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  • Cool Terry, I also wish I could have been there, especially since my work's company party got rescheduled, but they did not decide to do so until noon. I did not make the Adair Series either, but I certainly would have liked to. I have also played a little Intermediate now and then, and I just had to give you some grief. Way to go, Carquest of Sheridan!
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    • they are!

      CTPs from the Slosh #2:

      I tried to attach this as a PDF and .doc but each time said the file was too, sorry about the formatting (which drives me crazy!).

      Hole Division Name Prize
      1 All Masters Divisions MacPherson 170 Soft Wizard Stumptown White
      2 Rec Cody Hardman 168 DX Classic Roc donated by Brill
      3 All Divisions Sean Phillips Excaliber-donated by Luke Jenks
      4 All Advanced Divisions Ed Cox 175 Champ Wraith donated by Jason Pinkal
      5 Int. Women Darcey Tatzlaff 171 Medium Wizard Stumptown Red
      6 All Women Divisions Kirsten Voyer Stumptown T-shirt
      7 Int. Men Jared James 168 Champ Sidewinder donated by Luke Jenks
      8 All Ams Tom Cole Stumptown T-shirt
      9 All Advanced Divisions Zach Murphy Stumptown T-shirt
      10 All Am Divisions Matt Kabaza 176 Pro Pig
      11 All Divisions Mat Crider The Boss
      12 All Am Divisions Chris Jones Disc Golf Cards, autographed by Carrie Berloger-donated by Carie Coleman
      13 All Intermediate Divisions Matt Kabaza Stumptown T-shirt
      14 All Am Divisions Jason Abell Stumptown T-shirt
      15 All Ams Steve Yang 171 Champ Valk NA stamp donated by Jason Pinkal
      16 All Rec Kent Smothers Stumptown T-shirt
      17 All Divisions Brian Serniotti 175 Champ T-Rex donated by Jason Pinkal
      18 Longest Putt-All Divisions Tom Dooley Stumptown T-shirt
      19 Am Women Kirsten Voyer 150 Champ Valk NA Stamp donated by Carie Coleman

      A special thanks to Stumptown DG for donating the T-shirts and Wizards, Luke Jenks and Icarus Discs (though we weren't able to give that one away...we'll save it for the next Slosh!) for donating discs. And...thanks to Next Adventure for doing the scrip for us.


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