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    Yes, we will put together a few of them, the baskets we have, and have them out for the summer camp kids to use, but only 3-4 since metal theft has been a problem during the summer months by meth-heads. We saving the full current 18 to be put in right before Oct 10th grand opening. The Temp 18 that I want to put up for tournaments only will be much more varied, longer etc since it would be on the main grounds which is much more open to my imagination. I would need the 18 baskets for this so that there would be two fully separate 18 hole courses similar to Milo, a west and east course. And I have decided to make Lodging separate. Depending on what I can discuss and decide on with the camp board, prob provide;
    Cabins for 80 people; 10 cabins - 8 bunks/lockers; have 2 reserve cabins for staff or overload.
    TeePees - have 3, max 6 per
    RV hook up - 2
    Open camping season - hmmm 500? lol... with the temp course weaving through the open grounds, prob down to 100-200...

    No one has objected to 3 rounds a day yet...


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      3 rounds per day?

      Oct 10 2009, Portland, OR:
      Twi: 6:50am
      Sunrise: 7:20am
      Sunset: 6:35pm
      Twi: 7:05pm

      That gives 12 hours of playable light. If each round takes 4 hours, it will barely get done, if tee off is at 7 AM, and there is no break between rounds. If each round takes 3 hours, that leaves 3 extra hours, perhaps one hour for each break, and the last hour for "cushion", so still need to tee off at 7 AM, that's pretty bright & early, not a problem for me, but some golfers....

      I DO have nine great Mach Vs, but they are currently being looked at for possible sale and installation at a church camp course in Oregon...

      I will still have my Full-Weight Deep-basket Double-Chain Solid-Top Innova DisCatcher, though, with 50' locking cable, and you may use it! Of course, I would require a signed commitment to replace it if anything happened to it, now that you mention the metal thieves.

      I also have a Skill Shot and a Traveler, if you need more crappy baskets....
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        Yeah, but they're south of Portland, so they get tons more daylight:

        Sunrise: 7:19am
        Sunset: 6:36pm

        See? 2 full minutes.
        Oregon disc golf map


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          ???? are you serious about the sunset? It's april and the sun is not even setting until around 7:30 right now, with sunlight going away near 8pm...
          The metal theives have come about once or twice per year during the summer and only when no one is on campus, i highly doubt they would dare enter campus with 100+ people roaming around, but I would hope they do it then, because it would be one of the first times that we as the DG community would be able to catch a theif in the act and crucify them on the basket they tried to steal... make a great "Don't do Drugs" and "dont steal" promotional video... LOL..


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            I really don't feel for you guys down there!!! On October 10th:

            Twi: 7:44am
            Sunrise: 8:28am
            Sunset: 7:05pm
            Twi: 7:48pm

            However lets try June 10th:

            Twi: light
            Sunrise: 4:24am
            Sunset: 11:33pm
            Twi: light

            Only dusk, never dark
            Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.

            Albert Einstein


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