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    also registration is between 8 and 9
    golf to follow
    raffle is at lunch time
    the special Jagermeifter machine will be raffled off sunday after ball golf
    need not be present to win, I will be there for ya guys
    the ball golf side is full now
    let's show them we can help a little on the disc golf side
    said only better by Bartel & James
    and thank you for your support


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      Jerimiah K. on the list needing a partner


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        Ward Stroud thanks for signing up and sponsoring a hole
        see ya on Saturday


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          Carl Boje and Shaun Kirk thank you for your basket support and see ya saturday,
          the field is gonna rock,
          the third field hole is my favorite. it's around 500 feet,
          20 feet before the in closed green is a double mando you must pass through, just behind the mando trees is a sidewalk hazard, the green is in closed, fence on the right and deep, wall on your left, about 50 feet across,
          wide open till you get to the green,
          also your drive at the 300 foot mark has to clear the track,
          the track seems to collect discs,
          14 have said they will be here, a few more are trying to attend
          planning lunch for saturday
          told him to cook 20 rib lunches
          please post or call 503-883-9340 to put you on the list
          can't guarantee lunches for everyone
          don't want him to cook 50 and only have 15 players
          want things to run smoothly for Scottie's
          it's nice to have the bar and grill next to the park wanting to help and support or sport,
          also breakfast
          only had a couple telling me they are coming for breakfast
          told him not to worry about it or only staff one person to cook
          if your planning on breakfast please let me know
          if you come early and there is no breakfast there are plenty of places just around the corner
          thank's everyone who has donated and supported the event so far
          se ya saturday


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            Any idea when lunch and the singles will be? We're interested, but have some other things to do that day. How will the divisions go? It looks like there aren't any novice people signed up, so will you have that division? Will you be combining divisions if not enough turnout? It sounds like fun, and a great cause!


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              lunch should be at 12 noon till one o'clock
              also the raffle is at lunch time as well
              singles should be at 1 o'clock
              if a couple of people show that said they might we will have novice for sure
              if not enough then yes
              Jeremy should play novice and so would Jerimiah
              my wife probably will if no other girls show


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                thank you Ron Ringer and partner for signing up see ya saturday


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                  an ameteur team from corvalis , Ryan and friend, was just on the course and said they would be at Scottie's at 8 o'clock
                  thanks guys see ya then


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                    scouting the School field yesterday for a little easier setup,
                    came up with a couple of things,
                    since no open and no higher rated advanced players have signed up,
                    decided to make it easier for the am players,
                    which is half rec players anyway, to make it more fun
                    not going to sport Disc golf Depot's trialer since there hasn't been anyone other than my family pre pay,
                    we will write script , I have a few discs,
                    the locals can wait untill tuesday, I'm Going to Portland on sunday,
                    also it's not PDGA sactioned, so my rules apply, pdga rules on the course are expected to be followed as close as possible,
                    cash will be awarded to any divisions unanimusly accepting cash instead of prizes, so script I'm thinking wont be so important
                    can't wait for the raffle


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                      One word, JAGER


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                        Special Olympics Results

                        well if you didn't figure out the last post Shaun Kirk took home the Jager machine to the disappointment of many ball golf players
                        actually if we hadn't have been there I'm not sure Shuan would have won.
                        there was a big uproar on damn disc golfers winning everything
                        no one new Shaun besides the three discers that were there
                        so I took the machine home with me to insure Shaun received his prize
                        there was back ground noise of it disappearing, very disappointing
                        we did a great job of raising money for only 17 disc golfers
                        here's how we did

                        Doubles= 140.00
                        Singles= 80.00
                        Ace pot= 10.00
                        Overall = 35.00
                        Hole Sponsors= 225.00
                        Raffle tickets= 303.00
                        total raised by disc golfers= 793.00

                        it was sweet giving out so many raffle prizes
                        seeing the piles on some of the tables was awesome
                        even though I was shut out of the raffle my son and wife kicked
                        Special thanks to Scottie's bar and golf staff for all the help and especially Scottie for his outstanding hospitality to the golfers, we can use the bar anytime he said,
                        so here are some golf results


                        Ryan Bays and Josh Rickert 49------= 50.00
                        Dave Hieder and Scotty Richardson 51-= 15.00
                        Shaun Kirk and Carl Boje 51------= 15.00
                        John Hallqiust and Ward Stroud 55
                        Mike Maffin and Cali 57- played along for fun

                        Mixed Doubles

                        Terry Shuler and Jeni Shuler 53--------= 40.00
                        Jerimiah Boaz and Suzi Boaz 60--------= 20.00
                        Braden Shuler and Ashley Hull 73, that's my six year boy and his sister who has maybe played 6 holes ever , he usually roles right hand forehand, his new roller that was on was left hand backhand, he has all the throws at age six, left or right,

                        Singles Men

                        Shaun Kirk 52= 25.00
                        Terry Shuler 53= 18.00
                        Carl Boje 54= 10.00
                        Scotty Richerdson 56= 7.00
                        Josh Rickert 57
                        Dave Hieder 58
                        Mike Maffin 61
                        Ryan Bays 61
                        Ward Stroud 62
                        John Hallquist 66
                        Jerimiah Boaz 73
                        Ron Ringer 98

                        Singles Women

                        Suzi Boaz 70= 13.00
                        Jeni Shuler 75= 7.00
                        Jackie Hieder 75
                        Ashley Hull 100


                        Terry Shuler 53 + 53 = 106 = 20.00
                        Josh Rickert 49 + 57 = 106 = 10.00
                        Scotty Richerson 51 + 56 = 107 = 5.00
                        Dave Hieder 51 + 58 = 109
                        Ryan Bays 49 + 61 = 110
                        Ward Stroud 55 + 62 = 117
                        John Hallqiust 55 + 66 = 121

                        Ace pot

                        Shaun Kirk = 10.00
                        Terry Shuler
                        Jenim Shuler
                        Carl Boje
                        John Hallqiust
                        Ward Stroud
                        Dave Hieder
                        Scotty Richerdson
                        Ryan Bays
                        Josh Rickert

                        Overall take home not including Jager machine Shaun, raffle prizes, lunch and free drinks

                        Special Olmpics = 793.00
                        Terry Shuler = 58.00
                        Shaun Kirk = 42.50
                        Josh Rickert = 35.00
                        Jeni Shuler = 27.00
                        Ryan Bays = 25.00
                        Suzi Boaz = 23.00
                        Scotty Richerson = 19.50
                        Carl Boje = 17.5
                        Jerimiah Boaz = 10.00
                        Dave Hieder = 7.5
                        Braden Shuler
                        Ashley Hull
                        John Hallqiust
                        Ward Struod
                        Mike Maffin
                        Jackie Hieder
                        Ron Ringer
                        thanks everyone for playing and supporting the cause
                        will do the same thing next year
                        I was told another jager machine is up for next year already said seemed to be a hit in the raffle, between ball golf and disc golf the machine would have been paid for which made her happy to donate it again next year
                        thanks again everyone till next year


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                          I am writing this a little hungover

                          THat would be because Shaun and I traded my First RUnd Destroyer and my 08 USDGC Spectator Lake Fish ROc. We had that machine filled and pouring ice cold jager by 8:45 last night, it fits perfectly next to my kegerator. What a sweet piece of technology. I think it pretty much forces my hand into buying a keg of chili beer from calapooia to couple up with the jager. Heaven Im in heaven
                          Future's so bright, I gotta wear shades.


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                            after all I did and you didn't even call me
                            I see how it goes in Jagerland
                            Shaun said it would look best at your house


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