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  • Sausage Guy's ready!

    Pulled the rest of the pork, headin out to Ranier, I'll see you out there!!!!


    • Jeff,

      I hate to ask this question so close to the tournament but I am going to ask anyway. Will raised fire pits be allowed this weekend?

      BTW, thanks for all of your hard work, really looking forward to it.


      • Who qualified at the McCormick Fundraiser?
        Ratings-based divisions: disc golf's inevitable future.
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        • first round scores are already posted, second round scores will be up tonight.

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          • Originally posted by TreeLove View Post
            Who qualified at the McCormick Fundraiser?
            Hope to see you in the morning.
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            • thanks Jeff, and all the volunteers that showed up and a special thanks to the man in the kaiyak. I didn't get your name, but you returned 3 of my wayward throws. Also, thanks to chris for bustin his butt on hole 16. I heard he even went and got a disc that went over the highway.


              • Jeff other than the fact that I have over $130 worth of discs sitting in the lake. Once again great tournament. Thank you so much for the hard work. Can't wait for next year


                • I was bested by the beast that is ORDGC Trojan once again, but one of these days Trojan I will get the better of you.

                  Jeff what an awesome tournament once again. The ladies love, loved the player pack shirts they fit great.

                  Also thanks to all the volunteer who came out and helped spot you guys ROCK!! Especially the cute guy in the kayak aka Mr. McMayhem my hubs.

                  Can't wait for next year already for another shot at the beast.

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                  2013 Chick Flick co-TD
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                  • I'm tired, scratched up, beat up, beat down, sore, and demoralized but yet, still had an AMAZING weekend. Damn you Trojan. Damn you and your green scary nuclear water.

                    Having said all that, (ie- no more bitching Sally....)Thank you Hagerty and all the volunteers for such an Amazing weekend. All you spotters saved our butts more times than I can count and you are appreciated more than a simple thank you can express. And Steve (and the other gentleman out there Saturday, I didn't catch your name)... What can I say? You R-O-C-K. Thank you SO MUCH for all your paddling and retrieving.

                    And Thank you Innova for making plastic that floats


                    • I also wanted to say great job Jeff and thanks to all the volunteer spotters.

                      The magnum layout was epic as always.

                      You know when a store has a little contest where you guess how many jelly beans are in the big jar? I think we should have a contest to see who can have the closest guess as to how many P's there were on the scorecards for the weekend....


                      • What a weekend!

                        Thanks to everyone who came out to play the monster this year. I hope you all had a great time. From my perspective it was an amazing weekend. We ran into almost no hiccups, the weather was awesome and we finished with enough spare light left for me to play a few holes with Chris Graham and DC Dan when I was done cleaning up.

                        I like to give props to Nate Sexton for playing some of the most disgustingly consistent, awesome golf I've ever seen played out there. He shot a 28 on every single 9 up until the final 9... where he shot a 27. Crazy good golf there. Well done Nate.

                        I would also like to thank a few people for all of their help with this event.

                        Stumptown Disc Golf: It is not possible to run events like this without a good foundation of support and the club is always there.

                        Next Adventure: For the use of the Urban RV, and for their ongoing support of Portland disc golf

                        Keen Footwear: For kicking down some swag for awards as well as a pair of shows for the 4 state champions.

                        PGE: For letting me use this amazing course every year.

                        Disc-Van-Go: For hauling players and volunteers out to the course each day.

                        Sausage Guy: For having hot coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner available to those of us who camped.

                        Zu-Glass: For the awesome trophies

                        And finally...

                        Jordan Lewis: Once again the MVP. Jordan, you rock! Jordan helped me set everything up on Friday and during the final 9 on Sunday was busy breaking everything down so we were almost done by the time we finished awards. I can't even begin to tell you how helpful that is.

                        Genessa Prictor: For helping with scoring all weekend.

                        Mike Phillips: For driving out on Sunday just to write checks and ended up helping Jordan break the course back down at the end of the day.

                        Cindy McMahan: For running around Portland all day Friday cleaning up loose ends and picking up scrip etc.

                        Steve McMahan: - The Crazy Kayak-Guy! For fishing out as many as he could reach!

                        And the spotters, who make the whole thing run smoothly:

                        Chris Graham
                        Dan Brown
                        Scott Searles
                        Chris Brow
                        DC Dan Dulaney
                        Pops Dulaney
                        Gawain Stern
                        Randy King

                        If I forgot anyone, please forgive me... I'm still a little tired.
                        "You won't like me when I am angry, because I always back up my rage with facts and documented sources". - The Credible Hulk


                        • Well as for me, this was a very relaxing casual stress free weekend sitting in my kayak floating effortlessly amongst the water weeds and dead frogs. If it wasnít for all the golfers throwing their pride and joy discs into the water I could have had a comfortable restful nap as well . I had a great time shagging discs this weekend. My friend/co-worker Evan Osterlund was assisting me part of Saturday so props to him. Please let me know if I disturbed any players during the event. I tried to make it a point to not paddle when you guys were putting or driving. If I did they my apologies to you. This was the first time I've attempted this and itís a work in progress. I look forward to next year and maybe I can round a few more guys with yaks to come out and shag. Itís a big pond. Thanks for the workout. Cheers!
                          Just shut up and throw!


                          • ORDGC Hole #6 approach shots

                            i tried to get a shot of everybody as they came thru...


                            feel free to comment/tag yourself or a buddy....

                            "In Discatarianism We Trust"




                            • so much for the repeat...

                              ... but what a great weekend it was, anyway...

                              best card of women i have ever golfed with. wonderful to get to see zoe andyke playing inwardly focused, purposefully, mindfully and to her full potential. women's disc golf has come a long way in the last year and we proved it (okay, just to ourselves 'cause no one else was around to see us) this weekend... and even tho we had boat loads (or kayak loads i should say in honour of steve mcmahan, our saviour) of fun (many, many belly laughs and nasal snorts of joy) the professionalism exhibited on our card was impressive. this layout at trojan brings up a ton of rules and situations that you don't always run into and it was always handled and responded to in the appropriate way.

                              thank you to jeff hagerty for making it happen and doing it right.

                              thank you to all of the spotters: chris graham, gawain, scott searles, randy, chris brow, dan brown, dc dan and dc dad (aka paul) and the other guy... blond kid? maybe his name is tyler? thank you so much for being out there all day NOT golfing... it is really hard.

                              thank you to all of the volunteers who worked making it happen in other ways.

                              and thank you to genessa (aka mrs. the brit) most especially... you know why... but hagerty won't let me talk about it...

                              thank you to evan and steven mcmahan in the kayaks... steve, i'm glad you had fun and as far as you ever being a distraction... well, first of all, you were very discreet and polite but beyond that it was, in fact, very reassuring anytime i saw you out there... if you were there i was like, "oh, hanley, you're fine... go ahead and throw your baby boss in the water 3 times on one hole... steven's got your back... he'll totally get it for you."

                              and thank you to The Cootie Cat for waking me up at 5:45 on sunday morning after i turned my alarm off and tried to go back to sleep. she stood on my face and yelled at me. she's a very good cat.
                              "'There are two mantras.,' Bernard said, 'Yum and yuk. Mine is yum.'"
                              Tom Robbins, Still Life With Woodpecker


                              • great weekend

                                thank you Jeff and volunteers for a killer event
                                and my worst recorded score of disc golf ever
                                and incentive to get back here next year, prepared
                                "good ol' Roc, nothin' beats that!"


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