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  • 2010 Rose City Open Waiting List

    A-Pool Wait List
    1-Shawn Barnett - REGISTERED
    2-David Munoz - REGISTERED
    3-Ken Acquin - REGISTERED
    4-John Stone - REGISTERED
    5-Gordon Field - - DECLINED
    6-Chandler Fry - REGISTERED
    7-Jeremy Sieber - DECLINED
    8-Cloud Pemble - REGISTERED
    9-Leland O'Driscoll - REGISTERED
    10-Damien Lee - ON DECK

    B-Pool Wait List

    1-Ben Chilton - REGISTERED
    2-Lincoln Thomas - REGISTERED
    3-Jeff Monette - REGISTERED
    4-Ian Smiley - REGISTERED
    5-Joey Moro - REGISTERED
    6-Jason Phillips - DECLINED
    7-Zaq Jones - REGISTERED
    8- Marcus Crespi - REGISTERED
    9-Shawn Barnett - REGISTERED
    10-Kevin Owens - REGISTERED
    11-Roy Albert - DECLINED
    12-Tracy McCornack - DECLINED
    13-Chris Conrad - DECLINED
    14-Ben Armstrong - NO ANSWER
    15-Ned Blaisdell - REGISTERED
    16-Jason Soules - DECLINED
    17-Carl Boje - NO ANSWER
    18-Brent Bissett - NO ANSWER
    19-Kyle Lamontagne
    20-Rebecca Verette - REGISTERED
    21-Art Johnson
    22-Mike Lowe
    23-Chad Berg
    24-Damien Lee
    25-Stephen Sines
    26-Daniel Olsen

    Ladies Wait List(If a woman drops a woman will be brought in)
    1-Tracy McCornack - - DECLINED
    2-Rebecca Verette - REGISTERED
    3-Elaine Hilbert - REGISTERED
    4-Andrea Keller - INVITE SENT
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