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  • Hope Open - October 31st

    Hello friends!

    I'm letting you know about another tournament in the works...

    It's called Hope Open and it is a fundraiser tournament benefiting the American Cancer Society.

    This event will take place October 31st at Willamette Park in Corvallis and is a "women-friendly" event. That means that we are holding 40 spots for women up until 2 weeks before the tournament.

    This will be PDGA sanctioned CEP, so minimal PDGA fees per player (which go to American Cancer Society) and no non-member fees.

    A couple other things to mention: all players will receive a player's pack and because this event falls on Halloween there will also be a costume contest

    Attached is a flyer. Start getting excited!!

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    Sounds awesome, I plan to sponsor and sign up right away. What's PDGA sanctioned CEP?

    Oh, and I added the event to the calendar...
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      CEP stands for Competition Endowment Program, which is for all charity events and any events that help promote disc golf to different members, create awareness, etc.

      It's pretty awesome for charity events, way less PDGA fees which hopefully will encourage more people to play!


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        I'll be signing up for this for sure and either buy a tee sign or just donate. My father was taken by cancer, my niece was taken by cancer, close dear friends have been taken by cancer, my wife has family members that have been taken by cancer. If you have not known somebody close that has been taken by this ghastly disease, you WILL. We can all sit around and wait for somebody else to do something or we can do our part NOW and give HOPE to those that otherwise don't have much hope. Science has come a long way in recent years towards finding a cure but there is still a lot of work to do.

        We have here an opportunity to compete in the sport we all love at a great course, in the off season and for what? HOPE! We now have the opportunity to give HOPE where it is most needed. Join me in supporting this tournament, join me in helping to give HOPE.



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          Cindy and I will be there for sure. As a survivor myself I'm ready to give a little back and help kick cancers butt.
          Just shut up and throw!


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            I should also make note about other special things going on at this tournament.

            If you would like to donate to the ACS, we are hosting $25 tee signs that can be dedicated to someone in your life touched by cancer. The sign will be posted at one of the tees on the course for the duration of the event and 100% of these proceeds goes to the ACS.

            The registration form has also been updated so we can include a spot for survivors to check off and be recognized. There is also a place to put a name of someone you are playing for that will be printed out on a special bag tag.


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              PDGA Online sign ups, now active!!

              Sign up here


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                Count me in as a sponsor!


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                  I want to play / support this event... do you think I would be able to get back to Eugene by 5:30-6:00? I have a play that night at school.


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                    This sound great. Thank you for putting this together.


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                      Originally posted by DexterHawk View Post
                      I want to play / support this event... do you think I would be able to get back to Eugene by 5:30-6:00? I have a play that night at school.
                      If we can stick to the schedule and each round doesn't take longer than 3 hours, then you should be done by 4:30, which should allow enough time to get back to Eugene.

                      Please keep in mind though, I'm a new TD, and there is a chance for inclement weather (which could make rounds longer).

                      I'd love to have you come and play. I will do my best to keep things on time, but you're obviously taking a chance.


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                        I'll sign up and if I have to DNF the last round I will...


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                          Innova has stepped up to support our event with their Gold package:

                          Tournament Supplies
                          60 Scorecards
                          75 INNOVA Stickers
                          36 INNOVA Eraser Pencils
                          2 Yellow Innova Banners

                          TD Appreciation
                          1 Tournament Director baseball hat
                          2 Special CFR CTP discs

                          Cool Merchandise
                          4 INNOVA T-Shirts
                          2 INNOVA Flex Caps
                          1 INNOVA Polo Shirt
                          2 FlyDry Towels
                          50 regular mini discs

                          Tournament Target
                          1 INNOVA DISCatcher Traveler

                          Thank you Innova

                          We also have some other cool sponsorships in the works, so keep a look out for upcoming news

                          This is going to be an awesome event that will benefit a very worthy cause. Whom among us has not been personally touched by cancer be it themselves, a family member, or a close friend. Even if you cannot attend the event you can show your support by purchasing an honor sign with 100% of the funds going to the American Cancer Society. Also you can donate directly to the ACS, or the event, and you can do this all from the PDGA sign-up.

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                            We are still thinking about this event. Is there a jr division?


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                              Originally posted by Ms Thing View Post
                              We are still thinking about this event. Is there a jr division?
                              We are hoping to have a Jr.division both girls and boys. We have had at least one other inquiry about a Jr.division, so there is some intrest out there. All divisions are availbe on the sign up page. Come on Ms. Thing & Zippy sign up, and join the fun.
                              Next Adventure Flight Crew Member
                              2013 Chick Flick co-TD
                              Stumptown #176
                              PDGA #37716


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