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    Originally posted by Trozzle!!! View Post
    I believe the cut off for MA3 is higher than 800, but not much higher. my 799 rating makes it in just fine. I know with the next ratings update I will go up a over 800 but still low enough to continue to play MA3

    My mistake. It is quite a bit higher. To play MA3, you have to have a rating <900. To play MA4, you have to have a rating <850.


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      Originally posted by Sam View Post
      Oh, Troy... it's cute when you talk smack.

      I say D-Walk takes your division, actually... but good luck.

      Not making any other predictions other than T-Bell winning her division. :laugh:

      I think its cute when I talk smack too, its even cute when i back it up and actually win, like I did today.

      Thanks D Walk for a great 2nd round and keeping it close enough to be a challenge
      All I want for Christmas is Sharpies and Rit Dye!!!!


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        Finally got my first victory, and a PDGA victory at that. today was great. thanks Jeff an Ryan and anyone else who was involved with putting it on
        All I want for Christmas is Sharpies and Rit Dye!!!!


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          This tournament was freaking awesome. I must admit, two rounds KILLED me... soo tired after the second round.

          Troy... great to meet and play with you.... same goes out to Bill, david, jeff, and everyone else I met yesterday.


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            Great job Jeff Haggerty, Tim Sausage, Bob Horning, Stumptown, all the players and staff. And what phenomenal weather!
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              Thanks to everyone who put on this tournament it was awesome, and the weather was great. We camped Friday night, and for sure will be doing that next summer a few times for some awesome golf weekends. Thanks too the guys who found my 150 champion Valkyrie on hole 6, and thanks to Shari from my group who found my backup 150 champion Valkyrie on hole six. That would have sucked to have to re-tee twice on the same hole on the same day. The girls in the Rec women's group rocked we had so much fun, and it was a battle for first I ended up on top by only one stroke . Congrats to Jeni for taking the CTP in our group. Sari you were awesome for only playing 3 months. I hope to see you ladies at some upcoming Chickflick events.
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                Results have been posted to the PDGA and you can now check out your round ratings etc...

                I wanted to take a moment here to thank everyone for both showing up and for taking it easy on a first time TD. I hope everyone had a great time out there.

                When we were all said and done we had paid out over $550 to the Pros and over $1200 in Scrip for the AMs.

                Thank you again to:
                Stumptown Disc Golf
                Bob Horning and everyone up at Horning's Hideout
                Andina Restaurant for the Gift Certificate
                The Oregon Series for letting us borrow their scoreboard
                Mike Rideout for a Couple of CTPs
                Ryan Gwillim & Cris Brow for dyeing all of those sweet trophy discs
                Steve Carson for managing the online entries
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                  Really bummed I couldn't make this one - A one day PDGA event at one of my fave courses, on a perfect day. I was in a class all day and evertime I looked out the window.

                  But I want to give a huge shout out to my buddy Bob (the Over the Hill one) who took third place in his division and won his first PDGA scrip.


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                    a 48 in the first round was rated 993!! wow (nothing against Tyler) but to me that seems high. Especially given that 18 was shortened. Wish I could have played... but it was fun to see Embree get an ace.
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