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    Originally posted by Scott View Post
    Hmmm.... Maybe I will play open. Two guaranteed rounds with Nate? Cheaper than lessons.
    And bragging rights! "I came in second to Nate." Do it Scott!



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      sorry guys, Nate's going to have to take second at this one...

      You can count on me being there bringing my A game
      Team DISCRAFT
      NW Sign Up
      Gorilla Boy
      Paragon Disc Golf


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        I may still enter this one. I have played Wortman very well. might enter open just to play with Nate and Dion
        All I want for Christmas is Sharpies and Rit Dye!!!!


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          If anyone can guarantee me a ride from Hillsboro to this event, I will enter, and I will play Open!!!! might as well take on Nate and Dion and see what I can do
          All I want for Christmas is Sharpies and Rit Dye!!!!


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            come on Westsiders, get me there and make me play Open!!!! I want to tak on Nate and Dion!!!!!
            All I want for Christmas is Sharpies and Rit Dye!!!!


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              I am about to enter in Open, whoas gonna drive me there?
              All I want for Christmas is Sharpies and Rit Dye!!!!


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                updated list

                open nate sexton
                dion a. (didn't want to spell it wrong to lazy to go back)

                adv.masters terry shuler
                dave heider

                adv. shaun kirk
                jason mcgrew
                marcus crespi

       randy whiney
                carl boje (sorry carl)
                nick hajicek

                int.women jeni shuler
                nichola landry

                if you are not preregistered by saturday the 7th, or at least posted or called saying you are going to be there , plan on bringing a tip to add to the ace pot or a gift to the pile. 5038839340


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                  nate sexton
                  doin arlyn
                  frank renfrow
                  adv. masters
                  terry shuler
                  dave heider
                  shaun kirk
                  jason mcgrew
                  marcus crespi
                  jesse hickerson
                  joshua fry
                  randy winey
                  carl boje
                  nick hajicek
                  int. women
                  jeni shuler
                  nichola landry
                  that's all folks


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                    I might have to come play, I'll know more tomorrow after I venture that direction!


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                      Updated List


                      Nate Sexton--------18824-------1016
                      Dion Arlyn----------24781--------984
                      Victor Cervantes----25455-------960
                      Frank Renfrow-----------------------

                      adv. masters

                      Terry Shuler--------9333-------913
                      Dave Heider-------33078------907

                      advanced men

                      Shaun Kirk--------33030-------930
                      Jason McGrew----32414-------914
                      Marcus Crespi----33126-------908
                      Jesse Hickerson------------------
                      Joshua Fry-----------------------

                      advanced women

                      Jessie Ziegler-----29290-----813

                      int. men
                      Randy Whiney-----------------
                      Carl Boje----------------------
                      Nick Hajicek------38692---------

                      int. women

                      Jeni Shuler--------------------
                      Nichola Landry----38506-------

                      17 and counting, the girls need some help,
                      callat 5038839340


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                        Correction: Jason McGrew---32414---944---


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                          Originally posted by SMOKIN JOE View Post
                          Correction: Jason McGrew---32414---944---
                          You can add Scott Hill to the MA2 list. I just registered.


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                            Ok I am now signed up for FW2. See ya all there

                            Next Adventure Flight Crew Member
                            2013 Chick Flick co-TD
                            Stumptown #176
                            PDGA #37716


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                              thank you scott and cindy i will add you to the list
                              a local reported that he saw victor c. out there today with a couple of friends that also will be soon on the list
                              the wood chips and bark are on schedule to be delivered tommorrow
                              i will be off tuesday by noon and all day wednesday for anybody just wanting to spread some fun or would like to be shown the course,


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                                Updated List


                                Nate Sexton
                                Dion Arlyn
                                Frank Renfro
                                Victor Cervantes
                                Justin Skinnell
                                (thanks dion,you all,nice to have some pros here)

                                Adv. Masters

                                Terry Shuler
                                Dave Heider
                                (one more please)

                                Adv. Men

                                Shaun Kirk
                                Jason Mcgrew
                                Marcus Crespi
                                Jesse Hickerson
                                Joshua Fry
                                (all the way from bend,thanks marcus)

                                Adv. Women

                                Jesse Ziegler
                                (somebody,anybody,you don't want me to just hand her the trophy)

                                Int. Men

                                Randy Winey
                                Carl Boje
                                Nick Hajicek
                                Scott Hill
                                (this is usually the biggest group)

                                Int. Women

                                Jeni Shuler
                                Nichola Landry
                                Cindy McMahan
                                (three int. women who aren't afraid of a little slosh and a big ol' field)

                                twenty and counting , thanks everyone,and thanks to the parks department for going,getting,and dropping off chips tommorrow,they rarely spend money on this park from november to april, it's all volunteer work,even garbage and bathroom and debris pick-up,thanks to the men in orange that have to do it

                                looks like the end of the week is dry and staying that way for a while,that will help out things greatly,the snow we got the other day then the rain on top made it all spunge around the creek and some tee's and pins, will have that taken care of the best we can,


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