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    Results are on the discgolfscene
    The pdga website has not been very cooperative.
    Will try again later.
    Thanks for all in attendence.
    Special Olympics $223


    • Hindsight forecasting

      Originally posted by Scott View Post
      Sure, rain happens. In some places, more than others. We happen to live in one of those places. We get that. But a TD can be prepared for that. Hopefully the TD (and other TDs) will learn from this experience that natural teepads in really rainy weather is a really bad idea.
      Your asking a TD (as in only one making event happen with very limited help) to prepare for an unknown condition 6 weeks in advance....

      Concreat teepads are not an option on most holes due to McMinnville being a near police state. Takes 4 police cars to pull over a car load of teenagers...

      Last year had fairly solid footing, Rain gods smiled on us. The name of event and timing being set on variable DST change and fact that no pre-reg was required (and looking at radar/forecast) is all that needs to be said about not going in with an idea that it might be an interesting day.

      I am a weather geek and wore fine protection and muck boots. Did not help my game but body and such are fine.

      My personal opinion is XXXX safety first. If you can't dodge the random disc or tree limb, well, maybe Darwin is still alive and well.


      • Buzz

        Hey Terry
        Thanks for the tourny we had a fun. We were glad to get the experience of a soaking wet and muddy tournament
        Did someone turn in the buzz they found I would love to get it back
        Thanks again


        • I'll chime in and offer my opinion in the matter. I have played over a hundred PDGA events and dozen non-sanctioned events in my seven year career. I have also been the TD of over 20 events, most of them run at Adair or Willamette. Both venues are pretty easy to hold events at, Adair is incredibly easy to hold events at as its a large park with not a lot of traffic.

          1. The Weather this past weekend was atrocious for disc golf. I played both events and after each day I was freezing cold and my legs were as soar as they've ever been.

          2. Terry does a great job for what he has to work with, and considering that not a lot of his events fill to this capacity or see the amount of traffic that he got this weekend, I think things went as well as they could. Yes the tee pads were awful, there just isn't a lot you can do about that considering the amount of rain involved. Best options would be to have rubber pads, or use the sidewalks, or move tee pads at break (which he did do for a few of them).

          3. The lack of a scoreboard was unfortunate. I did bring one from the WDGC to use, but without leader cards or someone willing to write up 60+ names the morning of the event, it becomes irrelevant. The best thing to do there would be to ask a club ahead of time to bring one, and be prepared for its use. It is much more fun for the players to see the scores at lunch and see how things shook out.

          4. Shaun Kirk is the man. We were tied with three holes to play, both staring at 35' for birdie on hole 16. I skipped my shot over the basket and he proceeded to nail his putt for the go ahead. I made perhaps my BEST trick putt to date, virtually throwing a spike anhyzer putt 20' around the tree (the basket was tied to the tree...) Then I parked the next hole after Shaun places his drive about 30 wide. He cans the putt. Then he parks 18 to seal the deal, and I had to go for the ace to tie. No ace. Congrats Mr. Kirk on an amazing finish. However, does this mean you are giving up on the collegiate pursuits for Western Oregon? By rule, a cashing pro cannot compete at a college level. If so, then here's to an amazing season...if not, then well...welcome to pro anyway!

          Overall a fun event, fun weekend, and perhaps the worst weather I'll play in this year. I'd rather the rest of my season is sunny and 70, but we can't always get ideal conditions, gotta make the most of what we get

          And no, this event is not indicative of Oregon Disc Golf in the greater sense of the phrase. It is indicative of a winter event at a small course. Oregon DG has some of the best run events in the country, and if a new player to the game or to PDGA events wanted to see that, please check out some of the long running events in the state.

          Team DISCRAFT
          NW Sign Up
          Gorilla Boy
          Paragon Disc Golf


          • Originally posted by Weatherman View Post
            Your asking a TD (as in only one making event happen with very limited help) to prepare for an unknown condition 6 weeks in advance....
            I am not asking that at all. But I do think it is reasonable for a TD to look at the current weather conditions and plan accordingly. Nearly every natural teepad that was used had a concrete or sidewalk option nearby. A couple of them were used at lunch.

            For the record, I am not bitching about the rain and mud. I wore raingear and waterproof socks and stayed pretty warm and relatively dry all day. As a forehand thrower, I use very little run up and can stand and deliver when necessary. I did not have any problem at all with any of the pads (but can certainly see why many people would).

            Finally, I would like to state again that I am very appreciative of Terry and the events he throws. I offer suggestions in the hope that already fun events can be made better.


            • Pdga posted results

              Results are in.


              • Nephew is Awesome

                Originally posted by ahukingacehole View Post
                I wanted to say thanks again to Terry for putting a lot of time and effort into the tournament with the handmade tee signs and temp holes, Wortman is very small and is very difficult to fit 18 decent holes into. I think it was a good course considering what we have to work with. I just tried to keep a positive attitude despite the muddy tee's, rain, wind, and general nastiness involved in Wortman park winter golf.

                I'm excited to be playing pro from here on out, I hope this win marks the beginning of a good tournament season.
                As a 47 year old man that had a 50/50 chance at beating Shaun 3 years ago at a course that Shaun helped design at my home I have to give him total prop's. Now, I'm happy to be within 8 after a round. Very proud!!


                • My last name is misspelled on both sites, Could you fix it please. My last name is spelled Verhoeven there is no A in it. could you also re link me on disc golf sceene.



                  • Originally posted by Hippy007 View Post
                    My last name is misspelled on both sites, Could you fix it please. My last name is spelled Verhoeven there is no A in it. could you also re link me on disc golf sceene.

                    same for me.

                    my name is spelled "Waibel"

                    Xander Waibel PDGA #41673 and i am current. (paid $35 ADV)


                    • Terry, I noticed on pdga that you have me taking cash for this tournament. I received scrip... not cash. If you could let pdga know that I would appreciate it. I got an AM Worlds invite and wont be able to go if I have accepted cash. Thanks Jeremy


                      • Final notes

                        Looks like the pdga has finalized things. Ratings should be in next update. Sorry for they delay. When dealing with Special Olympics things take a little time.
                        All the script has been turned in. You're all welcome on not dating your script.
                        Disc golf depot refunded me $93.00 in script money. I in turn donated to the Special Olympics on behalf of the Disc golf Depot. So that makes $316.00 total to the Special Olmpics. Thank you all for helping me raise money so in turn we can use the field area.


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