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    Yeah, yeah... Andy's a jerk and you're not smart enough to type "whistlers bend tournament june" into google. I spelled it all wrong and only put the J in June before it popped up as the first hit... Where are the scores???

    P.S. Andy's not a jerk and I'm sure you're smart enough to use google.


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      Originally posted by Matt B. View Post
      I don't really think that someone telling you the course was closed in a way you didn't like ruined Father's Day for you - I think the course being closed was the main reason you felt your day was ruined. Had you ventured out onto the course you would not have had a good experience as you would most likely have been told repeatedly that the course was closed by group after group, and you would have been waiting on every single tee-pad for the group in front of you to finish before you could play, by which time the group behind you would likely have caught up to you and told you the course was closed, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.

      Trying to play a fun casual round in the midst of a 100+ person 27 hole tournament with 9 additional holes added to the normal course is not a fun experience and the person at Tee 1 who got to be the bearer of bad news likely did you a
      Not sure if you mean discgolfcoursereview.com or discgolfreview.com but neither one of those sites or really any other site is a comprehensive or official website for listing events, other than PDGA.com for sanctioned events. BUT, there IS a comprehensive Calendar of Pacific Northwest events right at the top of this page

      here where it says CALENDAR. Always worth checking. Bummer that you made

      the trip for nothing, it happens at every tournament pretty much.
      Matt-I joined this site after returning so clearly would not have been able to view the calendar. And actually spoke with 2 groups that told us that the hole was open and to just jump in. Again, with an event attracting 100+high level competitors from several states; wouldn't some signage help? At the least to inform others like myself...so that no one has to experience "rinse and repeat"...at the best for marketing comp sponsors and sharing info of local clubs and shops?

      I am a recent convert to the sport and although only a recreational player, understand the value in bringing more people into the fold to promote and increase the number of good courses good competitors and a more universal acceptance of courses as an excellent use of public space.

      Apparently, I have been consulting the wrong resources (both discgolfcoursereview.com and their fb page and pdga.com). I am glad that I can now be more completely linked with info for disc golf enthusiasts in the region and will share this at every opportunity.

      It will take some time for me to figure out how to most effectively use this site but guess I will eventually navigate forums or threads to develop courses and promote wheelchair accessibility.

      If there is any way I can help to increase the professionalism, marketing and growth of this wonderful sport, please let me know.


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        Originally posted by scottycb1 View Post

        If it was indeed Andy we will all stick up for him, he is a super nice dude that has done great things for the sport of disc golf, this website is the one that you should use to check for any events, nobody in Oregon uses any other sites to promote events.

        Thank you.

        Maybe next year you can get a team in doubles.

        Its a lot of fun, and all players get a players pack, three incredible rounds and if you cash in your division payouts are usually big.
        Thanks, I certainly will try. I totally understand what a closed course means in skiing and snowboarding competitions and glad I have a good resource.


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          Originally posted by DexterHawk View Post
          Okay, I think I am the "pretentious jerk" who was the first to tell you that the course was closed on tee pad one. My name is Andy Hock. I don't think I'm a jerk, you can ask around if you like. I tried to be as respectful and gracious as I could be. But I guess that I was the bearer of some pretty bummer news so that makes me a jerk.

          The same people who built and maintain that gem of a course are the ones who ran this tournament. We payed about $300 a foursome to play in the tourny and a portion of that money goes to making course improvements.

          We've all experienced this phenomenon before. Disc is a new sport and we don't have the infrastructure that more developed sports have. I'm sorry that your plans got disrupted. But be careful how you throw around accusations. The disc golf community is small and has a good memory.

          Ps... My putter flew super well after we talked to you...
          You very well could have been the "jerk" that I described. I apologize for calling you such. I responded in this way because the two other groups we encountered told us to just go ahead on because there were no teams at the first hole...and your invitation to "watch" some really awesome players came off as pretentious rather than a gracious invitation to be involved at some level.

          I appreciate what everyone is doing to develop and enhance the sport and now that I realize this is the "go to" site I can help others to become informed and aware.

          Glad your putter continued to to make those chains sing and hope that I haven't pissed off so many people in this small sporting community that I can't help to grow the sport.

          Arden Prehn


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            Glad that got worked out.

            so...scores? just curious


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              Great time as usual, thank you Whistler's Misfits! ODW will be back stronger than ever next year. This is easily one of our favorite tournaments!


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                Originally posted by Intheweeds View Post
                Glad your putter continued to to make those chains sing and hope that I haven't pissed off so many people in this small sporting community that I can't help to grow the sport.

                Arden Prehn
                hey arden,

                it's too bad that your introduction to many of us started out like this... a little awkward to say the least. my first time at dexter was during the eugene celebration, and luckily i was given the proper shpiel that me trying to play anyway would suck for everyone involved... however i have a good friend who (funnily enough at dexter during the eugene celebration) was told to go ahead and try to jump in and play... she didn't know any better being fairly new to the sport and totally not involved in the tournament scene and it just ended up being awful and she was made to feel like a real dummy by people who probably weren't being that awful, but at the same time just could NOT believe that someone would be so very gauche as to DREAM of playing a closed course on which a tournament was being held, and so probably weren't terribly kind or patient either...

                i think we forget, us tournament players, that there is a whole nother world of disc golfers out there who just don't understand how a tournament works and that is okay! tournaments are expensive and involve lots of pressure and no beer drinking! i played for about 12 years or so before ever playing in a sanctioned event and it's been 4 or 5 years now of eye opening and learning experiences and i still make stupid mistakes every now and again...

                however, we truly are a forgiving group for the most part as it seems are you, so i'm betting that we all get along just fine. i appreciate your time and responses to the responses. and stuff.

                "'There are two mantras.,' Bernard said, 'Yum and yuk. Mine is yum.'"
                Tom Robbins, Still Life With Woodpecker


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                  Originally posted by Intheweeds View Post
                  Just signed into NW disc golf news to express what a disappointment it was to drive 2.5 hrs on a motorcycle to play Whistlers Bend only to be told by some pretentious jerk that the course was closed for a tournament...we had spoken with numerous other competitors who welcomed us...but this one told us we could "watch some incredible players" but we couldn't play any open holes. I checked on disc golf review for any events scheduled prior to travelling and nowhere on the site was there any signage stating an event in progress nor that the course was closed (I see here that this was not a sanctioned event). This was the first time I have ever experienced a jerk in the disc golf world and don't know who he was but it kind of ruined Father's Day for my husband...hope his putter goes flat and his dics (sic) always come up short.
                  I'm very sorry for your disappointment. We have used signs in the past, I will make sure we have signs up next year. It was a choice I made 3 years ago to not bother with the signs anymore. I made this choice because of the fact that most rec golfers ignore them. NOT ALL BUT MOST.


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                    Scores will be up soon


                    • NO Scores will be up soon?
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                      • Amazing Weekend

                        What an amazing weekend. The weather and the course were perfect and those temp holes were just awesome. A big thank you to my partner and to everyone that contributed to this amazing event.


                        • Big thanks to everyone who helped make this tourny pretty freakin' epic....
                          Also thanks to whoever was responsible for the white leather glove with a poop on top of it on holes 14 & 14A ....it really added some intrigue to those 2 holes.


                          • Had a great time! Love playing all the different pin positions throughout the weekend! And the Kan-Jam!
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