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  • April Fools Dubs | March 22-23 | Adair DGC

    Division Team Name Day ROUND 1 ROUND 2 TOTAL PLACE PRIZE
    AM Mix "Watch This" SAT 86 65 151 1st
    AM Mix Hyz-Hers SAT 90 69 159 2nd
    AM Mix The Dudicools SAT 92 67 159 2nd
    AM Mix Word SAT 88 73 161 4th
    AM Mix Natural Born Killers SAT 94 70 164
    AM Mix Team McMayhem SAT 93 78 171
    AM Mix JMFNJ SAT 103 72 175
    AM Mix Team Kayla SAT 110 70 180
    AM Mix Bean & Dean SAT 115 82 197
    MA1 Arlyn Sexton April Fools Joke SAT 73 54 127
    MA1 Get The Huk Out! SAT 73 63 136 1st
    MA1 SmileTron SAT 74 62 136 2nd
    MA1 Forno Bravo SAT 77 59 136 2nd
    MA1 Break Yo'self Fool!! SAT 75 63 138 4th
    MA1 No Putts No Glory SAT 77 62 139 5th
    MA1 The Delta Bravos SAT 75 66 141
    MA1 CheezWiz SAT 80 62 142
    MA1 Chunderstruck SAT 80 62 142
    MA1 Johech SAT 76 67 143
    MA1 Putt Pirates SAT 81 63 144
    MA1 Too Much Roc For One Man SAT 83 62 145
    MA1 Team Larry SAT 83 63 146
    MA1 Short Putz SAT 78 72 150
    MA1 DiscMonsters SAT 85 65 150
    MA1 DarkHorse2 SAT 85 66 151
    MA1 Infidels SAT 107 73 180
    MA2 i Squared SAT 75 61 136
    MA2 Power Bottoms SAT 78 64 142
    MA2 256 SAT 79 69 148
    MA2 Shut Up and Throw SAT 79 69 148
    MA2 Oriza Slingers SAT 80 69 149
    MA2 Vaguely Optimistic SAT 85 65 150
    MA2 Twist & Groan SAT 89 67 156
    MA2 Random Variables SAT 88 70 158
    MA2 Hyzerberg SAT 95 71 166
    MM1 Mugs & Suds SAT 73 62 135 1st
    MM1 Calapooia QC SAT 78 64 142 2nd
    MM1 The Pad Dads SAT 85 59 144 3rd
    MM1 Doctor Judge SAT 80 69 149
    MM1 Long & Wrong SAT 85 66 151
    MM1 Team Too Late SAT 87 64 151
    FA1 Two Girls One Putt SUN 85 68 153 1st
    FA1 Vagina Squirrels SUN 88 71 159
    FA1 Girls Gone Wilder SUN 115 94 209
    MA1 TRADAM SUN 69 61 130 1st
    MA1 Rebels SUN 79 57 136 2nd
    MA1 Hyzer Fools SUN 76 64 140 3rd
    MA1 Thumb Chuck SUN 79 63 142
    MA1 Short Putz SUN 78 65 143
    MA1 Forno Bravo SUN 81 67 148
    MA1 Shut Up and Throw SUN 84 64 148
    MA1 I Don't Care SUN 92 68 160
    MPM ChainSmokers SUN 72 58 130 1st $200.00
    MPM DanimalZ SUN 71 63 134 2nd $120.00
    MPM The Joneses SUN 75 61 136 3rd $80.00
    MPM Inspectors of Destruction SUN 76 62 138 4th $60.00
    MPM Mugs & Suds SUN 75 65 140
    MPM The H-Factors SUN 82 60 142
    MPM The Pad Dads SUN 81 61 142
    MPM 253s SUN 83 60 143
    MPM Calapooia QC SUN 80 66 146
    MPO Battle Dogs United SUN 66 51 117 1st $300.00
    MPO FireChicken Cartel SUN 66 55 121 2nd $220.00
    MPO Mini and Mega SUN 68 57 125 3rd $120.00
    MPO Sines of the Axpocalypse SUN 70 57 127 4th $80.00
    MPO OG South'ners SUN 68 61 129 5th $60.00
    MPO Midnight Cowboys SUN 73 57 130
    MPO Whizzers SUN 68 63 131
    MPO Tall Scruffy SUN 73 60 133
    MPO Mac and Cheese SUN 76 58 134
    MPO Team Rehab SUN 78 57 135
    MPO We Built These TeePads On Rock & Roll! SUN 70 66 136
    MPO DiscMonsters SUN 77 68 145
    PRO MIX Bailamos Con Gatos SUN 77 61 138 1st $140.00
    PRO MIX JH Squared SUN 79 62 141 2nd $40.00
    PRO MIX Sugar Britches SUN 80 61 141 2nd $40.00
    PRO MIX Word SUN 88 66 154
    PRO MIX ChainDate SUN 87 70 157
    Hey Gang,

    This is an official announcement regarding the 8th annual April Fools Doubles. Nate and I are quite excited for this upcoming event. We've opted to go big this year and have been approved by Innova for CFR Fundraiser plastic! With the funds raised for this tournament we plan on lowering the cost of entry fees, providing trophies for all divisions, and adding cash to the pro divisions payout.

    Traditionally this event has been held the last weekend of March, however, half of the TD team will be out of town that weekend. We will be running this tournament at the same time as the SOWS event at Whistlers Bend (Pro's on Saturday / Ams on Sunday) and we will offer Am divisions on Saturday and Pro Divisions on Sunday so that folks who want to play both can do so.

    As in the past, we've offered the ability for teams to play on each day of this event. We've added a bit of a twist this year, called the "Replay Discount". Teams that play on Saturday have the option of playing up a division on Sunday with a $20 discount. The available options are MA2 playing MA1, MA1 playing MPO, MM1 playing MPM, and Am Mixed playing Pro Mixed. You must have the same partner to qualify for this discount, and be warned, preregistration only holds a certain number of spots for the replay discount, and once they are gone they are gone and teams will have to pay full price if you want to play twice.

    April Fools Doubles 8
    March 22 - 23, 2014
    Adair Disc Golf Course
    4discgolf.com for pre-registration (will go live by January 2014)
    $60.00 All Divisions
    Premium Plastic Custom Stamped Disc with All Amateur Player Packs
    Innova CFR Plastic on sale soon!

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    I'd like to thank Innova for being the first sponsor of AFD 8 by generously providing the CFR program to help raise funds.


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      Can't wait!!!! Pac-West will be representing!


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        AFD 8 Informational Flyer
        Team DISCRAFT
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          Are you still shooting for registration in January on 4discgolf?


          • #6
            NICE!!! One of my favorite doubles tournaments of the year,
            Not Quite Advanced, will be back for both days


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              Registration is scheduled to go live January 1st. 4discgolf.com is currently building the pre reg site as we speak! Did I mention CALAPOOIA beer on hand Saturday? (And maybe Sunday if we're lucky). As far as pre reg goes: there are a limited number of spots available for the replay discount. If they are sold out, than they are sold out, sorry. However, if you are (for example) a pro mix team but there are no more pro mix spots available, than you can use up one of the replay discounts spots to pre register and pay the difference day of. Priority goes to the team who qualifies for the division so to speak. That means teams interested in the replay discount ought to sign up quickly!
              Team DISCRAFT
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                Hey Everyone! Go to 4discgolf.com right now and sign up! 7 spots have already been claimed, don't miss out on the best AFD ever! For those signing up via the replay discount, make sure you are clear what option you choose. If you choose replay Sunday MPO, that means you are playing MA1 on Saturday. Remember, the replay discount is only available to teams playing up a division on Sunday. So again, just for clarification: MA2 SAT / MA1 SUN
                MA1 SAT / MPO SUN
                MM1 SAT / MPM SUN
                Am MIX SAT / Pro MIX SUN
                Last edited by RonTheWhip; January 2nd, 2014, 12:09 AM.
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                  I'm in!


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                    Please see first post for updated pre registration list and information regarding CFR discs.

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                      How about a champ classic roc, champ viper, or champ gazelle? All glow or not.....


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                        Tern and Champ Classic roc!


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                          Saturday Am Mix is FULL. Since they are the first division to fill, they will be given the courtesy of starting a wait list and if MM1 does not start getting some entries, we'll expand the mixed division.

                          ​***Potential AM Mix teams, send me your registration information at willametteopenxv@gmail.com to get on the wait list.***

                          CFR Update:

                          Discs will be - Champ Glow Roc 3, Champ Glow Tern, and Champ Glow Leopards!!!

                          The discs are in the queue at Innova, and will be printed and shipped near the end of January!!! Keep those pre-orders coming in, and anyone who is interested in purchasing a CFR disc needs to contact Nate and myself and we'll hook you up.

                          Team DISCRAFT
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                            Me and DC Dan just signed up!!! For both days! MPM and MM1
                            PDGA # 31451
                            2 Mini Aces
                            75 Aces
                            PEOPLE WHO HELP ME LOTS IN DISC GOLF
                            DISC GOLF OR DIE
                            BOB CABAL
                            JEFF ELLIOT
                            JORDAN LEWIS
                            JEFF HAGERTY
                            JAMES GARCELON
                            SAM GIBSON

                            And always remember, life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by those moments that take our breath away.

                            George Carlin


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                              Officially at 32 entrants of 96 available spots! 33.33% Full!!! A majority of entries fall on Saturday, so make sure folks playing in amateur only this year get signed up quick!
                              Team DISCRAFT
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