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    Originally posted by LadyBuzzz View Post
    Are you saying that we can park in senior building parking lot or street parking? Thanks
    I ran into Jeni Shuler yesterday when Bob and I were there, and she said we could park in the senior center parking lot.

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      course guide available?

      I'm hoping to take a quick look at the course after work today (just before 4pm)--are there any locals available to show me the way? Is it pretty easy to navigate/locate the holes? This will be my first time at Wortman....


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        I should be there myself just about that time
        can't get any more local
        i could even show you the field layout
        plenty of time to get a round in


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          Originally posted by SMOKIN JOE View Post
          I should be there myself just about that time
          can't get any more local
          i could even show you the field layout
          plenty of time to get a round in
          Awesome! Thanks!


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            clock change

            be sure to spring forward
            it would be sad to be late


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              phone call replies

              I guess I could have checked my phone

              Mr. Dooley, 8:00 a.m. is a good time ,that's when I'll open up

              Dave Stewart #36421 (int.)your on the list see you sunday we hope

              you can still call,post, messege, untill saturday evening to be on the list and yes my wife will remind me to check the phone


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                Jason HIcks and I are going to be there!!!!! He got 2nd his last tourney there, and well, I just kick ass!!!! Watch out Int guys.
                All I want for Christmas is Sharpies and Rit Dye!!!!


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                  sounds like jason hicks and troy trozzle grotte are on the list
                  final updated list later tonight around 8:00
                  sounds like cold and showers be prepared


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                    I'll be deciding in the morning whether I will make it. Got cold/flu/bronchitis. Still hoping I can make it though.



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                      Day Of Registration

                      just a reminder for those day of registrents
                      open 40.00 adv. 30.00 am. 20.00
                      non pdga member 10.00
                      ace pot 2.00
                      don't think anybody will want to doubles 5.00
                      golf at wortman priceless
                      if you are a firestarter there is a nice fireplace on the east side for getting dry at lunchtime it is close to a small covered area
                      it looks like rain and cold so be prepared
                      don't forget to spring your clock ahead
                      one thing though it should cut down on any park traffic
                      well be the only fools out there i'm sure
                      can't wait
                      love to compare my scores with the open group


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                        Cant wait...

                        Hey Terry, got the discs dyed today, they look sweet, and Jackie, Dave Heiders daughter told me to mark her down for advanced womens division 100 percent commited, and she said she wants to challenge herself, so advanced it is... See you at 7 tommorow
                        Future's so bright, I gotta wear shades.


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                          thanks carl
                          jackie heider your on the list
                          hard to believe adding people to the list today with the weather predicted for tommorrow
                          no disc golf is not addicting or anything


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                            Did you see how many people still made Slosh2 at Timber. There was about 4-5 inches of snow when it started, and another 4 inches or so came down while we were playing!!!
                            All I want for Christmas is Sharpies and Rit Dye!!!!


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                              The List


                              Nate Sexton
                              Dion Arlyn
                              Justin Skinnell
                              Victor Cervantes
                              James moore
                              Frank Renfrow

                              Adv. Masters

                              Terry Shuler
                              Dave Heider
                              Tom Dooley

                              Adv. Men

                              Shaun Kirk
                              Jason Mcgrew
                              Marcus Crespi
                              Jesse Hickerson
                              Joshua Fry
                              Mike Key
                              Brandon Hansel

                              Adv. Women

                              Jessie Ziegler
                              Shovanne Schumacher
                              Jamie Gibson
                              Jackie Heider

                              Int. Men

                              Randy Winey
                              Nick Hajicek
                              Jeff Heider
                              Carl Boje
                              Scott Hill
                              Bob Cabal
                              Brock Speer
                              Jason Hicks
                              Dave Stewart
                              Troy Trozzle Grotte

                              Int. Women

                              Jeni Shuler
                              Cindy McMahan
                              Nichola Landry

                              the gentlemen who called at 6:10 p.m.

                              that's thirty three and counted
                              thank you and with a little luck my goal of half full will be
                              don't forget the clock
                              c-ya in the morn


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                                late night

                                Mr. Miller said he may not bring the trailer but will bring some stuff with him
                                we can always write script
                                The pro group just got better thank you B. miller
                                Murry the brit your on the list
                                Jerry went pro master


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