually do.

    Damn that cake was GOOD!

    Can't wait till next time :-)

    Brian and the rest of the Flyers and MT crew...thank you and keep up the outstanding work!!


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      Originally posted by brianb View Post
      Non-sanctioned results are up at


      Sanctioned results are up at


      Would love to hear some feedback regarding the partial sanctioning of this year's event. And specifically, would you attend next year if it weren't?? If it were??
      Having the sanction was great and I'll get to that. The way the partial sanction was set up was somewhat funky. I remember last year you brought up the subject of partial sanction: your objective was to let the locals in who were largely not PDGA tour players. You were trying to save them 10 bucks... That idea was fine but it never happened, This year you tried it out but also included a lot of players who play for PDGA ratings. Timberbeast just happens to be one of the few courses where a player with a hot round or two can log a rating that is WAY above their average and can have a very positive effect on their rating; just look over some of the players who got unusually high ratings against their average. For the Series regulars and for new PDGA members who don't have a rating yet this is a lost opprotunity. One thing that is great about the Beast is that you don't know who will have a killer round; Two years ago Tara Re beat her Hubby with something like a six or eight under, but alas no sanction, no rating. I think you should definitly sanction again....... Another thing: Don't under-purchase your swag and then have to short your traveling players because all the locals signed up on Friday afternoon and got it...or did unpaid-out player pak value end up back in the purse? Remember, the locals already saved $10 in what would otherwise be a PDGA fee. A lot of this is just picky details; I really admire what you've done in Troy and would like to see your popular, fun, high-profile event. I only say this because of the piles of 'feedback' Bob and I have received over the years running our events. 'No good deed goes unpunished' Thank you, Brian, you are one of the Best. Regards, Gordy $21004


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