2nd Annual Stub Stewert Triples! Saturday, November 10th. Page Title Module
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    How did the course play?
    How was it setup, what holes were in the long positions?

    What were the average round times?
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      the maple leaves were out-ra-geous, mike! they've dropped in the millions over the course of the last couple cold days and they created a solid, disc swallowing carpet on a few holes...

      everything (i believe) was in the long, so it played like the tough and gnarly bitch that is... but beautifully...

      the round didn't take as long as i thought it would... we finished at 2:30ish, maybe? started at 11:30ish, maybe?

      and i saw hardly any trash... but everyone came back with big ol' bags full, so that was way cool! good work, people.
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        The course looked great Mike! The leaves WERE everywhere, but it looked like someone had cleared the paths for us. And all the new additions! You can tell a lot of work has been done. Approximately 3 hour rounds, with everything possible in the long positions.

        Thank you Mike Phillips for all your hard work out there!
        Thanks to Steve Kreuger, and all the Stub Stewert folks for being so accommodating.
        Thanks to Bryan and NEXT ADVENTURE for supporting this event!
        Thank you:
        Zac Beltz, Dusty Atkins, Matty O, Vince Epker and family, Laura Jarvis, Matt Hylton, Cody Fuller, Stumptown DG, and ODW!
        I hope everyone had a great time! See you next year!

        1st. Hagerty, Gwillim, Matty O
        2nd. PCU, Fella, T Head
        3rd. Fancher, Medlok, Florence
        1st. Timbo, Zach R, Joe W
        2nd. The Johnsons!
        3rd. David S, Kivin O, Brian O
        4th. Zac Beltz, DBJ, Cody Fuller
        5th. Drew, Nick, Riley
        1st. Dusty, Brea, Rich
        2nd. The Hanleys!
        3rd. RX, Jackie, Ryan


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          ...and thanks DGOD! always a good time.

          edit: and I've got $8 in bottle returns to kick into the basket fund too, so thanks to the drinkers!


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