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  • That was a great tournament and I'm very lucky to be able to play a course that EPIC. Thanks Jeff and Jeff for another great event. I hope it happens again next year.


    • Originally posted by Bullseye View Post
      But aside from that... it was awesome!
      Yes it was Jeff!! Thanks guys. The weather was awesome, and company was even more awesome thanks to my fellow Crusty Crushers & Rachchillin.

      I can't wait for next year.

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      • We played the best holes on the best courses in the land with handpicked teammates under sunny skies and 60 degrees = an are-you-kidding-me-freakin-awesome kind of a day.
        Thanks Jeffs, Milo McIver, and Mother Nature.


        • hanley + skrivanek = rad

          just a thank you to everyone who helped make that one of the most awesome days of 2012...

          hagerty and mittl for all their hard work and visions of awesome epic events.

          rachel keller benton for deciding this would be a good event to play... probably wouldn't have done it if not for you.

          david hanley and tony skrivanek for being all kinds of awesome and really wonderful to spend the day with... thanks for being on my team, boys...

          and droppin' deuces for being such goodtime fun people... after 10 years of golfing with elaine & kenny & andrea in my crazy old school world of pins i finally got to play a tournament with them...

          tons of fun... pretty nice to have such a good sunday to get me through this gloomtastic monday...
          "'There are two mantras.,' Bernard said, 'Yum and yuk. Mine is yum.'"
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          • Originally posted by Scott View Post
            2 1/2 Men had a great time playing this epic layout. Matthew still wants to know why we only played one round.

            My highlight of the day was on hole 15 (7W, the long island) was watchig Matthew (12 years old) crush a drive about 300' to get us well onto the island and then drop a roller straight down the middle, split the trees, and sit down 10' from the basket. He nailed the putt for a do it yourself 3. Makes a dad pretty damn proud.

            Thanks Jeff for an epic day!
            wow thats awesome!! he did tell me he got a 3 by himself but he didnt tell me how he did it. but matthew is my hero!! i was tellin people that hes got a complete game, backhand forehand , i havent seen it for myself yet, but apparently a nasty roller, and best of all the kid can putt!! Cant wait til tuesday tues starts up again so we can get paired up again and slam some aces! (matt was my partner in dubs for my first ace ever.)

            And yes i loved the monster layout, thank you as always jeff.

            annd thank you emma rose, for supplying an awesome partner in sally w for bruce and i to play with. that was too much fun. good job to 2 parts hanley + 1 part skrivanek for kickin our (and most of the advanced field) butts.


            • Wondering if all the scores could be posted.
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              • Was an awesome fantastic day!! thanks so much to the bestest boys ever, Xandor and Bruce, for such a great day. Had a blast!!


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