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  • 2014 PDGA Worlds Training Series!!!

    Time to get down to biz-nis if ya know what I mean!!! Anyone down for some serious worlds training I was thinking about getting some sort of a travelling weekend event going on weekends that don't have PDGA tournaments...We can do 20-25 dollar buy in, one division and top 10 percent payout...who's in?

    The general consensus so far is that we should focus mainly on Worlds courses for these events, who knows how many people will show up, but the more there are the better the payout and everyone wants a chance at getting the best of the top pros in Oregon so hopefully we'll get a decent turnout. These won't be PDGA sanctioned and more than likely set up similar to how a league or weekly doubles event is(this way we don't have to pay park fees). The way I'm thinking we can do it is to set up two rounds in one day which may be grueling depending on the courses that we -play, but hey....it's training right? Unless someone else feels like running the events, I'll make sure to run them and we can get a schedule set up once we rally some suggestions on dates and locations here.

    I'll probably set-up a points system for the series and we can maybe have a finals set up with a PDGA tournament? Who knows but I'll definitely get some points going and at least trophies to individuals with the most points and what not, who knows....maybe we can get some schwag donated for CTPs..I dunno...

    More info to come!!!

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    I think that is a cool idea. I'd play! I like the idea playing the worlds courses.


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      I'll be tracking a good weekend to get the first event going, any suggestions on how soon we get this going? I was thinking the first event would start the weekend of Feb first. Recommendations for Saturday or Sunday? Also Dion Mentioned recommendations on having an entry fee for worlds paid for with the points and cash towards finals. Also getting rid of frills and keeping the event cheap was also discussed. I was thinking 20 dollar buy in with 10 percent payout to sweeten the pot for individuals who were travelling over 50 miles such as yourself. I thought it would also set a more tense tone to more closely emulate a worlds environment. I thought we could take 2 dollars from each entry to go towards a finale but maybe it could be towards a worlds entry. Probably should go without saying, but the other 18 would go toward day-of payout.


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        Love this idea!! I actually was trying to brain storm something like this before I read you post. My only personal issue would be any dates that interfere with the southern Oregon Winter Series. It seems crazy, but I actually commute from Portland to Southern Oregon every two weeks to duel with everyone down there. I understand that I am a rarity in this, but any way I can play both would be great! The weekend of Feb 1st is open.
        $20 buy in seems easy enough to come up with.


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          I'm curious as to if there's any information about what divisions will be playing what courses yet. I will be in Portland later this month for several days and just wondering where I could be focusing my attentions. If anyone has any info, that'd be awesome! Thanks! Can't wait!


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            Nothing is completely set in stone yet, but most likely Pier/McCormick/Milo East & West.

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              For FPO? Sweet! Not what I was guessing so glad I asked. Guess I'll be making some trips out to McCormick in 2 weeks! Thanks Jeff!


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