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    Division: Advanced (Masters if available)

    Team Name: "Team Obliv"

    G Stern
    J Lewis
    R Anderson

    See you at 9 AM tomorrow!
    Ratings-based divisions: disc golf's inevitable future.
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      Thank you!

      We had a fun time at this event. The course layout was very fun and the challenges made for good times. I loved the filling lunch and had a blast playing with Chadwick's team all day. Thanks to all the sponsors that really came through to help make this event be a success. Big thanks to the TDs and their crew that helped put on this cool tourney experience. I would love to play in it again next year.

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      Remain ye men of faculty complete,
      Of full arithmetic and prudence fair,
      Attending to our noble bond and contract?
      Or does here stand the last remaining man
      To give a fig for rules and order yet,
      No noble savage, but a stave unbroken
      Who loves the law and bids it no misdeed.
      Iíll not be bent to lawlessness. Mark it nought, if we be men of honour.


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        Thanks to Phil and Ty and everyone involved. Each year - more fun, more challenges, more surprises, more beer - great job.


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          I had more fun than last year! Excellent hole designs and great variety of skill shots (I think my arm/torso has recovered from the Tomahawk &Thumber ).
          Thanks for all your hard work guys! We'll be back next year...

          P.S. What time did people finally get out of there?!


          • #20
            Is there any way we can see the results?

            This was a GREAT event!!!



            • #21
              Also interested in results and payouts

              good times, good food, and good beer!


              • #22
                Thanks for the good words, all.

                My stress level was jacked up way too high and for me to have any clue how you players were doing, I felt like a bad TD. I was, at the very least, a SLOW TD. I am sorry for that.

                In the end, I really hope that you all had a good day in this world. BUT, I know that I can do so much better. Goes like this I guess: "Missed that putt but there is another on on the next hole and I'd going to NAIL it!"

                I'm starting now. Everything will be ON TIME! I will be studing the guys that know how.... Jeff, Jeff, Steve, Rayn, ect.

                We will be doing Online, pre-registration ONLY next year.

                You all were a GREAT bunch to spend a day throwing stupid shots with. Left handed, really, LEFT HANDED, noooooooooooo! I really can't throw left handed.

                I'll get some results up tomorrow night. Still haven't got enough sleep.



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                  Thanks for an event out of the ordinary! I'd love to see more like it.
                  Brody Cannon
                  PDGA #34008


                  • #24
                    115 $66 Not Quite Advanced
                    118 $54 Team Church
                    120 $48 Duece Bigalolss
                    121 $42 A Bird and Two Stoners
                    122 $36 Anhyzer Boyz
                    123 $33 Awwwe $hit
                    124 $30 Extremely Highzer
                    127 $27 Team Amped
                    129 $21 Chain Twerkers
                    129 $21 G-Men
                    129 $21 Aludeen
                    130 $18 Team Careo
                    130 $18 3 Am-Ego's
                    131 $15 sheizer on your hyzer
                    132 $15 The Switch-ups
                    133 $15 Chain Bangers
                    134 $15 We're Gonna Hurl
                    135 Justice League
                    135 Side arm Assasign
                    136 Slangin' Aces
                    136 Chains
                    137 ShankOpotamus
                    137 Disc Junkies
                    137 The Ruler's
                    138 Fermenters
                    138 Hardin Globetrotters
                    139 Flyin High
                    140 Spur of the Moment
                    141 Trifecta
                    145 I don't Give a Ö.
                    147 The Bogey Boys
                    148 Triple "D" Diva's
                    155 Bad MF's
                    165 The Red Letter Boys

                    106 $90 Alvin and the Chipmunks
                    116 $66 Ridisculous
                    119 $56 Hukaholicks
                    121 $42 Team Obliv
                    123 $36 Chain Vapers
                    125 $27 Team Ferguson
                    127 $24 Team No Tears
                    129 $21 P.T.D.
                    131 Big Pimpin
                    132 The Chainbreakers
                    135 Why not
                    136 N.M.E.
                    142 The 3 C's
                    146 Just 4 Fun

                    ADV Master
                    116 $69 Wolverines - Aarron Walker
                    119 $42 Blazed and Confused
                    122 $33 Team Gorge
                    124 Touch of Gray
                    129 Depot
                    144 OG's

                    107 $135 Skelli and the Brodys - Brody Cannon
                    109 $81 The Champs
                    114 Team International
                    117 MR.D - Mike
                    119 Home Team
                    123 Lefty Nation "Right Division"

                    Spreadsheets never paste in very well.
                    I swear, I'm still not right. More sleep.


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