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  • 2010 Burnaby Open - March 20-21 2010

    Hello all,

    For anybody who's itching to play a PDGA event in a month. I'm hosting a C-Tier tournament on March 20-21st.

    It will be held at Robert Burnaby Park in Burnaby, British Columbia.

    It is a standard 2-round Saturday, 1-round Sunday, with many pins changing each round.

    It is a longer course than many have seen in B.C.. The Saturday morning round is the shortest and then it gets tougher.

    On Sunday the hole length average is 392ft with the longest hole being 700ft.

    It will also be Intermediate friendly though, with many shorter tees making the Sunday hole length average closer to 315ft (longest hole 605ft).

    The tournament should show up on the PDGA schedule any day now.

    A poster will also be circulating very shortly.

    Here are directions from the border to the park driveway. Hang a left at the B:


    This is a link to a Google Maps course map with all pins shown and more info about the course and hole lengths:


    Feel free to e-mail me with any questions, to register, or sponsor a tee sign:


    If anyone wants to come up next weekend to try out the course we'll be setting it up by 10am Saturday Feb 20th.

    Hope to see many familiar faces,

    Brent Burbee

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    Pretty sure some of us kamloops folks are heading down. Hoping to have myself Wes and Robbio in the car. Then all you peeps get to come here in June for the Ultra Glide.
    My favourite putter is my driver.


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      The 2010 Burnaby Open is now listed on the PDGA:


      Entry fees are (Canadian $, but I will accept US$ at par):

      Pro Open/Pro Women - $65*
      Pro Masters/Grandmasters - $55*
      Adv/Int (MA1, MA2, MM1, FW1, FW2) - $45*
      Recreational/Novice - $35*
      Youth/Junior - $25

      Add $2.00 for the Optional Ace Pot
      Current BCDSS Members receive a $5 discount on any entry fee
      *Current PDGA Members receive a $10 discount

      To Register:

      E-mail: bburbee@telus.net, phone: 604-318-8058, click my name on the PDGA tournament site.

      I will provide you with an address to mail your check, add your name to the registration list, and you will be locked in once I receive your payment.

      I must receive payment before Saturday March 20 as it is an early start.
      The field is limited to 80 players. Paid entrants have priority over non-paid players.

      Glad to hear there's interest in the interior!

      I'm hoping to make this an annual tournament to build disc golf in Burnaby. We have a great park but a small rec course and I'd like to change that!

      Brent Burbee

      Burnaby Open - "Throw Big or Go Home"


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        We have an official poster available at www.bcdiscgolf.com:


        Entry Fees:

        If anyone wants to pay by PayPal that is also an option if you don't want to mail a check.

        If you want to pay, let me know how you'd like to do it and I'll send you the info you'll need. Payment is due before the end of March 19th, 2010.

        If you would like to come, but can't commit to pay now, please let me know and I can add your name to the list anyway. I'd like to get a better idea of how many people will be coming.

        All I need now is your full name and division.

        Send questions or info to:

        e-mail: bburbee@telus.net
        text or call: 604-318-8058

        Come out and warm up your arm for Spring and Summer tourneys!

        Brent Burbee


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          new to the game--what does c-tier mean??.
          PDGA # 52916


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            Professional Disc Golf Association tournaments are classified in 'Tiers'.

            C-Tier is the most basic category. To have a C-Tier tournament is easier and requires less added extras than higher Tiers do.

            Many first time tournaments are lower Tier levels, and after success go bigger the next year.

            I'm hoping to be able to do a B-Tier next year, but we'll see how this one goes first!

            For more information on PDGA Tiers, go to page 3 of the Tour Standards document:


            Thanks for your interest in the 2010 Burnaby Open!

            Register Now!

            E-mail bburbee@telus.net
            call/text: 604-318-8058

            Pay Later (Payment Deadline: March 19th)

            Via snail-mail, PayPal, or in person. The Saturday before the tournament (March 13) we will have the course set up to play if anyone wants to come try it out and register.

            Less than 3 weeks away!!



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              Less than 2 weeks to the 2010 Burnaby Open

              The first western Canada PDGA tournament in 2010 is fast approaching.

              I can confirm at this time that there is $60 added Pro Cash, with more to come.

              The first prize in Advanced is an Innova Disc Catcher Sport (portable, all metal, basket).

              The Intermediate winner will receive a Mini Basket in addition to their other prizes.

              There will be a $1 putting contest with another Mini Basket as the prize.

              For those of you coming from out of town, the Happy Day Inn at 7330 6th St. is only about a five minute walk to tournament central:


              Or for those who want a brand name hotel there is a Best Western @ 5411 Kingsway:


              The course will be available for play on Friday the 19th by 2pm, so come early and check it out!

              There will be free Starbucks Coffee for participants on Saturday Morning, so you can wake up 10 minutes later.
              Arrive by 8:30am or you may miss out!

              See you there.



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                Less than a week away!

                Hello all,

                With less than a week until the 2010 Burnaby Open, I thought I'd update the post with a reminder.

                This is a link to the Google Map Course with distance listings for each hole and totals:


                There is $100 added Pro Cash, and a great basket up for grabs in Am1.

                If you are still having trouble deciding, I will now allow Saturday Morning Sign-Up.
                I have had many people pay already, so it shouldn't be too much trouble putting anyone through if you want to show up morning of.
                If you are playing Am, and think you might come, let me know (bburbee@telus.net) so I can hold a specific t-shirt size for you.

                Registration Closes at 8:30am Sharp. Tee-off @ 9am.

                It is a great course, you won't be disappointed!



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                  I would love to come check this out, but unfortunately, I believe you need a (non-expired) passport or one of those fancy new licenses to come back across the border, and I have neither at the moment.
                  Untwist thine undergarments, 'tis but a Frisbee.


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                    Yeah, that sucks.

                    It is too bad the borders are so strict.

                    Maybe next year!


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