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  • SpAce Race 2013! @ Horning's Hideout: Round #4: Conscripts! July 6th, 2013

    SpAce Race 2013! Round 4: Conscripts!

    Round 4 will feature Conscripted Disc and scrip payouts, Muffin Buckets (heard players calling them this, so going with it, lol), plus the spaced out scoring system unique to the SpAce Race! There's a dinner option as well, RSVP a must.

    In round 4: Conscripts! each player designates one disc from her bag to be the conscripted disc. If a player aces any hole with their conscripted disc they win a SpAce Debris Disc (leftover player pack mutant and Pure discs, lol)! It is not required to throw the conscripted disc on every hole.

    In round 4 we will also have a separate division for women for the first time!

    SpAce Race 2013! round 4 is an ace run tournament held at Horning's Hideout Highlands course. For an ace run you throw from the tee trying to make a hole in one with no further throws to complete the hole. 2 rounds played consecutively, 3 throws from the tee per hole per player.

    Bring your own discs to throw, with holes ranging from 100 feet to 250 feet. Holes #5 and #6 have alternate shorter tee pads, making the longest throw around 220 feet if you wish to play those pads. Double points for scoring from the regular #5 and #6 tee pads.

    12-12:45 PM registration/warm-up, 12:45 PM Constellation and SpAce Invader CTP throw offs, 1 PM player meeting, 1:15 PM tee off. 15$ buy in includes 1$ for the Double Ace pot, 5% for the series final winners, with the rest going to scrip payouts. Cash only, pay at event. 72 players max for the event (18 groups of 4).

    Scoring will be 5 points for an ace, 2 points for metal.

    Play with your own group of up to 4 players . Registered groups smaller than 4 players and individuals will be assigned to foursomes.

    Horning's Hideout has a 4$ per person day use fee. You can also buy prorated annual passes, which are a great value. Horning's has three great eighteen hole courses, so you can always spend the rest of the afternoon playing the other courses after the event.

    For Round 4 we are offering an RSVP only dinner option. The menu is dependant on Washboard Mike's schedule. Rumor has it that for round 4 he'll have more time being a holiday weekend and that BBQ chicken 1/4s are a possibility. Sides, dessert + drinks as well. Price is usually 5$, but is menu dependant.

    Pre-registration priority will be given according to number of rounds attended. So far we haven't filled all 72 spots in a round, but we've come close in pre-registration before.

    If you have a change of plans and are unable to attend the event after pre-registering, let me know so we can keep an accurate projection of participants.

    To pre-register, go to the Portland Mobile Disc lab page here:
    Please "like" the page if you haven't done so yet, then under "Events" click the "Join" button for the "SpAce Race 2013 @ Horning's Hideout: Round #4" event. Once you know the names of everyone who will be in your group (2 to 4 players) and they have joined the event, send me a message with that information. If you have a non-internet using member of your group who is planning on playing send me a message with their name. If you do not Facebook but are on you can message me there as well

    Pay day of event, cash only.

    SpAce Race 2013! consists of 8 monthly ace run tournaments held at Horning's Hideout Highlands course. The Highlands course is great for ace runs as most holes are less than 200 feet.

    There will be an overall series winner for the individual with the highest point total counting their 6 best rounds (allowing for two missed events or throw out your worst two scores if you've attended all 8 rounds). Top 10 series finishers will also receive prizes according to their 6 max best scores. 5% of each round's prize pool is saved for the series' winners.

    Feel free to attend just one or as many rounds of SpAce Race 2013! as you wish.

    Beginning in round 4 we will now have two divisions: Men's Open and Women's Open.

    This round, instead of a 20$ buy in with a player pack disc, we'll be doing a 15$ buy in with no player pack, with 100% of the buy in going to the double ace pot (1$), the series winners pot (5%) and scrip payouts. Compared to the previous two rounds, instead of 13$ going to the player pack and 7$ going to the prize pool, all 15$ goes to the prize pool, but the payout is in scrip (used to purchase anything I have in stock). Top 3 get the highest payouts, and after that there are two payout tiers for the SpAce Cadet Cashers..

    Constellation and Space Invader scoring earns you throws for closest to the pin throw offs prior to the following SpAce Race round. Only full shots thrown in an attempt to make an ace count toward Constellation and Space Invader points.

    Round 4: Conscripts! features multiple ways to instantly win stuff! Each player designates one disc from her bag to be the conscripted disc. If a player aces any hole with their conscripted disc they win a SpAce Debris Disc (leftover player pack mutant and Pure discs, lol)! It is not required to throw the conscripted disc on every hole.

    On half of the holes there will be a 5 gallon bucket on top of the basket. If you knock the bucket off with your disc you win a beverage of your choice from Skye's coffee shack at Horning's Hideout and a large muffin!

    The Double Ace pot is won when 2+ aces are made by a group on the same hole, both rounds of 18 included. If only one group hits the Double Ace pot once in a series round, 10% of the pot will go to each non-acing member of the group, with the rest divided evenly among the acers or to the individual who alone made 2+ aces. If the Double Ace pot is not won in a monthly round it will carry over to the next monthly round. If there are no Double Ace pot winners in the final round, the pot will be divided equally according to aces in the final round.

    The Double Ace pot was won for the first time this year in round 3, when Terry Kenney and Matt Hylton both aced hole #8 in the same round!

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      SpAce Race Round 4 Recap

      Round 4 was the most exciting day of SpAce Racing at the Highlands course at Horning's Hideout so far this year! It featured the highest single point total to date, as Brent Cameron banged out 26 points with 2 aces + 8 metal hits. Brent's massive score moved him all the way up to #3 on the series leader board with just two rounds played.

      On his 2nd hole of the day, Tyler Olsen hit back to back aces on #14! That's a technical shot and a pretty incredible feat. Tyler has posted progressively better rounds all season and now finds himself atop the leader board with 45 total points.

      Later in the day Mike Paulson hit two blind aces on back to back throws on the shorter tee option of hole #5! Being a blind shot he figured one of the 2 shots must have chained out, but they both banged and held. Mike has been a merciless acer these last two rounds, throwing 5 aces (3 on the shortened, blind #5 tee!), with 4 of those aces coming with his designated or player pack disc, winning himself another disc instantly on all 4 of those aces. Having played in just the last two rounds Mike already sits at #6 on the series leader board.

      With the double ace pot being won for the first time this year in round 3, round 4 featured a fresh pot, which Tyler and Mike split with their awesome acing acumen.

      Strangebrew Kevin was the first player this year to ace from the regular long tee on either hole #5 or #6, when he aced #6, netting himself double points for the ace. That 10 point score + 4 metal hits saw him tie Tyler for 3rd place in round 4.

      For the first time SpAce Race 2013! featured a Women's Division, which Asha Gregory won with the help of an ace on #11, her first ever! There was pile o' gals tied for second place behind Asha -- Carolee I., Dawn Hotchkin, Heidi, Mindy Paulson and Wendy Robles.

      Here are the round 4 players that cashed:

      Players Round 3 Score
      Brent Cameron 26
      Mike Paulson 19
      Tyler Olsen 18
      Strangebrew Kevin 18
      Waterloo Brandon 17
      Carl Cleem 13
      Daniel Chambliss 10
      Dallas Trower 10
      Kenneth Martin Hall 10
      Steve Jones 10
      Jason Krupa 9
      Lee Hartman 9
      Ricky Haynes 9
      Aaron Ussery 8
      Alejandro Lackey 8
      Catfish 8
      Chris Dimbat 8
      James Fuller 8
      Miah Robles 8

      Thanks to all who came out and made it another great event. The next round is tentatively scheduled for August 10th. Full details and date confirmation later in the week.


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        Thanks again Paul!
        Having a blast at these!


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