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  • Eugene Disc Golf Celebration 2014 Presented by Hop Valley Brewing - Sept. 6th and 7th 2014 - Dexter and Cottage Grove

    Eugene Disc Golf Celebration 2014 Presented by Hop Valley Brewing
    PDGA B-Tier

    September 6th and 7th, 2014
    Dexter State Park, Dexter, OR
    North Regional park, Cottage Grove, OR

    More information coming soon!

    We will accept registration in person at the EDGC meeting at Hop Valley Eugene, on Tuesday July 1st at 6:30 pm. There will be some other in-person registration opportunities, TBD. Cash or check only.

    We will accept registration by mail. Include the following information: Name, E-mail Address, Phone Number, Division, PDGA number, Ace Pot Yes or No, Shirt size for Amateur Divisions.

    Checks made out to Eugene Disc Golf Club, mailed to:

    Matt Benotsch
    1554 Buck St.
    Eugene, OR 97402
    In-person and mail-in registrations will be slotted according to date and time received.

    Online registration on starts Jul 02, 2014 at 6:00 PM and closes Aug 24, 2014.


    Pro Divisions - $75
    Advanced - $65
    Intermediate - $55
    Non-Current PDGA Member add $10
    Ace Pot add $2

    Divisions and Preliminary Caps:

    FPO 8
    MPO 36
    MPM 16
    MPG 8

    MA1 40
    FA1 8
    MM1 12
    MG1 8
    MS1 4
    MA2 16
    FA2 4


    Until we have our permit we cannot confirm camping at Dexter but we are planning for it again this year, stay tuned.


    We are using two courses this year - Dexter and North Regional Park in Cottage Grove. The main reason is that it will allow us to hold the Awards Ceremony at Dexter at 2:30 pm on Sunday, instead of starting the final round at that time. Days will be shorter for everyone with more time to hang out together and everyone will be home sooner on Sunday.

    All Professional divisions and at least one Amateur division (TBD) will play 2 rounds at Dexter on Saturday and 1 round at Cottage Grove on Sunday. All other Amateur divisions will play 2 rounds at Cottage Grove on Saturday and 1 round at Dexter on Sunday. There will be a 1 hr. lunch break each day.

    We anticipate that some players may not like this change in format from last year. Every decision has benefits and drawbacks for everyone involved and this is our decision for 2014. We encourage you to attend this event with a great attitude, and if that is not possible please check out other options for your disc golf tournament experience and consider organizing and running an event according to your personal preferences.

    Like last year, there will be food vendors at Dexter all weekend. We will have side games, a huge raffle, and a CTP for every card in the 2nd round.
    More info coming soon!
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    Disillusioned Optimist Welcome aboard


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      so then life's a shit sandwich then that's too bad for such a young person


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        Here is the direct link for registration, looking forward to another great year!

        Due to popular Crusty demand we have added the Advanced Senior Grandmaster division to the field! If there is another division that you are interested in that we are not currently offering, please contact the TD team at with your request and we will see if it is possible.

        We hope to announce soon that we have secured camping at Dexter again this year, just waiting on the permit. The EDGC has earmarked $500 from the Lucky Dawg Open and the Celebration to be used specifically on course improvements at Dexter. In addition to those funds raised, the club is also planning to install new tee signs at Dexter this year, and hopefully finalize the placement and installation of the new pin placements required by the OPRD. Most likely these will not be in place before the event.

        We want to thank our awesome Title Sponsor - Hop Valley Brewing Company - for stepping up big again in 2014! There will be a minimum $1000 added to the Pro purse for this event. There will be a minimum $500 added to the Am purse for this event. Last year we exceeded both those numbers, AND valued the am player's pack at less than actual cost, AND we plan to do that again this year!

        Thank you to our other generous Major Sponsors:

        Huk Lab -
        Brew Dr. Kombucha -
        Innova Discs -

        Both Huk Lab and Brew Dr. Kombucha will be on-site all weekend at Dexter, so get some gear and some Kombucha and thank these sponsors!

        Get signed up! if your division fills, get ON THE WAITLIST! Every single person on the waitlist last year eventually was offered a spot. Only one person did not get in, and they showed up the day of and it went down to the wire. We will try to accommodate everyone but we won't go over 160 players. We had requests last year to offer more than online only registration, so we will take mail-in registration, as well as in-person registration at a few places and times, so get signed up!
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          Originally posted by LJ Jubner View Post
          so then life's a shit sandwich then that's too bad for such a young person

          Jub, I apologize for removing my post that gives context to your replies above. I can't even stand my own whining! Back on the positive, and back to promoting the event. Hope you make it this year, Jub!

          Yeah, I said it. Personal invitation from the TD, not that you need one. I'll have three discs for prizes if you come and run the Simpson's trivia contest again.


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            No sweat The other 99.9% you are correct

            I passed on three other events to PLAY THE CELBRATION IN EUGENE!!!! Simpsons is last years champions burden but I will be there with 50% correct answers (get it guessing can almost win just ask the Bar wrestler)


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              Besides this will be OR. only chance to ask me in person "Why Trojan?"


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                Originally posted by Matt B. View Post

                All Professional divisions and at least one Amateur division (TBD) ...

                When will the one Amateur division be determined?

                I'm asking for the sake of car-pool planning.

                Thanks -
                Please don't confuse my Disc Golf passion with actual Disc Golf ability.


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                  Originally posted by oneshotleft View Post

                  When will the one Amateur division be determined?

                  I'm asking for the sake of car-pool planning.

                  Thanks -
                  Not until registration gets pretty full. We will need to balance the pools by adding about 12 spots from an AM division to the Pro pool. The most likely divisions are MM1, or FA1 and FA2 together. BUT - that is just a guess.


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                    72 spots full in 12 hours. Mail in entry ends Weds. July 9th - mail in my hands, not postmark. Mail now if you are going to mail in your registration please. Looking forward to another fun Celebration!


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                      And if you want to guarantee a spot - That's your best bet!


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                        100 of 160 spots filled in less than 48 hours - looks like the format change and addition of the second course is really going to kill this tournament! Thanks to everyone who signed up already and thanks to all the great people who play disc golf in Oregon!


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                          128 spots filled. If you were waiting, you better hurry.

                          MA1 is full.

                          FA2 is full with 3 on the waitlist - this will be the first division to have spots added if we make any adjustments. The preliminary cap of 4 was based on the last 3 years registrations for this tournament, but there is more demand this year obviously. We will wait for two full weeks of open registration before adjusting caps.

                          9 spots left in MPO.

                          3 spots left in FPO.

                          3 spots left in MPM

                          3 spots left in FA1.

                          2 spots left in MA2.

                          4 spots left in MM1.


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                            Thank you to Warren Hollinshead and The Lynx for donating 50 CFR discs to the fundraising efforts of the EDGC and Eugene Disc Golf Celebration 2014 Presented by Hop Valley Brewing! Not only did Warren put on a great event, he is helping us raise funds for future events and course improvements!

                            Through the efforts of the EDGC, TDs Warren Hollinshead, Ben Armstrong, Tobiah Moshier and Matt Benotsch, and the many other volunteers who help run EDGC events, we are raising money to maintain, improve and build local disc golf courses. People sometimes ask "Why are you raising funds for a tournament when it only benefits the players"? The answer is that tournaments can raise a lot of money for courses when done correctly, AND provide players with an awesome disc golf experience at a great value.

                            With new tee signs, new pin positions, and more improvements planned at Dexter, the TD's of The Lynx, The Lucky Dawg and Eugene Disc Golf Celebration 2014 Presented by Hop Valley Brewing are requesting that at least $750 of the funds raised at these 3 events be used solely at Dexter. It will take more than that, and other EDGC fundraising is underway as well to improve the course at Dexter. Thanks to the Dexter Committee of the EDGC for organizing the work to keep the course looking good: Mike Beattie, Steve Edlund and Rex Snellstrom.


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                              SEE I told you guys it was not just one guy making all the decisions


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