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    wow! I didn't pay the BSF any attention last year. I only started playing leagues n tourneys last april and june. Now that im into competing. I'd like to enter the biggest A tier in the state. I had no idea that I'd have an easier time signing up for the Memorial in AZ than the one half an hour away. Open it up for as many people as you can!!!!!!!!!! TWO WEEKENDS so I can play and still volunteer/watch the pros!
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      Bigger event thoughts . . . Timber and Dabney are both pretty durn close, especially Timber ? ? ? It wouldn't be the first time that a LARGE event was played at multiple courses . . .

      Just a thought . . .

      I really like the idea or thought of raffling and/or auctioning off some set-aside spots once registration has filled. . . AWESOME IDEA!!! mmmmmm . . . money

      I also really like the idea of setting aside division minimums (ie: Women's divisions) I mean, come one, they will fill . . . a few less dudes, a few more mother hukkers! WOOT!! Great suggestion, Cindy

      Qualifiers . . . sure, top 3-5 (??) from each division from last year deserve a shoe-in, but they should have the ability to claim such before official registration opens. After that, too bad. Sold out is Sold out. Qualifiers from outta state?? What if Pro players could pre-qualify for one of few limited, set-aside spots, based on current year's (season's) PDGA event points earned ? ? ?

      Many great and not-so-great-ideas listed, all of which needed to develop the best approach to pondering the subject, at hand . . .

      my two cents, maybe my non cents . . . dunno

      Either way, we at DiscGolfOregon are here to help above and beyond the 500 minis already discussed. Just let us know what we can do . . .



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        Cant really do it this year because of short notice but what about next year giving auto bids to anyone who takes top 10 in their Oregon Series Division, since this is a ORS event. Also auto qualify to any pro's that are 995 or above. Im not at that level i just think it sucks if anyone who could win this tourney is left out for an AM that signs up at pro with no shot to even cash. A 940 player should not take a 995 players spot in the PRO FIELD.

        Thats my opinion, i really like the only registerd PDGA pros get to play pro


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          I don't think that an Oregon Series exists at this point.
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            Check out the latest information on about the BSF.



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