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  • Turkey Day Toss

    For those outside the area this is to clue you in on the yearly Turkey Day Toss.
    Where: Wortman Park
    When: Thanksgiving morning
    Events of the morning.
    8:30 a.m.: Gather around the fire for refreshments.
    9:00 a.m.: Sign ups for singles round. $10.00 for pros. $10.00 or a quality piece of plastic for am divisions.
    9:10 a.m.: 9 hole singles round.
    10:15 a.m.: More refreshments and sign up for doubles. $5.00 per person or a quality piece of plastic. This will be some what random. a/b pool, scores from singles. I always find a way to make everybody happy and keep it fair.
    10:30 a.m.: 9 hole doubles round.
    12:00 noon: More refreshments.
    Field limit if some how that would matter 36.
    Players packs and some prizes have been donated.
    More info and to get on the list which is at 4 already call Terry at 503-883-9340 or post here.

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    Courses to be used

    Singles Course
    Hole 1: Tee off pad by storage units to basket 1. Ballfield dirt OB. On or over path OB. Par 3.
    Hole 2: Hole 2. In or over creek OB. On or over road OB. Par 3.
    Hole 3: Teepad 1 to basket 4. Mando right of marked tree. In or over creek deep OB. Par 3.
    Hole 4: Teepad 9 to basket 5. Must land over path and between road on drive. Re-tee. Par 3.
    Hole 5: Teepad 6 to basket 7. Par 3.
    Hole 6: Teepad 8 to basket 3. Mando right of marked tree. on or over path left OB. In or over creek right OB. Par 5.
    Hole 7: Teepad 9 to basket 4. Par 3.
    Hole 8: Hole 11. Par 3.
    Hole 9: Hole 12. Par 3.
    Par 29.
    All standard OB's including 6 foot 6
    Doubles Course.
    Hole 1: Tee off pad by storage units to basket 12. Par 4.
    Hole 2: Tee off path by colvert to basket 11. Par 3.
    Hole 3: Hole 14. Par 3.
    Hole 4: Tee off path by fireplace and table to basket 7. Par 4.
    Hole 5: Hole 19. Par 3.
    Hole 6: Tee off sidewalk near road to basket 4. Par 3.
    Hole 7: Hole 9. Par 3.
    Hole 8: Tee off path near teepad 11 to basket 2. Par 3.
    Hole 9: Hole 1. Par 3.
    Par 29.
    Water and outside park boundies are the only OB's for the doubles round.


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      Registration-Tournament Central

      For the people whom may come from out of town. Tournament Central is on the east side under the covered kitchen by the fireplace. I will open registration and refreshments at 8:30 a.m. I have about 10 extra goodies to go along with players packs. First come first serve. The list is at 7 crazy people so far. Till the morning.


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